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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Riječke Stepenice - "Rijeka Stairs" Fashion Evening In Rijeka. (Photos+Video)

Unbeknownst to most on this side of the pond, the 8th annual "Rijeka Stairs" fashion event is one of the most popular in Croatia and is becoming well known in the region also. Image:čke_Stepenice

I like to check out once in a while the news portal site because it often has interesting photo galleries concerning happenings in and around the city of Rijeka and a wide range of subjects. I've included  a few of them over the years in this blog. (I spent 2 whole summers in Rijeka as an 11 and 12 year old when visiting an aunt and cousins, so I also at times consider myself a "Riječanin", which I even got a tattoo of last time, pic here) For those not in the know, (It's all about learning something new that you didn't know yesterday or the day before, for instance that the name of the city of Rijeka means "river" in Croatian, that the early Croatian Duke Višeslav fought a successful battle there against a Frankish army in the year 799, sources telling of Croatian victory in battle during the Ottoman wars in Europe and that the city acquired it's Croatian name originally as Rika svetoga Vida ("the river of St. Vitus")... I mentioned before how Rijeka is not Monte Carlo, or a city full of rich fashion designers, rich models and rich people or rich fashionable designers or smooth cheeked tight model butts displaying fashionable clothing and designing designs, but it is a hip, progressive and cool artsy sort of city, lots of artists, musicians, literary and cultural happenings, lots of pubs and cafes downtown, theatre, plays and various arts, coincidentally it's the hometown of Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović. (Rijeka is also the home of the Croatian National Theatre Ivan Zajc/HNK Zajc, which has roots going back to 1795 and has connected Rijeka to other Croatian theatres, as well as the national theatres and art movements of Central/Western Europe, much like the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb)  Why, I'll even bet that if you were to run into a hobo at a cafe you would probably think he was some hip alternatively dressed artist or musician, perhaps some kind of poet or an acquaintance of Johnny Depp or something. Anyway, I thought right away that the stairs in the background of this fashion event looked familiar, then after double checking I found that I was right. They even showed up in my "Rijeka-Unusual Stadium and City" post, there I included some of my own personal photographs when I was in the city in 2011.

I thought I'd throw these in here because, well, they're just stairs at the downtown. Nothing special, similarly themed like my post about a fashion event in Zagreb, which also was done in just a local downtown area park. Yep, just the familiar downtown stairs. Organizers I guess just decided to pick the well known everyday stairs that thousands use everyday and never give a second thought too, as the perfect spot for a free and easily accessible fashion show. (I always thought that nearby Trsat Castle would be a cool location for something like this, then while doing this post I found out they actually do now, Pics Here)  I walked up and down those stairs during my stay there, so I might as well throw these in.

I don't particularly care about most fashion, fashion trends, fashion magazines, fashion guru rhetoric  or most fashion designers. I have my own style, I like what I like and what I think looks good on me and that's that, same goes for lots of other things... restaurants, beer and wine brands, sports, pizza toppings, hairstyles, underwear brands, books, movies, ice cream toppings, salad dressings...etc. Actually, I don't think I even have a style, I wear what I think suits and fits me and is my style at that particular moment. I am my own eclectic fashion dictator, sort of like the Olsen twins. However, I do like some of the designs at these things and I don't throw out the baby with the bath water, I like checking out the various swimwear designs too, some are very cool and creative and there's actually a lot worse things to be doing, looking at and smelling when you're downtown. I've seen plenty of ghetto fashion in my time, (when I used to live downtown years ago it was very vogue especially at night, and I noticed that coincidentally at right about the same time the stabbing, shooting and other various crime rates increased, it's even popular at the local ghetto-college, (as a number of the girls call it), that I'm attending right now, isn't that weird?)...and it's really not my style or thing. (Besides, normally everybody has to dress it up for one thing or another at some point in their life, so you might as well get some tips and ideas for down the road) This one featured creations by Croatian fashion designers and was simply named "Riječke Stepenice" (in Croatian pronounced ree-ye-chke ste-penny-tse..."Rijeka Stairs", for obvious reasons) I found out that this is actually the 8th year they have been doing this at this location and that it is becoming one of the well known fashion events in the whole region and even of Europe. The aim of the project is to promote and encourage the development of the Croatian textile industry through the promotion of large Croatian fashion houses and designers, see links below for many more images from the previous editions. I threw in much more information than I originally planned on, (I'm chock-full of information, what can I say), but there's more previous Croatian fashion show/designer themed posts at the very bottom you might find interesting.

(Since the time of this post, I'm sure most of the readers are familiar with the US Open victory by Marin Čilić. This was fantastic news for Croatian tennis, and tennis in general. Marin broke a long Grand Slam drought since Goran Ivanišević in 2001, he made some U.S. Open history and finally won his first Grand Slam. Marin now joins Goran and Iva Majoli (2001 Wimbledon and 1997 French Open), as the 3rd Croatian to win Grand Slam silverware. I'm sort of busy with college studies now, but I will have an interesting and behind the scenes fact-filled post shortly. In the meantime check out footage from the usual day after media blitz)



Promo for this 8th edition of "Riječke Stepenice". The event also focused on men's ties, which makes sense as Croatia is the birthplace of the modern necktie and named after us. (Cravats-Croats, more info about that at History of Cravats/Modern Necktie)

What the faaa..?, this is from a popular Serbian fashion show Serb church rape supporters knife-eating festival. I don't know how the heck this got in here. I'll work on the image uploader issues later and clean this up so the readers don't go try to imitate and accidentally stab their their eye sockets while overcompensating.

These below photographs are from a similar event held at the nearby Trsat Castle that I mentioned earlier, and which is a historic, but also a cool location for something like this. (It's a frikin castle after all ) Photogallery from

Previous posts: photos-of-daylarie-by-marina-lackovic














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