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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

First Croatian Language IKEA Catalogue Is Out

Woman reading IKEA Catalogue. Dragan Matic / CROPIX.

This is just an update, the new IKEA store Zagreb, Croatia's first, still won't be officially opened until August 21st, but the first Croatian language IKEA catalogue can be checked out in advance. Well, not the whole catalogue yet, but a sneak peek below. 500,000 copies will be delivered to households in and around Zagreb starting August 1st. Then one can also view it online at the stores website, as well as pick up a copy while at the store.

Anyway, like I've said before, a lot of my stuff is IKEA. Great store, great prices, knowledgeable and friendly staff, (I also find their staff have good hygiene habits, which is always a plus), great designs and quality, good eats, easy to follow floor arrows, and assembling it is simple, fast and idiot proof, a child can do it. I'm telling you, I like my stuff and the updated annual designs so much, that if I won 10 million bucks I would still shop and buy furniture at IKEA without a doubt. IKEA actually originally planned to open up shop in Croatia in 1990 and had already purchased the land, however the Serbian church supported ethnic cleansing, killing and raping campaigns, and related Serb church supported killing squads put it on the backburner for the better part of the 90's. After more recent paperwork hurdles, permit issues and real estate red tape had finally been worked out, construction officially began in August of last year.

For those not in the know, IKEA actually has a history in Croatia reaching back to 1982, the wood and timber company Tvin from Virovitica has been producing chairs and office furniture for IKEA for more than 30 years. More IKEA's are planned for Rijeka and Split, but that's still in the preliminary stages. From what I read, quite a few of the products are substantially cheaper than over across in Austria, Italy, Alpenstein and Germany, so there could be a fair amount of out of country guest shoppers coming to this one. This Zagreb IKEA is 38,000 square meters, which is even larger than the closest one around here at 25,000 square meters.  Below is just some short typical footage of preparations before officially opening their doors. Somewhere I read that ABBA or The Cardigans might come down to do a 4 or 5 song set on opening day, autograph IKEA catalogues, have some cake and palačinke, etc, I'll let you know what happens about that.....

(I also thought that this story was worth quickly mentioning, opening soon will be the  "First exclusive LEGO store" in Croatia", which will be setting up shop at the nearby Arena Centar in Zagreb. Who doesn't remember LEGO's? or maybe even have a LEGO story. Anyway...)


Official website:

Digitized view of the first Croatian language 2014/15 IKEA catalogue:

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