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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Don't Forget Your Skates If In Zagreb This Winter

This is sort of cool and worth quickly throwing in here. There's already plenty of places to outdoor skate in Croatia during the winter, this is just some extra information that will mainly be of interest to people who might be in Zagreb during the holidays this winter, a reminder that they may want to pack their ice skates into their luggage this time. It should look pretty interesting when the park is turned into a large skating rink, combined with the festivities that already take place around that time. (I've been at this King Tomislav Square, it's hard not to when it's right in front of the Zagreb Central Train Station)

I did a post a few weeks ago HERE and mentioned how many people might not know even that tons of stuff like this, festivals, skiing, skating, snowboarding etc, goes on during the winter months in Croatia, even along our coast, too many to even mention right now. (You may want to bring along your skis too as Sljeme is nearby also, and so is the annual FIS World Ski Cup races.) Not remarkably, Ive come across people over the years who not only didn't know that it snows in Croatia, but they thought it was in Russia or other strange places not even on the content. smh. (But then again, a few of them didn't even know that the Ostrogoths ruled Italy for a time and that the region of Lombardy is named after the Lombards, just like the region of Tuscany is named from the Etruscans, which practically everyone knows) That's when I sometimes say that it's just north of Vasaria, south of the Alpine Emirates and right between Lichtenberg and the Republic of Carpathia)

They started a new fashion event at this very same location just this past summer, see the post link below. Yep, well at least it's good to know that you'll have no shortage of places to skate in downtown Zagreb this holiday season. I'll probably make a "Photos of the Day" post when it's up and running to see how it all turned out...

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King Tomislav Square during warmer weather.

2,000m2 Ice Park Set to Open in the Heart of Zagreb

Images and more info:


Good news for ice skating lovers in Zagreb with news that a new 2,000 square-metre outdoor ice skating rink will open in the heart of the city later this month…

From 30 November to 18 January King Tomislav Square, which is located in front of the railway station, will be transformed for the first time into a gigantic outdoor ice skating rink, making it a paradise for ice skating fans of all ages. “Entry to the skating rink will be 20 kuna, whilst you will be able to rent skates for 10 kuna,” said Zagreb Tourist Board Director Martina Bienenfeld.

The rink is part of Advent in Zagreb and organisers say it was inspired by Vienna Ice Dream – the large rink in front of Vienna’s City Hall Square (Rathausplatz). The 2,000 square-meter surface will offer ice skaters of all styles and ages the chance to do their thing from 10 am to 11 pm every day to a range of music. The rink will be surrounded by various outdoor stalls and offering culinary delicacies, as well as warm drinks and the traditional mulled wine.

A number of concerts from a range of different artists will be held at the ice park during the 7-week period.

For those not in the know, I found some footage of what downtown  Zagreb looks like during the winter holiday season Advent in Zagreb. (along with some current outdoor skating scenes)

More recent footage.

An image from a fashion event that took place this past summer at this very same location of King Tomislav Square. (Trg Kralj Tomislava) More images and videos about that at a previous post HERE.

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