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Monday, 2 June 2014

Video Highlight: Stipe Miocic Wins By TKO In Brazil

Photo: Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

I've wrote this before, that I don't really follow UFC, K-1, Boxing or the MMA, I just quickly scan the results if they pop up on the internet here and there or watch highlight video once in a while. That being said, I of course knew about Stipe Miocic, (pronounced 'Steep-eh Me-oh-chich' in Croatian), who is also of Croatian background, and quickly rising through the ranks as well. Last night he beat his opponent in convincing fashion, video highlights below, although there's not much to highlight as it was over after 35 seconds.

However, the main reason I decided to do this one was because of his T-shirts. Yep, T-shirts. It seems most of the fighters at the UFC have their own personalized 'Walk Out' tee's, and I'm really liking the one in the video below. His previous one is not bad either, cool overall design, however it's better suited for American based fans I think. The one in the below video though, is something I may consider getting. Some nice Croatian added accents to the design, and a cool sort of washed blue look, so that it doesn't look all out of the package brand new, but like you've already had it for some time. It's edgier. Well suited for making pećenka or ćevapi in the backyard or for having beers while barbequing, it's probably good for jogging, going to the beach, inline skating, walking your dog, throwing the frisbee around, target practice, gutting pigs, mowing the lawn, hanging out at the beach and things like that, or even while making palačinke on those lazy Sunday mornings when the televangelists are telling their bs stories and begging for money. Also perfect for running quick errands or when you have to get a couple things at the mall or grocery store. People will know right away it's a Stipe Miocic T-shirt. Fuck it, it's actually good to wear anywhere and anytime you want to actually.

I figure if he's going the extra step of including his heritage into the tee design, then I have no problem mentioning and adding some info about his tee's below. I also threw in a pic of one of his latest tattoo's, which is a variation of the Croatian coat of arms on his right foot. Anyway, if you like his tee's then buy them, if not then don't. Either way he's still going to be beating people up because somebody has to do it but mostly because they probably deserve it anyway, after all the tee doesn't say "Choir Boy", "Floating Angel Boy", "Salvation Army Boy", "Ghandi Boy", "Tofu Boy" or "Fancy Boy" etc. (you're not going to win any matches with tees like that, and would probably be better suited to being a florist, Walmart greeter or hairdresser if you did)

As a final comment, I don't know if Stipe Miocic has, or what his "Walk On Song' is or if he does have one. Either way, I would recommend something from the band 'Thirty Seconds To Mars', because the guitarist Tomislav "Tomo" Miličević is Croatian background and he also has a Croatian coat of arms tattoo, but they also have some cool tunes that would fit as a walk on song. (More info at a previous post HERE). Lots of songs to choose from. Anyway....

 Hooking up Croatian-American standout Stipe Miocic as he gets set to headline against Stefan Struve at UFC on Fuel TV 5, check out the undefeated heavyweight prospect’s official walkout shirt by FEAR THE FIGHTER for his upcoming match. Representing both Croatia and America on a red, white and blue signature tee, watch for Stipe to step inside the Octagon while sporting this custom style before seeing him and Struve collide during the night’s main event in Nottingham, England. The front design combines a Croatia/USA shield encircled by Miocic’s name, alongside FEAR THE FIGHTER’s three guiding principles of Strength, Courage and Honor. FEAR THE FIGHTER Stipe Miocic Walkout Shirt - CLICK HERE TO BUY

Before catching Stipe Miocic’s clash with Gabriel Gonzaga during this weekend’s UFC on Fox 10 co-main event, check out the rising heavyweight contender’s official walkout shirt from Bad Boy. Adding a Croatian spin to the classic Bad Boy walkout tee in honor of Miocic’s roots, the navy colored signature shirt features his name in splattered font on the front with a drip effect on the Bad Boy eyes logo. Checkered styling from the Croatian flag are featured within the design, with Bad Boy logo hits included on both sleeves. Bad Boy Stipe Miocic UFC on Fox 10 Walkout Shirt – CLICK HERE TO BUY

And lastly, his most recent Croatian themed tattoo. A previous post about tattoos HERE.

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