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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Photo Of The Day: "Croatian Soccer Jersey At Brazil Flag Burning?.....WTF?"

I'm just quickly throwing this in because, well, for obvious reasons. I wasn't even looking or planning to do anything soccer or even sports related at all. Basically, as most people know, yesterday the Brazil national team got crushed by Germany during their semi-final match at the World Cup. (final score 7-1, I'm not going to bore you with all the details of the broken records, broken television sets and bus windows that were broken)

Anyway, so this photo popped up in a few places, and I just found it amusing, sort of surreal, odd, strange, and well, Croatian related anyway. It seems some fans who gathered after the soccer match were so disgusted and angry that they decided to even burn the Brazilian flag. (Now that's pretty upset and disgusted) However, notice the guy to the left who's nonchalantly just filming it all on his phone, filming just like at a day in the park or at the zoo. Now that's something you don't see everyday.

Why was he wearing the Croatia jersey? Why there at that time of all places? Why wearing a Croatia soccer jersey on that day at all? Was he looking for a fight? Was he maybe the guy who started the whole flag burning mob situation in the first place? Telepathetically implanting thoughts into their minds by way of mesmerism? This is probably the case, he seems to be encouraging the others to go look for even larger flags to burn, probably telling them to pour gasoline on it by the looks of it, then to all go overturn some buses. Organizing and then blatantly encouraging and directing mobs to burn the nations flag is nothing to sneeze at. (It seems the woman at the bottom of the photo is onto him, pointing him out to the others to go and stop him from organizing more flag burnings) Discuss amongst yourselves.....

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