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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Mysterious Orb Phenomena Photographed In Croatian Skies

I'm not going to add much here, it's all in the below text. I will add however that this is eerily reminiscent of the "Kresimir orb prophecies" I mentioned once previously. That was a post about mysterious seagrass circles that were discovered from satellite images along the Croatian coast earlier this year.

I'm not at liberty to give all the information I'm privy too, but the appearance of these orb circles have not been documented or written about until the middle ages. The only mention of this strange phenomena from those times is from words attributed to Croatian King Peter Krešimir IV the Great in the year 1069. (He is seen HERE holding the orb from the time he uttered his famous words)  Words to the effect that his orb ("Krešimirs orb") will be an eternal testament to his rule seen in the sea and skies from that day forward. (One legend says that one of these orb clouds opened up in the sky above him at precisely that moment)

This would also be a representation of the impenetrable circle which protects his dynastic and esoteric star of "order out of chaos" and "as above, so below." (More on that HERE) Coincidence? Either way, these mysterious unexplained natural phenomena garner the attention and amazement of many people and meteorologists when they appear.

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View from the coastal town of Biograd, photographed by Claudia Bobanović.


Rare celestial phenomenon today caught the attention of the inhabitants of the northern Dalmatia region in Croatia, writes In a layer of Altocumulus clouds there appeared a hole! It is a phenomenon that even today causes a great deal of attention and amazement. Here's the thing, like most similar phenomena,  a "fallstreak hole" still can not be satisfactory explained by the scientific world, There are various theories that are at odds with each other, but the simple fact remains that they still exist and no one is sure exactly why.

It is also known as the "hole punch cloud". It almost always occurs in a layer of high clouds in the genus cumulus - Cirrocumulus or Altocumulus - and generally is circular or elliptical shape. One theory begins that tiny water droplets in these clouds, which, despite the low temperatures, have not yet had frozen because they lack the core of nucleation, ie particles around which water drops to be able to crystallize. However, once you create crystals, water droplets quickly disappear in a domino effect in all directions and in the cloud is created a hole. The crystals then fall down, which is usually seen as a circular form.

There is no definite answer however as to what process actually forms Hole Punch clouds, all the suggestions you read about this topic are just theories. Some theories of what causes a Hole Punch cloud are based on more accepted ideas than others. So, in the end it is still a mystery that will hopefully be solved soon. The standard explanation for what forms a Hole Punch cloud is that it has to do with supercool ice crystals which fall. The issue with this theory though is that it still does not explain the shapes that can be seen or why ice crystals would form only in such a way, inexplicable round orbs in the middle of cloud formations that look like perfectly punched out holes.

Other theories as to the creation or forces that form a Hole Punch cloud range from them being UFO clouds, Crop Circle clouds produced by UFO's and also the product of Government technology such as HAARP. Most other theories apart from the standard explanation favour some form of electromagnetic forces to create Hole Punch clouds phenomenon like Virgil. The image at the top was photographed by Claudia Bobanović and others below were posted to the Crometeo Facebook page.

(Hole Punch clouds or Fallstreak hole clouds are so strange when seen in the sky that they are also called UFO clouds, sky holes, sky circles, cloud circles and crop circle clouds)

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