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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Photo Of The Day: FIS World Cup Alpine Skiing In Zagreb

Well, it's that time of year again, that holy and blessed time of year when the ski gods descend once again to the slopes of Sljeme on Medvednica mountain, just outside the capital city of Zagreb. The ceremony culminates with the ritual of the men's alpine slalom races taking place tomorrow. This is the holiest ski day of the year on the Croatian calendar. There is an abundance of eating, drinking, music, merriment and of course thanksgiving for the peace of this most holy time of year. Many thousands of the faithful make their way to the slopes of Medvenica, coming even from many other lands, all make the journey in unison to show thanksgiving for the awesome and eternal winter solstice ski mysteries, bringing ski relics from the past, flags, poles, ski boots and various appropriate footwear, afterwards they partake in various joyous communions of stuffed cabbages, beans, sausages, cider, cheeses, beers and wines. The ski solstice king and queen bequeath glad tidings to the multitudes until the coming of the next pilgrimage. An annual holy pilgrimage that is also an epiphany. For the multitudes of faithful it is a passing through the symbolic slalom solstice gates of this earthly life, and so also a symbolic affirmation of the eternal ski slope mysteries, the ski gods look down and proclaim the good news of the next glorious and eternal alpine ski event....

...Just quickly throwing in a few pics from the Men's and Women's FIS Alpine Ski World Cup slalom races taking place in Zagreb even as I'm writing this. I'm a skier (just not currently), so I like seeing the festive and exciting atmosphere of a professional World Cup ski event taking in Croatia. All the festivities actually start the week before the races even begin, but even if I'm not there it's still interesting.

World Cup Champion Janica Kostelić (after whom the event was renamed in 2006) hasn't been on the ski circuit for years since retiring, and former Overall World Cup Champion Ivica Kostelić is probably skiing his last season because of health issues, but there are other Croatian skiers to root for, and this 3 day world class Alpine skiing event is broadcast live to 25 countries and getting more popular every year.

This is actually the event which officially closes out the Advent in Zagreb festivities that start at the beginning of December. Just a really fun and festive professional sporting event to kick of the new year. This year there was plenty of snow before the new year so the slopes are in prime condition. I'll make a synopsis post after all the races are finished with more images and video footage. More info and images at the links.



Some behind the scenes from 2012

Previous posts: zagreb-snow-queen-trophy-at-sljeme-2011




After doing this post I decided I think I've already explained enough, so the reader should know what the heck the "VIP Snow Queen Trophy" is all about. I added a few more pics and this below short personal behind the scenes footage I came across of what took place on the slopes of Sljeme should be good enough. Hit the links above if you need more information or just Google around.

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