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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Photos Of The Day:..."Most Beautiful Diaspora Croatian in National Folk Costume" Contest Held In Tomislavgrad

I did this original post because I thought it was interesting and an easy quick addition. But after doing it with the original article and images, after a time I was getting some complaints about the various beads, aprons, headwear and decorative motifs etc that the contestants were wearing. A few of the comments were of the opinion the folk costumes being worn were boring and that European folk costumes or any other folk costumes are dumb and stupid looking and a whole bunch of other similar comments. I was going to explain that they're traditional folk costumes with a long history and not a swimwear or bikinis or a swimwear contest. (which I've already touched upon a few times actually). Also that there are even other countries in central and eastern Europe that have similar looking folk attire and that it represents traditions that go back centuries, with lots of meanings and history behind them. (They do wear swimwear when they go to the beach and even bikinis sometimes, just not at these kinds of folk costume contests). Some of the girls in a few images I was going to add were even wearing tight jeans and shorts, but that was "before" the folk costume contest when they were coming off the tour bus with their luggage and to the hotels. (Really, I'm not lying, they were wearing normal every day clothes on the bus and then changed into the folk costumes at the building facilities before the folk costume contest). The original pics and information I took from the contest website and their Facebook page, where you can probably still view some of the pics.

So then I thought whatever, I'm not gonna bother explaining and giving any history lesson and it's not a big deal. I already did a few other folk costume themed posts anyway so it's all good and fine with me. Anyway, to make the readership happy I deleted the whole article and the contestant images and replaced them with not even Croatian related folk costumes, so you can't say I don't do my part for folk costumes the world over. The main thing is to make the readership happy and better informed and that's all that matters at the end of the day, it's all about the readership after all and making everyone happy. I may still do a future Croatian folk costume related post down the road though, if it's interesting enough and I have the time...

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