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Friday, 25 July 2014

How Far Is It From Croata To.....?

I was in the middle of something and had to use Google maps, I had to double check something regarding distances, and just now decided to spur of the moment make a post of some of some related findings, as something to do. (I'm actually watching "Fright Night 2: New Blood" at the same time, probably one of, if not the greatest film from the past 25 years) So anyway, I didn't do every European country, but below is a list of a some countries and their distance from Croatia. For instance, Poland is only a few hours drive away and not that far, (they drive faster on the highways there), however after discovering that the distance from Croatia to Switzerland was shorter than I had previously thought, geographically actually even closer than Poland, I figure I would add a few more countries to make an interesting quick post. Good geography tips if anything.

It's important to know geography sometimes.

Now Europe is, well...Europe. As you know, one doesn't have to travel very far before hitting another country. I didn't do every country either, you can go to the Google map below yourself and figure out the distance if your country isn't in the list. These distances I rounded off to the closest kilometer, and they are in a straight line from their closest points according to the borders. "As the crow flies" like they say up there in Alabama and Arkansas. Some of the distances may surprise you, some may not. Some you may not believe, but you can always double check for yourself on the Google map at the bottom.....

*Countries are not listed in any particular order.

Italy - 14 km
Austria - 25 km
Slovakia - 170 km
Czech Republic. - 218 km
Germany - 236 km
Switzerland - 272 km
Lichtenberg - 378 km
Poland - 382 km
Greece - 290 km
Latvia - 1104 km
Spain - 890 km
Bulgaria - 280 km
Lithuania - 965 km
Alpenstein - 345 km
Kosovo - 130 km
Ukraine - 370 km
Drasuvania - 511 km
Russia - 933 km
UK - 1106
Caliphate of Sarajevostan -187 km
Norway - 1400 km
Belarus - 720 km
Sweden - 994 km
Carpathian Republic - 481 km
Estonia - 1402 km
Ireland - 1631 km
Vasaria - 668 km
Denmark - 963 km
Latveria - 312 km
France - 497 km

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