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Friday, 1 August 2014

"1000 Photos Of The Day": Photo #4 - Drinking Cocktails At Bar Valentino In Rovinj

I liked this photo right away as soon as I saw it, so I quickly threw it in here. I like the lighting, glow of the sunset and the lens choice, just a simple photograph but it captures the natural reall atmosphere. The photographer who did this one I mentioned about a few months ago at my photographic 1000 Thing To Do In Croatia post. I explained there how the photographers have the horrible task of traveling all across Croatia and taking interesting photographs. 1000 photographs in all, the below one is photo number 4. All the photos aren't just touristy images and glitizy summery beach scenes either, always with the smiling models/actors, bikinis and boats and fireworks etc, but rather just everyday typical scenes from every region and from all 4 seasons as well, simple themes and viewpoints that one usually won't see in brochures. Something more like personal snapshots. The website is and it's definitely worth checking out. (They're only at photograph 190, so there's plenty more to go)

This below image is of his is from the Valentino cocktail and champagne bar in Rovinj. A popular place where many guests actually prefer to hang out by grabbing a cushion and sitting on the rocks rather than inside or on the outdoor couches and chairs, somewhere to practically wet their feet in the Adriatic. What I like is that the photographer didn't overkill the photo with a wide-angle lens effect, he didn't take it when it was packed in the summer, (looks to have been taken in the spring or autumn), he captured that natural redish-orangey-pinkish hue on the stone walls from the sunset perfectly. There's some cool photographs I've come across of Rovinj in the winter season and other coastal towns and cities also, (exampleexample), hopefully down the road there will be some snowy Rovinj photos, that's when locations locations like this take on a whole new appearance. Anyway, that's my unprofessional photographer critique/thoughts, basically just a really simple yet cool looking photograph.

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Bonus footage I came across, sort of dark and you can't really see all that much, but it gives an idea of what it's like to hang out there at night...sort of.

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