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Saturday, 24 January 2015

New Top 10 Rated Microbrewed "Zmajska" Beer An Option In Croatian Market

Something quick and nice and light today. There's some interesting sports related happenings, but I'm staying away from sports for a while and I've too many sports posts as it is anyway. (Well, I'll just quickly add that the Croatian national handball team went 5-0 and are now in the playoffs at the 2015 World Handball Championships) This however, though not important at all, I still found worth noting here. I've mentioned this before, that I really don't drink much these days at all, but it is good to know that the next time you're in a Zagreb area bar or restaurant etc, that you now have another quality beer option to try out.

You can never have enough locally produced brands of beer I say, after all this is Croatia and Europe we're talking about. Some people will even judge the quality of a country by their beers and availability of quality beers, or at least it's a large factor. I think it's written into our constitution somewhere that every citizen shall have the right to partake of frothy and fizzy alcoholic adult beverages, ales and wines or something like that. The Zmajska Pale Ale is 5.3% alcohol and the Porter dark beer is 6.5% alcohol. (See previous beer related posts at the bottom to see what I mean)

Interestingly, this new microbrewery brand, (aka "craft brewery"as opposed to the large-scale corporate breweries)... "Zmajska" pivo (Dragon beer) will be one of the officially available beers at the very popular Rujanfest, which takes place every September in Zagreb. (More about Rujanfest at my post bundekfest-rujanfest-at-zagrebs-lake) Even though it's not the important thing when choosing a beer, the logo looks cool to me, medieval-ish even, and I like the medieval era stuff. They even drank plenty of beer in medieval times, and it was actually the most common drink to have back then.

The very basics of modern-day beers and beer brewing hasn't changed much in many centuries, not since German monks introduced hops as a vitally important main ingredient, codified and recorded their recipes and started brewing beer in their monasteries during medieval times, water was unsanitary many times, equipment was not always hygienically clean and without hops the ales would spoil very quickly (historically "ale" being a type of beer brewed without hops). Interestingly, beer was actually the most consumed beverage already and an important source of nutrition in the medieval world, it was drank by children, nursing mothers, the old and the sick and everyone in between. A pretty cool Croatian site these days devoted to all sorts of beer news topics, articles, new and retro images/posters and the interesting history of beer in Croatia up to today, as well as in Europe and elsewhere around the world is

The popularity of craft brewing and these microbreweries has been growing over the years, and I've tried a few here and there. Personally though, I would spruce up the logo down the road if I was the people behind this new beer, and make the dragon look a little tougher, majestic and mysterious etc, it's a dragon after all, but that's just me. THIS one, THIS one or THIS one would be a good version to work around, it would give the impression of being as cool as a dragon when sipping on one of their frothy ales, but that's just me. (See dragons/basilisks-of-trsat-castle post)

The new "Zmajska" beer has already been a hit in the town of Pula at the Beer Club Pula.

This new craft beer isn't available only in Zagreb where it is based either, but is already available around the country. Although it would definitely be a good beer choice for when at the pubs, restaurants and bars when in the old medieval part of Zagreb, amongst the gargoyles, statues and medieval buildings/castles and such, also known as Gradec, or at one of the patios/bars along Tkalčićeva Street after one of the local ghost tours or medieval tours would be a perfect time also. But then again what the hell do I know. Drink it whenever the hell you want. Anyway, something to keep in mind when or if in the area. The last time I was in Zagreb I made a point of trying out every single one of the Croatian brewed beers, I even made a list so I wouldn't forget. I know I will next time also.

(Supplementary information for the boys and girls out there. Did you know that todays modern beer brewing techniques and standard ingredients were started by German monks around the year 1050? Yep, just outside of Munich (hence why Oktoberfest is held in Munich) those German monks opened the first brewery and made for the first time essentially the exact same beer we buy in the stores today, that's 500 years before Christopher Columbus and almost 1000 years before the invention of modern donut burgers and cricket pizza. It wasn't long after that when the new golden liquid nectar found it's way to the Croatian lands and to the rest of Europe. Your beer history fact of the day. Also, even if you don't drink beer, don't forget boys and girls that there are numerous other beneficial reason to brew beer, from beer shampoo, to beer sauces to beer batter and everything in between. See the other interesting uses for beer besides drinking it)



One of the world’s most well-known craft beer websites has ranked Croatian craft beer brewers Zmajska pivovara in its Top 10 New Brewers in the World list…

RateBeer, which is the world’s largest source for information on craft beer and the craft beer culture, has ranked Zagreb’s Zmajska pivovara at number 9 in its annual list of the best new brewers in the world list. Considering there were more than 3,800 new world-wide brewers registered this past year and quarter at RateBeer, making the top 10 puts the team at Zagreb’s Zmajska in an extremely elite bunch.

The founders of "Zmajska Pivovara" opening the taps of the very first batch just this past June.

“The first Western-style craft microbrewery to open in Croatia, Zmajska Pivovara, spearheaded by the pillar of the Croatian homebrewing scene – Andrej Čapka, with renowned homebrewer Bojan Pap as head brewer, opened, finally, in September 2014 after a series of equipment delivery delays, giving full momentum to the country’s long-awaited craft revolution that had started mere months before. Their beers proved to be well worth the wait, as both their Pale Ale and their Porter turned out to be of the highest quality – the latter making the top 15 in style for 2014 at RateBeer Best,” wrote RateBeer.

Some people are already making sure they don't run out by keeping an extra supply at home. (Twitter photo)

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