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ponedjeljak, 7. srpnja 2014.

Croatian National Water Polo Team 5 Part Documentary Filmed..."Barakude"

This was immediately interesting when I read  it, because it's not going to be just another typical sports documentary. Waterpolo isn't as popular on this side of the pond as it is in Europe and Austrialia, and some other places, and is probably most well known here around Olympics time. It's a physically demanding sport to say the least. (If you've ever gone swimming then you might know what I mean, throw in the sprint swimming, ball handling while swimming, getting grabbed and dunked, accuracy and strength in throwing the ball, again all while swimming, it's definitely not a sport for pussies or wimps) The 5 part documentary which will be seen on Croatian television sets starting this Sunday is named...."Barakude". The nickname of the water polo team over the years has been "the Barracuda's".

 Peter Radovich and a Croatian-American team produced the 5 part sports documentary for Croatian NovaTV.

Also, like I said, it was not just a locally made documentary series, but rather by one of the best sports documentary film makers in the business. The man behind this project was Peter Radovich. For those not in the know, New York born Peter Radovich is the son of Croatian immigrants, he is the CBS Sports creative director and was the main producer of the 60 Minutes program, he was also the Super Bowl XLI producer and has worked on every major sporting event on American television including the NBA Finals, Olympics and Wimbledon, winning 28 Emmy awards along the way. This guy knows his stuff when it comes to documentary film making. He's even helped raise tens of thousands of dollars to help de-mine parts of Croatia after the Serb ethnic cleansing, killing and raping campaigns in the 1990's. He's been a big fan of the sport and the Croatian water polo team for years, so he was very enthusiastic to take part in this documentary project from the start, to tell their story to the world.

 Photo: Tonči Vlašić.

This documentary was filmed in HD by the Croatian-American team and it follows every step of the Croatian national water polo team over the past 2 years, since their gold medal win at the London Olympics in 2012, the gold at the 2013 Mediterranean Games and up to today. This documentary will follow the team behind the scenes during their travels and training and at all the major competitions they took part in, including behind the scenes looks of the players personal lives at home, experiences and thoughts. For a fan of the Croatian water polo team, or even just the sport of water polo or sports documentaries in general, you will find out everything that you didn't know or that you wanted to know.

CBS Sport’s Creative Director Pete Radovich pictured with the Croatian Water Polo Team during during the filming of the documentary.

Some members of the "Barakude" national water polo team at a recent preview showing. Image:

The Croatian national water polo team has had a pretty decent string of success and consistency over the years, always taking home at least a medal at every major championship, with their gold in London being the most known recent high point. (Highlights video HERE). Anyway, if you are a fan of water polo, of the Croatian National Team and you want to watch it, you won't see it on television over here, so you know what you have to do. It should be a pretty entertaining and eye-opening sports documentary. Below is just a sneak peek with some interviews and footage explaining the documentary "Barakude"..


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The first commercial for Croatian television. Article/video source:

Article/video source:

I also decided to throw in this footage from the final of the 2010 Men's European Water Polo Championship which was another high point of the team, as they won in a thrilling come from behind match in front of an outdoor home crowd in Zagreb.

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