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Saturday, 5 July 2014

HBO To Build Studios in Croatia....IKEA Opening In Zagreb This Summer

I've already posted the topic of  HBO's "Game of Thrones" filming in Croatia a few times, but this is another great piece of related news. You can't go wrong with HBO setting up shop in Dubrovnik I say. (The historic town and local area have really moved on to great things since being attacked and the shelling seige by Serbs and the Serbian run Yugo army in 1992) HBO connected with Croatian locations is a great promotion and, well, just a great privilege basically.

The people at HBO even started filming season 4 around the city of Split this past year, and hundreds of locals even got to become extras. (video below). Also interesting news, Croatia locations are being included for season 5 as well. And now this piece below, overall something great to be a part of. I have some other very interesting and bigger projects to post and comment on, but they are still in the early stages)


HBO to Build Studios in Dubrovnik


Speaking to daily 24sata, the Mayor of the southern Dalmatian city of Dubrovnik says that by the end of next year the largest HBO studios in this part of central and eastern Europe will be built…

Andro Vlahušić says that along with the studios, a tourist theme park will also be built.

“Negotiations are underway. We were in America where we agreed all the details,” Vlahušić said.

HBO, which produces such series as The Soprano’s and Sex and the City, has been filming current hit series Game of Thrones on location recently in Split and Dubrovnik for the past 3 years.

"Game of Thrones" cast talk about filming in Dubrovnik and Split during season 4.

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IKEA Opening Summer 2014 In Zagreb

I might as well also quickly thrown in here that the IKEA Croatia project is finally on the verge of being completed. IKEA originally planned to open up shop in Croatia in 1990, however the Serbian ethnic cleansing and killing campaigns put it on the backburner. After more paperwork hurdles, and permit and real estate red tape had finally been worked out, construction officially began in August of last year.

I therefore have the pleasure to announce that IKEA will be having their Croatia grand opening later this summer. More IKEA locations are also planned in the future besides this one in Zagreb. This IKEA project was originally supposed to be part of a larger project with an attached shopping center complex, but with the amount newly built malls and shopping centers already in Zagreb now,  that was changed. The main thing is the IKEA anyway. (A lot of my stuff is IKEA)

To see the progress of the construction going on, view the photo gallery at (Now there will be absolutely no reason to miss out on those Swedish meatballs either, if you're one of those regular IKEA restaurant types, as well of course those gotta have emergency Hjälmaren towel hangers)

More images:

Sneak peek of the the first Croatian IKEA catalogue.

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