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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Photos Of The Day: First LEGO Store Opens In Croatia

This is kind of boring, especially from my previous Marin Cilic Wins US Open post, but I might as well finish this since I mentioned it already at my First IKEA In Zagreb post. Basically, Croats won't have to travel all the way to Vienna or Budapest anymore to get their LEGO stuff. This first one in South East Europe opened today at the Zagreb Arena Centar, and over 400 people were waiting for the store to open up their doors so they could fulfill their LEGO needs, plus a nifty 20% opening day discount on all the products.

Ahhhh, who doesn't recall LEGO's from one time or another? Everybody must have a LEGO story from their youth, I know I do. (I remember playing with some and thinking how I wished I could make a Star Wars theme and ships/characters, the Star Wars LEGO theme is now their most popular series) It's sort of cool that they're still around and popular, a toy to make the kids think and be creative instead of always gadgets and new phones and the latest toys that run on batteries, etc. Besides, it's much better for the youngsters to be spending time putting together various LEGO blocks to invent things, use imagination or make works of art, than....oh, things like taking crack, shooting or stabbing, B&E's, drinking engine coolant or sniffing gasoline, becoming a thug, stuff like that. Much better to let the tyke play with LEGO before dinner than watch Jerry Springer reruns also. That's the way I see it.

Game of Thrones LEGO's. Image:

Actually, LEGO has really moved on since I played with them, now you can make cities, famous monuments, so many more characters and options. (One example above, or just Google Lego news to see what I mean) Anyway, like I said, nothing particularly important or awesome, but now you know........

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To date over 7 Billion LEGO blocks have been sold, enough for every person on the planet to have more than 1000 blocks, or to circle the planet over 5 times.

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