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Saturday, 9 August 2014

UFC Star Stipe Miočić Arrives In Croatia For First Time, Meets Cro Cop

Not much to add here, just touching upon Stipe Miocic's first trip to Croatia. Better late than never, as the saying goes. I'll just add though that he will be spending most of his time with relatives and family on the Croatian coast in the Dalmatian island village of Rtina Miočići, a small and sleepy quiet location not far from the city of Zadar, (population about 475), actually the kind of place you'd like to retire in and spend the rest of your days swimming, boating, fishing, drinking wine and šljivovica/rakija (plumb brandy) and having outdoor pečenka and other parties and events etc. (If you're whipping down the highway and blink you'll probably miss it as it's in the boonies)

He should enjoy Zadar also I think, it's a city very similar to Oakwood Ohio, and their downtown is actually almost exactly the same, the coffee shops just have different names, (and the Dollar Stores are instead called Kuna Stores). Joking aside, Oakwood actually is where Stipe works as a fireman by day. If I was him, I would also check out Nin, another nearby small, but historic seaside town, it was in and around there where the early Croatian states and realms were established in the early 9th century, the first officially recorded accounts of the organization and beginnings of the Croatian Kingdom, and it is connected with numerous early Croatian kings, princes, dukes and royalty. (But that's just me because I'm a history buff sometimes, I've seen some pretty hot babes who take part and act in those medieval reenactments too). As another sidenote interesting Croatian-Ohio trivia fact, former Ohio Senator Dennis Kucinich and current Governor of Ohio John Kasich are also of Croatian descent. Anyway, more information at the links or you can hit his Twitter link below for more of his vacation tweets.

(I did a post with commentary a few years ago about (now former since he retired this year) New York Giants offensive lineman and 2 time Superbowl Champion, David Diehl. At that time he also visited Croatia for the first time and also along the coast, which is where his Croatian roots are from. You can read that one HERE)


UFC Star Stipe Miočić Meets his Idol Cro Cop in Croatia: “Best Day Ever”

 Press conference during first visit to Croatia.  Photo: Luka Stanzl/PIXSELL


Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) star Stipe Miočić has met his idol – Mirko ‘Cro Cop’ Filipović – for the first time in Croatia on Tuesday…

American-born Stipe Miočić, who is ranked number 7 currently in the UFC and is a big star of the sport, is visiting Croatia, the land of his parents, for the first time and had a chance to visit the home and gym of his idol in Zagreb thanks to the Fight Channel and its director Orsat Zovko.

 Stipe Miočić with Mirko 'Cro Cop' Filipović. Image:

One of Stipe's most recent tattoos, more about Croatian tattoos and tattooing in Croatia HERE.

Miočić, together with his father and brother, described the day as ‘the best day ever’, after Cro Cop took them into his home and also his gym where he trains. Filipović says that he has kept an eye on Miočić’s career ever since he broke into the UFC. Miočić, who is a former Golden Gloves champion and NCAA Division I wrestler, will continue his tour of Croatia by heading to the Adriatic coast where he will hold a press conference and meet fans in Pag. (pic:

UFC heavyweight Stipe Miočić visits Croatia for the first time in his life, hangs out with fans and visits legendary Croatian superstar, Mirko CroCop.

Below Stipe explains that he didn't cry, but was very excited to visit Croatia for the first time, so much so that he didn't sleep a wink. He also said that he's looking forward to trying out some Gavrilovic salamis/deli meats and genuine Ledo Medo ice creams (sladoledi) because they are hard to find in Oakwood this time of year.

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