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Saturday, 14 June 2014

"Wings Of Storm" Croatian Aerobatic Team's 100th Official Display

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The «Wings of Storm» (Krila Oluje) Aerobatic Team of the 93rd Croatian Air Force and Air Defence Base flew its 100th display at the Red Bull Air Race held in Rovinj on 13 April 2014.

The jubilean display was marked by a celebratory programme and cake in the "Zemunik" Barracks near Zadar. The leader of the Team, Major Matija Vrđuka expressed special appreciation to the media for presenting the work and performances of the Team since its constitution in 2005, and that their largest Croatian audience was at the Red Bull Air Race in Rovinj. "It is our wish to promote our country worldwide, and to take advantage of the performances to promote the abilities and skills of the Croatian military pilots, to win the interest of and recruit young staff for the future, to perform the same moves that we do today», stated Maj. Vrđuka. The singularity of the 'Wings of Storm' lies in the demanding or exclusive character of some of the aerobatic manoeuvres placing them among the world's top aerobatic groups.

"We are striving to be the best, to offer an eye-catching performance, and therefore the first thing we do upon landing is the analysis of the programme, brushing up of the details that only we perceive, and we ourselves learn from each new flight". Major also expressed the 10-th birthday wish to see the smoke generator inbuilt into their PC-9Ms, to add impact to their displays.

Alongside Major Vrđuka as Team Leader, with 99 performances, the Group is composed of Major Nenad Hasnek, with 94 performances, as Left Wing; Captain Josip Čolak, with 16 performances, as Right Wing and Captain Edvard Krišto, as Slot, with 75 performances. Captain Božen Tadić (63 performances) and Captain Siniša Hucika (59 performances) fly as 2nd Left and Right Wings respectively.

The Group performed the programme in 12 countries, and in 2014 they are to appear at two more international shows – AIR 14 in Payerne, Switzerland, to mark the 100th anniversary of the Swiss aviation (late August), and at the Czech International Air Fest in Hradec Kralowe, the Czech Republic, in early September 2014.

Performing their 100th aerobatics display in April during the Red Bull Air Race in Rovnij. More information about that Here.

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