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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Photos Of The Day: Dubrovnik Invaded By Moto-Mraz Biker Santa Clauses

Here's something quick and light today, I included pics from this same annual event at a previous post HERE, here's some images from this year. Just a bunch of biker Santa Clauses who show up in the old part of Dubrovnik and hand out candy and free rides, nothing too important but interesting. This takes place every year around this time and actually in many other Croatian cities and towns, a hellish and ghoulish spectacle of red suited and sunglassed bikers handing out high calorie sweets and free bike rides, they do many similar events to raise funds for various charities throughout the year. I should also mention, today the Zagreb Bears hockey club (KHL Medvešščak Zagreb) will take to the ice at the Spengler Cup taking place in Davos, Switzerland, which is often cited as the worlds oldest invitational hockey tournament, so that's an historic hockey and sports moment for Croatia. I'll update that story with pics and video if available when the tournament is over. (More on that topic at a post HERE)

I'll just quickly add also that this winter in Europe has been on the mild side and not the most snow filled season so far, but it recently snowed and temperatures have been hanging below zero in the mountains above Zagreb, and more colder temperatures and snow are forecasted for the next few days, so the Alpine skiing World cup slalom races taking place starting January 4th are definitely a go, so that's good to know (you can keep up to date on that event at hence the inclusion of the falling snow effect on my blog for the next little while......

Ho, ho, ho, brum, brum, brum.... Moto Mraz Santas arrived to the Stradun in Dubrovnik.


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A few scenes from the Dubrovnik Moto-Mraz Santa Clauses in 2008.

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