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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Borna Rendulic Scores First NHL Goal .....Cro Cop Defends IGF Title In Tokyo (Videos)

Well, Borna Rendulić, the first home grown Croatian hockey player to play in the NHL scored his first goal last night. That most important hurdle to jump after first signing a contract with the Colorado Avalanche earlier this year, and then his first official regular season game just last month. Another historic first. If you don't know much about this story, just hit the previous post links for much more information.

Below that, on the same night and on the opposite side of the world in Tokyo, Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipović was defending his IGF title. (Mirko is actually hugely popular in Japan I noticed, commercials, fan clubs, stalkers and everything) Anyway, not much more to add, seeing that left high leg kick again will make fans of his since the early days happy I'm sure.

(I was going to initially going to just throw in some pics of New Years festivities in Croatia from last night, just to show what goes on for those who may be unfamiliar, but decided to add these stories instead. Just hit the previous "New Years Eve" post links HERE and HERE and it's basically more of the same)


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Borna's first official NHL goal makes Croatian hockey history. (Youtube screenshot)

Borna Rendulić Scores First NHL Goal


Croatian Borna Rendulić will remember the last day of 2014 for a long time…Rendulić (22) playing in just his 4th NHL match after debuting recently for the Colorado Avalanche, has scored his first ever NHL goal. The former Medveščak player, who signed a 2-year deal with the Colorado side reportedly worth 1.2 million USD in 2014 to become the first Croatian born and raised player to play in the NHL, scored to give his side a 2:1 lead over the Philadelphia Flyers. The match ended in Colorado’s favour 4:3. (photo / Twitter)

Holding the historic little round piece of rubber that officially brings Croatia to the NHL.

Full game recap.

Enjoying the moment.























Mirko "Cro Cop" Defies Odds, Defends IGF Title In Tokyo.



Two of the most recognizable names outside the realm of the UFC—Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic and Shinya Aoki—each ended the year in style Wednesday at Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye 2014 in Tokyo. After landing his patented left high kick on Satoshi Ishii, the 40-year-old Cro Cop landed a series of punches against the ropes to score a TKO win in the second round of their main event IGF heavyweight championship bout.Earlier in the night, Aoki pulled off one of the most rarely seen submissions in MMA for the first time in his career when he secured a twister (spinal crank) in the first round of a lightweight tilt against Yuki Yamamoto.

The former Japanese Olympic gold medalist (judo) Ishii, who fell via TKO (doctor stoppage) to Cro Cop to lose his IGF heavyweight belt at Inoki Genome Fight 2 in August, scored a trip takedown in Round 1. Ishii then peppered Filipovic with punches and elbows in the guard for the remainder of the round.Ishii notched another takedown in Round 2, only to allow a resilient Cro Cop to eventually pop back to his feet and begin his own offensive assault.

Cro Cop wearing a good choice of shades before the match. (Very important)

In the later stages of the round, Cro Cop began heaving left hooks and uppercuts that put Ishii on the defensive.Cro Cop then wobbled Ishii with a high kick in the waning seconds of the round before finishing him off with a vicious set of follow-up punches just as the round ended.

Although the outmatched Yamamoto managed to land a solid knee to Aoki's jaw early, just seconds later, he found himself on the ground with the jiu-jitsu and judo black belt on his back.

Aoki quickly slapped a figure-four on Yamamoto's right leg from the back and then slid his upper body to Yamamoto's left, where he began applying the crank to the top of the right side of Yamamoto's head. Yamamoto squirmed and resisted a bit before ultimately tapping to the intense pressure on his spinal cord.

Cro Cop earned his 30th career pro MMA win and his 22nd career TKO/KO. Filipovic has also won 23 times as a pro kickboxer, 12 of which came via TKO/KO.Aoki, conversely, scored his 37th career pro MMA win and his 25th win via submission.

Just like 15 years ago, when the high leg kick connects then it's usually just a matter of time. 

I'm going to have to look into getting this Cro Cop tee I haven't seen before, which he wore to the ring. I like the basic military theme to it and insignia, (For those not in the know, he used to be a member of a Croatian Anti-Terrorist Unit and Police Special Forces, which of course explains his now trademark hairstyle) Here's a little inside information that most people don't know. If Mirko loses a match because of a beforehand sore shoulder, knee, ankle, hip, stubbed toe or headache and indigestion etc, new rules established by the MMA governing bodies stipulate that he is then allowed to shoot his opponent because of his previous military background credentials, now that's pretty cool.

What the heck, I might as well throw in one of those "best of" highlight videos floating around. These would be from before he retired the first time. 

This is what I was talking about earlier. I actually think being in a Japanese commercial is something to strive for in life. Lots of Hollywood celebs are constantly trying to get into one, or at least on one of their billboards and bus stop posters. You know you've reached the stars when companies want you to be seen holding their products. They're amusing and where else do you get to say slogans in Japanese holding various products, or punch out life-size coffee beans etc. It's sort of like you become part of an exclusive club or something, anyway...

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