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Friday, 30 January 2015

Another Croatian Connection At Superbowl XLIX

Another light and airy quick yet interesting post today. I'm not going to go into overkill with predicting, analyzing, dissecting or any of that. This is sort of a continuation from a few years ago of my croatian-connection-for-super-bow-xlvi post. In a nutshell, there will again be a "Croatian-connection" at this years highly anticipated Superbowl. Yep, that being New England coach Bill Belichick, Defensive end Rob Ninkovich and even Seattle coach Pete Carroll believe it or not.

For those not in the know, Bill Belichick's actual surname was spelled Biličić. (Croatian pronunciation "Billich-ich"). His grandparents arrived to America at the turn of the last century, when the Croatian crown lands were a part of the Habsburg ruled Austro-Hungarian empire. (arriving in 1897 from the town of Karlovac to be exact). However, when Bill's father starting going to grade school, his teachers had a hard time remembering and pronouncing it, his family then modified the surname to make it easier easier for for the teachers etc to pronounce. When his grandparents initially arrived, immigration officials actually suggested for them to change the last name to White, but Bill's grandfather refused. That is your brief and interesting history of the Belichick surname. (You may want to check out which explains this and a lot more about the history of Croatian surnames)

Anyway, that's about it, information that's good to know and sort of cool if you have Croatian descent. You'll have to go elsewhere now though for all the analyzing and predicting and re-analyzing and counter-predicting etc. Since on the topic, I did come across a few interviews here and there, and I have to say as an observation, I found the English being spoken by many European soccer players in the Premier League to be more understandable than a lot of the NFL interviews I saw. What's up with that? You're born there and went to university for years but still have a hard time grasping the complexities of speaking the English language? That's just plain ass weird. Anyway, I guess it's almost time for the extracurricular hoopla, billion dollar a minute commercials, selfie acting galore and choreographed cheesiness to commence......


In the least likely of places, New England Head coach Bill Belichick and Defensive end Rob Ninkovich (Whom Belichick calls a "tough Croatian kid"). Image:

Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll have one surprising thing in common....."Croatianicity"


PHOENIX – Only at the Super Bowl.

New England Patriots Coach Belichick was asked at his press conference Wednesday whether he was aware he and Seattle Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll shared ancestral roots in the European country of Croatia.

Belichick noted that University of Alabama Coach Nick Saban also has Croatian ancestry.

“The last big Croatian matchup that I’ve had was with Coach Saban when he was with the Dolphins and that was within the division at that time – the battle of Croatia,” said Belichick.

Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll. Carroll gets his Croatian roots from his grandparents on his mothers side, and Belichick's grandparents, Marija and Ivan, immigrated from Croatia to the United States in 1897. Image:

“I’m very proud of my dad’s family tradition and history with Croatia. I’ve had the opportunity to visit that beautiful country a couple of times, and I’m proud of that heritage.

“No, I didn’t realize that we were breaking new ground here. So it looks like we’ll have a Croatian champion one way or the other, right?”

On its Facebook page, the Croatian Scholarship Fund is conducting a poll: “Who is the greatest Croatian head coach in the NFL?”

At mid-day Wednesday, Belichick led Carroll 85 votes to 43.

Bill Belichick supposedly smiled only 7 times throughout all of last season. Image:

From a previous post HERE, I personally like this one where Bill Belichick is dressed up as a Hallowe'en pirate with his wench. 

I did find some of the Bill Belichick/Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars comparison images and some other ones kind of funny, a few were actually quite hilarious. The price you have to pay for being the NFL's record holder for playoff wins I guess.

Here's a  few more I came across (but there's lots more)...

Ancient astronaut theorists believe that Bill Belichick was responsible for the megalithic stone carvings at Pumapunku. 

Bill Belichick Credits Victory To His Personal God. Article:

I guess this is supposed to be one of those efficient performance tempo moments according to the percentages and adjusted for the point differential and scoring margin probability scenario Valentine's Day cards.

This isn't a meme, but it does show him challenging the officials on a call by throwing a red flag onto the field with authority. The referees ruling was overturned and so his challenge was proven correct. (It's all about throwing the red flag with authority)

I came of across this one by accident, it has absolutely nothing to do with Croatians, sports, Bill Belichick or even the Super Bowl, but I decided I better put it in here anyway as supplementary information.

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I came across this below pic after doing this post, it's seems some Serbs are still going around pronouncing a curse on both teams. Just some extra information for the benefit of the reader that's good to know. (They constantly go around the local strip mall bragging how Gaddafi will rise from the dead  and that they are best at killing the Ukrainian Euro-scum. Bravo!)

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