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Saturday, 1 November 2014

New Interactive Honda Commercial Filmed In Croatia

(Note: this article’s header media is Honda’s embeddable teaser, click HERE for the full, interaction version)

I saw this commercial the other day and thought it was sort of cool, it's definitely not your typical ho-hum car commercial. Honda did some filming earlier this year for their new Honda Civic R commercial. They had a list of various locations around the world to do this interactive commercial and in the end decided to choose Rijeka as the location. (In Croatian pronounced as "Ree-ye-ka") Not a big deal, they didn't film it within the more picturesque central part of the city as it was mostly done on the surrounding highways and industrial port area, and I've already come across similar commercials from around the world where they filmed it in Croatia, (Mazda did a recent one featuring some footage in Zagreb, and believe it or not, even a local Canadian 649 commercial was filmed in Croatia), but after checking out this commercial and choosing the view options, it turned out to be pretty cool.

Probably the best car commercial I've ever seen. It's almost like watching a short film and it doesn't even seem like a commercial at all, halfway through I wanted popcorn. The only thing missing is a car jump over a bridge, some model in a catwoman rubber mask and costume, and maybe that usually obligatory car smashing through a big pane of glass being carried across a street, after just barely missing that old lady pulling her cart or some clown with helium balloons.

It sort of reminded me of another Croatian made interactive Youtube commercial for shoes that I did. In that one you have 3 different options to choose from throughout the commercial. (You can view that one HERE)  Anyway, it's a pretty cool commercial with some views from around Rijeka, and these types of Youtube commercials seem to be more common. If anything, it will at least show a mass audience what the roads and scenery are like in Croatia, and then perhaps maybe even know where it is. You'll have to hit the link underneath the teaser, which will give an idea about the commercial, to see the full interactive version.



This is Honda’s embeddable teaser, click HERE for the full, interaction version.

This is the Mazda commercial I mentioned,  it was just a few seconds but it was filmed in Zagreb earlier this year also.

Probably lots of people didn't know that this Canadian Lotto 649 commercial was also filmed in Croatia earlier this year. 

Lotto 649 Farm - Croatia from Sonnel Velázquez on Vimeo.

Bridge filming images from the interactive Honda commercial courtesy of:

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