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Monday, 15 December 2014

"Divas Pre Loved"...Because Being A Diva Or Dude Is Not Just For Models Anymore

Celebrate the freedom to look like those people in the check out aisle magazines that YOU deserve to be.  Official website:

Now YOU can look like a Diva or Dude too!

This is just a quick spur of the moment type post. I've done a few Croatian fashion related posts in the past, (links at the bottom), but I am not a fashionista, a fashion-guru, a diva expert or men's fashion critiquer or anything like that, I just like looking at the pics sometimes after coming home from downtown and have the sudden urge to puke blood.  I don't know a thing about fashion scenes, stitching patterns, materials, recommended polyester/cotton blend ratios, recommended spring, summer, fall and winter colour and materials combinations for the year and blah blah blah. (Even the meaning of the word "Diva" has become diluted/corrupted over the years, why I remember a television segment not that long ago where the host was describing Whoopi Goldberg as a fashion diva:\ ) I just know what I like and what I don't like, just like my salad dressing, wines, hair styles and ice-cream toppings.

Businesses involved in this pre-owned clothes concept have been around for quite some time, but this one is strictly oriented towards the higher end famous fashion house and labels, stuff that the average person would otherwise never have an opportunity to wear or just walk into a store and purchase brand new. (You won't find "just like new" Levi's, Wranglers, Nikes or just slightly irregular and hardly stained sports tee's here, I'm pretty sure anyway) So while browsing around this site I found lots of stuff I liked, some I didn't. Some cool looking designs and items, and it's not just all for women either, there's guy stuff too...

Examples, more interesting examples at

This is not even a Croatian based thing either btw, but rather it's a Slovenian-Croatian venture to bring those top notch expensive world fashion brands to the general public. Their actual walk-in stores are located in Ljubljana and Zagreb. I did a little browsing and comparing and there's some good deals actually. For instance, a genuine men's Armani suit for under a 100 Euros that on another site a similar one to buy brand new was advertised for over 1000 Euros. A men's Hugo Boss leather jacket for 200 Euros where a similar brand new jacket was running over 900 Euros, etc and so on. (I have an amusing story when I was at a Hugo Boss store in the Frankfurt airport, which I'm not going to get into here) Besides, did you know that the moment you walk out of a store after purchasing some clothing it automatically becomes used and "pre-owned"....

Don't just get on the bus like everyone else, give them all a free fashion show.


Now personally, I'm sort of eclectic and mix and match. I have some Diesel, Guess, FCUK, Calvin Klein items and pieces that I mix in with Adidas, Doc Martins, Harley Davidson boots, Pepe, David Moore jacket, along with some Ray-Ban, Vuarnet or Arnette sunglasses, various artisitic or rock tees sometimes etc. Something like that, it's all about personality and being yourself, clothes are more than just pieces of cloth and rags to cover your "ahems". Like who is able to go on 3 times a week $1000 brunch time shopping sprees anyway? Pffff, not many people have that much time on their hands that's for sure. I also don't consider the description "Eurotrash" as deragatory at all, not in the least, to me it means you're eclectic in your clothing choices and that you don't ask your mom or wife to pick up a shirt or underwear for you on the way home. It means and shows that you care. (The Olsen twins are constantly being ridiculed in the press for looking Eurotrash, same thing with Tomo Milicevic)

The Eurotrash look has always been in and it makes life better for everyone around you, (really it does)

You can never have too many shoes or ties. (see Croatian neckties post)

Examples. (I like adding examples)

Anyway, you can wear whatever you want, you can wear a large oversized Wham tee, men's Uggs or dirty smelly sneakers, wear a potato sack and tinfoil hat. I don't care. (If you're looking just for something to wear to the local bar "n" grill, combination coffee/souvenir shop/draft beer emporium, bingo hall or the local no-frills grocery store, then this will probably won't be of interest to you though) But if you want some good and fair priced options or ideas, then check it out because lots of the stuff is even brand new and you can even sell them your own pre-owned or never worn designer items that are just hanging in the closet, links below...

Official website:

Future Euromodels don't want fashionable for the month or season, they don't want just "clothes" made by nobodies, they want timeless designs that are ALWAYS IN FASHION!...

Don't let today be just a fashion morning, make it the first morning of the rest of your fashion life!

Whatever you do, don't look, act and especially dress like Serboid philistine shitbirds that flock together, it's uncivilized and smells like birdpoop, you'll look like your getting ready to suck your moms hairy goat ass.  Instead think and look like a European and modern human being. Image: were-serbs-behind-boston-marathon-bombing.  More examples of how not to dress.

Isn't this the YOU that YOU and the world would much more prefer to see? There's no such thing as a bad hair day no matter how dry, frizzy or unmanageable you hair is, not when you're wearing Lanvins or Louboutins, that's for sure.

Just because you're not modelling in Europe this summer and strolling among the downtown cafes, it doesn't mean you have to dress like you gave up on life. Put that sweatshirt back in the closet and stop wearing pyjamas in public, the Walmart is open until 11 p.m. now and the hair conditioner is on sale, Yay!

When the kids are off to school, incorporate a fashion show into your daily life and chores. Make your backyard into your own personal fashion event and to hell what the neighbours think.

Don't just cross the street or just walk to the store like a nobody, make a statement. Make it your own fashion catwalk because you deserve it and it's what the people want and need. Don't let others hog all the fashion magazine glory. (see previous high heels post)

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Divas Preloved said...

We like what you wrote....can we share the link?

HroBaToS-AuToPiLoTaS said...

Couldn't care less, it's just me blabbering stuff, whatever.

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