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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Photos Of The Day: Croatian Helicopters In Multinational Kosovo Mission

Basically, just a couple of fine looking photographs I came across, so I'm quickly throwing the short article here also. (Now back to browsing some Israeli bikini girls)

A Croatian Mi 171sh helicopter seen during a multinational NATO mission over the skies of Kosovo.


Eight combat helicopters belonging to four different air arms have taken part in a multinational mission over Kosovo. And here are some interesting shots.

The pictures in this article were taken on Jul. 12, by Cpt. Rory J. McCarthy, a UH-60 pilot who flew aboard an Mi-171 during a multinational multi-helicopter mission which included two Croatian Mi 171sh, one Swiss AS-532 Cougar, one Slovenian AS-532 Cougar, and four U.S. UH-60/A Blackhawk choppers.

The mission was flown to prepare the aircrews to operate with troops on board, to fulfill a tactical exercise requirement KFOR, the NATO-led international peacekeeping force, has in Kosovo.

 One of the massacre scenes of unarmed Albanian civilians in Kosovo by Serb forces in 1999. There were numerous similar scenes of Serb church sponsored massacres in collusion with Serb forces that took place for months all over Kosovo, as well as for years previously against other Non-Serbs in other former republics. In 1999 a final halt to their frenzy for raping, ethnic cleansing and genocidal campaigns was accomplished by Nato countries.

As a part of the NATO Multinational Task Force, KFOR helicopter detachments support a safe and secure environment and freedom of movement Kosovo wide. On order, Croatian, Slovenian, Swiss and U.S. helicopters work together to move 90 Crowd Riot Control (CRC) equipped troops Kosovo wide on short notice.

As during attacks in other former Republics against Non-Serbs years previously, the Serbian church supported and was instrumental in the early successes of the Serbian ethnic cleansing and killing campaigns in Kosovo. Many of the Serb church supported war criminals have become heroes, icons and even psuedo-saints. Many of them have moved to other countries and have been welcomed by the Serb church hierarchy and various Serb communities as fine upstanding and heroic saintly Serbs. However, on the contrary history has conclusively shown numerous times over the past 100 years especially, that the sole fundamental purpose of the Serb church has been to promote and even organize progroms, policies, wars and even genocide campaigns and massacres against Non-Serbs in collusion with their chetnik and ultra-nationalist supporters and Serb church sanctioned terrorists.

In addition to troop transport, select helicopters are equipped for MEDEVAC (Medical Evacuation), fire fighting, airborne and SPIES (Special Patrol Infiltration and Exfiltration System) operations.

Image credits: Cpt. Rory J. McCarthy

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