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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Photos Of The Day: Dark Clouds Take Over Hvar

Another quick and easy "Photo Of The Day" addition. (Third in a row actually, "Photo Of The Day Šibenik" a few days ago and "Photo Of The Day Beach Volleyball Opatija" before that) The below images were taken a few days ago on the island of Hvar just before 6 pm. At that time of day, and particularly at this time of year, the island is normally sunny and people are still swimming and suntanning and other stuff for a few hours still. However, a sudden cold snap came ushering in dark clouds with it, suddenly within just a few minutes it looked almost night time. It wasn't a major storm with severe thunder, lightning and heavy rain and winds, but it's definitely a rare sight to see it turn so dark so soon in the month of August. Images cool enough to throw in here.

For a few moments it looked like Perun himself descended from the skies to cloak the horizon with darkness and ominous skies. Within just minutes though, everything was back to usual. I personally like getting caught in situations like this, maybe even throw in some hail, suddenly cold winds as well as crackling and loud lighting and thunder, the kind that makes people jump, scream and run for cover. The short weather change and dark skies affected Zadar and Split also, along most of the northern part of the Croatian coast. I've previously posted some other Croatia weather related pics as "Photo Of The Day", involving snow storms and fantastic lightning shows. (Hit the "Photo Of The Day" link at the bottom) Easier said than done, but I highly recommend getting caught in and experiencing one of these sudden weather change situations if you get the opportunity. Don't take off at the slightest hint of dark clouds to hide in the living room to grab the remote control and fresh bag of chips, relax, stick around, look around and take some photographs, breathe in that dark coldish air, let the hairs on your arms and back of your neck tingle, breathe in those dark ominous skies, they may be the first and last dark skies you ever breathe in.....buhuhahaha.........

(btw, for those who may have read my "Blondie Included As Part Of 'Špancirfest 2014' Music Line Up " post earlier this summer, I updated it with footage from her concert which opened the first of two weekends of live music in Varaždin)



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