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Friday, 22 August 2014

Photos Of The Day....."Pokreni Se Šibenik"

I've come to like doing these kind of "Photos Of The Day" type posts, and I've done a number of them over them since starting this informational blog. (I did one just the other day HERE about beach volleyball). They're quick and easy to do and there's basically not much text for me to add. Anyway, below are just some images I came across by chance. "Pokreni se Šibenik" which means "Move It Šibenik" in Croatian.

Now, I'm not some aerobics and exercise guru and definitely not an exercise wear fashionista like that world famous what's his name...that Richard Simmons guy, however I do try to make sure I get enough exercise and eat sensibly, you put on a few pounds because of some extra late night snacks, you gotta take it off before it gets out of hand and you start looking round, or are huffing and puffing out of breathe after walking up some stairs or can't do a few proper push-ups. (nobody will take you seriously when talking about sports then and good luck with lots of seating areas too, you'll never fulfill that dream of joining the military and jumping out of vehicles, shooting weapons and chasing terrorists, genocidal rapist serbs and wackos either, besides, gluttony is one of the 7 deadly sins supposedly and will just damn you to hell anyway). I also like to wear a belt to actually keep my pants up and not used just as an ornament or belt buckle holder, or just always wear track pants, and it's probably also a good idea to prevent heart attacks so you don't croak before your parents. (Some articles I came across said that women actually like it when they shower with their man and are able to see their penis and not have to hunt for it, so I read).

Basically below are just some images of people taking part of a project to get people to exercise more in the old part of the historic coastal town of Šibenik. (Some background: The town was shelled by Serbian forces and paramilitaries from Serbia in 1991 which caused widespread damage, including the Cathedral of St. James which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. After the democratic elections and declarations of independence by Croatia and Slovenia, Serb church leaders then promoted and urged more attacks on other nearby areas also with help from the yugoslav army and their massive stockpiles of weapons, (which was strictly just a Serb army by then), their hopes were high in ethnically cleansing large areas of all Non-Serbs. Their airforce and artillery bombarded Šibenik directly for 100 days as part of calculated assaults on the heritage and history of Croatia. The combined efforts of Serb church leaders, armed Serb nationalists, paramilitaries arriving from Serbia and the remaining yugoslav army was unified in the goal of an ethnically cleansed so-called 'Greater Serbia'.  However, after Croatian victory fucked the Serbo-Yugo shit up in the area the Serbs then concentrated on genocidal and rape campaigns elsewhere and in other former Republics and areas. However, the damage to Šibenik has since been reconstructed, the town has continued to develop and progress and the liberation of the area is commemorated every year. Surprisingly, I actually passed over the Croatian teams results during the current Europa League qualifying campaigns, recent signings by Medveščak Zagreb (Zagreb Bears Hockey Club), Cro-Cops latest victory and a few other topics at the sports portal to instead add these images.

Yep, just people stretching and exercising in Šibenik basically and nothing too amazing, with some nearby shoppers and people at the cafes hanging around, perhaps boring to some, but I found the photos insightful and interesting for a bunch of reasons. (Bill Gates actually vacations quite often not far from Šibenik, in the small town of Skradin, and "Game of Thrones will be filming their 5th season and this time even include Šibenik next month as a filming location. Interestingly, the city of Šibenik holds a statue of Croatian King Peter Krešimir IV and the town is sometimes called Krešimir's City ("Krešimirov Grad", in Croatian) because it was a royal seat of his for a time, he is also generally credited as it's  founder since it was first mentioned in sources during his reign in 1066. I should mention lastly, I'll be attending classes soon for a 3 year program, so you'll probably be seeing more of these types of quick easy posts, school will be taking up most of my time. I saw a few Japanese and Chinese female students, so there could be some Chinese and Japanese restaurant coupons in the future. I've used some of my own personal photos from Croatia in this blog, so I might incorporate some other ones as part of a future project, I took tons of photos from the last couple of visits. Maybe I'll throw in some photos from the college and tie it all into a few "Photos of the Day" posts or some "Before and After" photos or something like that. Anyway.......


Full Photogallery:

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