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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Photos Of The Day...Beach Handball At The "2014 Ičići Open" In Opatija

I just realized I haven't added anything here in over a week, so a quick "Photo of the Day" post should do. I've been busy lately with some projects and getting ready to hit the books again in a few weeks for the start of my 3 year program, busy, busy busy as the saying goes. Anyway, I didn't feel like doing anything sports related, however these below photos I found interesting. A few recent images from the "2014 Ičići Open" that took place in the coastal town of Opatija. (the nearby location of Ičići to be more specific, which is considered a part of Opatija) It's not a large scale international beach volleyball tournament, televised the world over with tons of cash prizes, but a cozy regional event with prizes, medals and a good time is had by all nonetheless. The view of the surroundings looks pretty cool to me.

It's not all winter sporting events with Croatians, hockey, skiing and snowboarding etc. When the summer comes the Croatian coast is full of similar sporting events, all kinds of events actually as you know. If there's an event, we're on it, or are probably working on it. I didn't play any beach volleyball the last few times I visited, but I did the times I spent 2 whole summers in and around Rijeka when I was 11 and 12 years old. (Rijeka is only like a 15 minute drive away, and you can see it from Opatija just down the coast) If you're not into beach volleyball, even as just a spectator, Opatija is still a cool place to hang out in, let your hair down, work on your tan, drink some vino and cold ones, rub elbows with the beach babes, go jogging and do jumping jacks or hand stands on the beach, eat them fresh shrimp and seafood dishes, make sand snowmen, fly a kite, feed the seagulls, go fishing, windsurfing or hiking, boat around, sit around in patios doing crossword puzzles, sit on a bench and whistle, get your feet wet, take photographs or go sketching, sell or smoke some crack, do a drive-by shooting, drink coffee and blow some rings, etc. More info at the links.

(I  might as well quickly mention afterall, since it just happened today, that the worlds best female discus thrower Sandra Perković, won gold at the European Championships in Zurich today. Her third in a row at the European Championships. Well done. Blanka Vlašić, who is back from her 7 month layoff because of injuries, has been back to her old winning ways again, but she couldn't be at this years championships because she's resting an injured knee ligament. However, up and comer high jumper Ana Šimić has been showing showing promising results lately, and today she won bronze at the European Championships, setting a new personal best in the process. Not too shabby. She may take over the reigns of the women's high jumping team down the road)


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