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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Croatia Officially Inaugurated As Part Of Swiss Space Systems Project

I read about this project being possible a few years ago, then over the last year things started really moving forward. Great idea and project, the Croatian firms and technology companies will be working side by side with some other very prestigious partners. (the European Space Agency, Dassault Aviation, Aerospace Design Laboratory, Elecnor Group, Airbus Group and the Van Karman Institute just to name a few) The Croatian Space Agency (Hrvatska svemirska agencija) will be taking part in research, engineering and developing important space technology, deploying satellites, passenger travel, (a 1 hour flight to near Hong Kong or Tokyo or a flight to Australia in under 2 hours) and according to the Swiss Space Systems website, Croatia will also assist in the engineering of the upper-stage of S3 system, research and development, including advanced assembly-line production. (as a new upper-stage unit will have to be built after every satellite launch)

I personally don't care too much about the recent manned mission to Mars news I came across a few weeks ago. The "Mars One" project just seems to me like a $6 billion "MasterChef Mars" entertainment show where candidates/contestants are weeded out to the final 4 for a chance to be stranded and die on a spinning ball of red dirt basically, or suffocate and freeze well before that. That project to me is actually more like a super-duper extreme ultra-hardcore Star Trek convention when you think about it. (Why have a candidate process anyway? The prisons are full of people serving life sentences, just pick some of them and they'll be happy for a change of scenery probably, a free exotic adventure. If they die then nobody will give a fuck anyway and will probably just turn the channel to the ball game or some other entertainment show. It's a win-win situation actually) Besides, why an expensive death trip to Mars anyway? Why not a Moon colony first? or an under the ocean colony? That would make much more sense and would be so much cheaper and easier., not easy but easier and more beneficial and pertinent to people on this planet/giant gumball..and everyone gets to live and come back. On top of that, we've only just recently started exploring and discovering some of the secrets of the the world's oceans and the ancient mysteries of our own planet/spinning ball of dirt and it's fashion/menu choices, including Peter Popoff's and Benny Hinn's magical hair of miracles. (We haven't even figured out how or why some fish became mammals and then decided to become fish again, or if the dinosaurs had a kingdom and could levitate as some theorize) We haven't even discovered all the life forms in the oceans that were and still are there even today, the underwater civilizations etc. They'd probably do more for humanity by picking up a machine gun and putting it on automatic then going to the middle east or some other places. Why not just take up parachuting or a hang gliding hobby as a way to achieve adrenalin and space excitement? Will we learn much more important things than what we're learning from modern technology, probes, unmanned spacecrafts? Maybe it's all one big mind control experiment to see if we can get humans to gratefully and excitedly ask to be part of a slow-suicide project, to make them actually even try to prove their worthiness and plead to be selected for the oneway death-trip? The most extreme Star Trek convention of all time. (..."and the Lord Karamath Rulw'qn shall make the fool Youtube and Walmart humans approve and clap and cheer on their own destruction, hoping to one day take their place and become Mars titans." One would better off listening to 30 Seconds To Mars than actually travelling to Mars. (I wonder if this theory will be discussed by Alex Jones on Infowars or on Red Ice tv/radio down the road, I read there and lots of other places that Obama is actually a one world Muslim communist who just duped the moron voters to expedite the Islamification and the downfall of the real pre-Muslim rap cartel America)

Not that long ago I spoke with Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic and I brought this project up in the discussion, I said "Sada nije vrijeme za sranje, nego sada je vrijeme da zajebemo smece, dubre i govno svuda, trebamo cistiti ovaj kretenska planeta za mirovni buducnost " and a few other things, mainly about high heels, oil prices and stew recipes. She also prefers Star Wars to Star Trek like me btw, so she understands the importance and potential of this spaceport project, it's much more important and prestigious than opening another burger joint or a shoe store after all. I also mentioned how Croatia needs to build it's own Death Star in the future. (See video at bottom for more on that)

Back to this story, the borough of Udbina is a good choice also, as there is a nearby Airfield, and Zemunik Air Force Base at Zadar is nearby also which will add to the security factor of a future spaceport. (This is a big plus, as Serbs may try to infiltrate and steal then sell space/satellite technology to Libya, ISIS and other fellow extremists. See previous post HERE)

S3 Croatia will first offer zero-gravity parabolic flights as high as 15km above ground which make it possible to experience weightlessness, allowing bodies and materials to float free of the earth's gravitational pull, according to Bosanac. They will last less than 2 hours and S3 will charge from 2,000 euros to 50,000 euros per passenger depending on the luxury options chosen, according to its website

The township of Udbina lies on on the Krbava plains and was chosen because of it's open skies, flat terrain and easy access to the coast through the 6 kilometer tunnel that runs through the Vesebit mountains. It now has the opportunity to become a sort of Croatian version Cape Canaveral, because the world needs more countries with spaceports I think, spaceports, fashion shows, artists and ski hills. At the end of the day, it's definitely a great project to be a part of. The below article from the Swiss Space Systems website and videos explain more.....

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Swiss Space System Expands Into Croatia - Operational Target Date 2019

The official inauguration of Swiss Space Systems Croatia in Zagreb. Images:


Zagreb, Croatia (February 16, 2015). S3, officially inaugurated its daughter company, Swiss Space Systems Croatia, in the presence of the Ambassador of Switzerland in Croatia, as well as representatives of the national and local authorities and international guests from the aerospace sector.

The company is located in Zagreb and Sladjan Zovko is its General Director. For the S3 Group, this inauguration represents a new important step in its expansion in Europe, as Croatia will play an important role in different parts of the S3 program. First activities of S3 Croatia will be the ZeroG flights, which are taking place in Croatia in the first half of 2016.

In the longer term, Croatia is foreseen as an interesting location to operate. S3 Croatia also plans to build a spaceport infrastructure in Udbina and will be involved in the development work on the upper-stage units and assembly, creating highly skilled jobs in the country. Moreover, S3 Croatia will play a role in Space Research and Education, involving the main universities and research centers from Croatia active in this field.

Swiss Space Systems (S3) is developing its activities and now counts more than 75 employees in Switzerland, Spain and the US. The engineering team, supported by their industrial and academic partners, is progressing on the Research & Development phase of a reusable, flexible, safe and affordable small satellite launching system, based on an Airbus aircraft carrying the SOAR sub-orbital shuttle on its back.

The SOAR carries an expendable upper-stage, released at an altitude of 80 km to go up to 700 km and deliver the satellites in low earth orbit. After the launch it is disintegrated into the atmosphere without producing space debris. 2015 will be a crucial year for S3, with its first ZeroG flights and wind tunnel testing and a mock up flight test campaign leading to the end of its R&D phase. In Europe, S3 already counts on a strong network of industrial and institutional partners from France, Belgium, Italy and Spain. Now, this European network will be extended to Croatia with the inauguration of a daughter company in Zagreb as a first step.

This Swiss Space Systems Croatia is expected to be built in the township of Urbina and will also employ numerous local engineers, technology firms and include research, development and advanced assembly-line production for new upper-stage units. The nearby Udbina Air Force Base will also provide extra security for future projects. Plans are at first for deploying satellites and then passenger air travel between Europe and North America with estimated travel times of about 2 hours, as well as even tourist space rides. Video from

Croatia to play an important role in main parts of S3 overall program

The choice of expanding in Croatia is part of a strategic plan for S3, as Croatia will play an integral part in the different aspects of its project. Croatia has a lot of assets to be a future important aerospace player at the European level and Swiss Space Systems chose this country to expand their activities in Europe.

First activities of S3 Croatia will be the ZeroG flights to take place in the first half of 2016. Croatia has some interesting locations for future operations as well as satellite launches and, in the longer term, suborbital passenger flights. A project of Spaceport in Croatia based on the concept of the S3 Spaceport to be built in Switzerland is in its early stage, with possible location in Udbina.

Croatia will play a role in the engineering of the upper-stage of S3 system. The upper-stage is currently being developed and designed by S3 in its Swiss headquarters with the help of its Russian partner RKK Energia, providing its propulsion systems. S3 Croatia will be implicated in work packages related to the development of the upper-stage, involving Croatian partners as well. The upper-stage is the only part of S3’s launching system that is not reusable, meaning that one unit has to be built for each satellite launch. This assembly-line production of upper-stages could later be done in the spaceport facilities, which would create a significant number of high-skilled jobs. S3 will then rely on facilities in Spain for the integration and testing of the upper-stage, and for processing of its payload in a clean-room prior to the launch campaign, thanks to its Spanish partners.

Swiss Space Systems - The Vision.

In addition to these industrial activities, S3 Croatia will play a role in Space Research and Education activities, involving the main universities and research centers of the country for applied research, education as well as aerospace technology testing in the field of small satellites.

Sladjan Zovko, General Director of Swiss Space Systems Croatia outlines: “All these industrial as well as Education & Research activities are important for Croatia in order to develop its aerospace activities. The goal is to make of the new member of the European Space Agency that is Croatia a country with a strong aerospace sector and Swiss Space Systems Croatia wants to act as a catalyst in order to reach this goal. A Spaceport in Croatia will definitely bring an added value in this regard.”

A partial view of the future Udbina Spaceport.

“This is a win-win collaboration for Swiss Space Systems and Croatia and I look forward to the next steps. S3 always wants to develop long term partnerships and Croatia is definitely another good example as Swiss Space Systems Croatia will play an important role in main aspects of the S3 program: ZeroG, future operations, engineering work and assembly of the upper-stage as well as research & education. This is another milestone in S3 short history, with many more to come in 2015 and beyond.” stated Pascal Jaussi, founder and CEO of Swiss Space Systems Holding.

Swiss Space Systems Introduction.

As mentioned earlier, this new Swiss Space Systems Croatia project should definitely expedite Croatia's God given right to build our very own defensive Death Star to use where and when we see fit, for Croatia, Europe, freedom and space.

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