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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Croatian 10 Yr Old Becomes An Official IKEA Toy Designer

I have a few posts in process for down the road, so this is an interesting quick one to do in the meantime. It also reminded me of when I was 10 years old too. I won an Easter drawing competition for a local chain of convenience stores. I remember I had to attach the Dr. Pepper bottle cap to the drawing, and I still like and buy Dr. Pepper once in a while. I ended up winning a brand new 10 speed bike, got my picture taken and printed in the store chains newspaper, I received a certificate and got my drawing back after a month or so. It went on some kind of tour or something to their HQ offices.

The new 10 speed bike got stolen by some punk shit-ass when I went to the store to buy milk a few weeks later. (There's plenty of those specimens crawling around lately, some of them are even looking for death) But later in June I got to spend the whole summer in Croatia and swim in the Adriatic for the first time, so that made up for it. (I eventually found out who stole it, the last I heard a long time ago was that he got some thing pregnant while drunk at some party somewhere, and then he ended up having to pay child support for 18 years while she was also popping out other men's babies in the meantime, but supposedly he knew where to get get you cheap pot or a good deal on stereos and tv's that were just like new, if you were so inclined. (Some supposedly even came with the remote control) Word was he used to also suck on men's hairy balls and ass for french fries quite often, and the odd large lady for beers or somewhere to roll a joint) The old man bought me a new bike when I got back in September anyway though. Coincidentally, I started a a 3 yr graphic design program this past September, I left after a month though and returned my funding. There's plenty of shitfucks and stooges who play games there who need some life lessons just like outside of the schools, and the last thing I need right now is more game playing stooge shitfucks volunteering to be the star attraction of an early closed casket funeral. It's more like kindergarten sometimes actually, and quite a few of the teachers can't even get a grip of stuff going on right around them. (There's a reason why there are so many mall, bar and party shootings and stabbings these days after all, with rates increasing)

Now, I don't mind doing IKEA posts here, (some previous post links below) A lot of my stuff is IKEA and has been for years, and they also have good deals at their instore restaurants. The store, it's atmosphere, aroma and furniture are the opposite of Wal-Mart which is a good thing. Anyway...

(Oh, btw, I might have a picture photo-gram for the readers down the road. Now, I've never had a mustache before, but recently I decided to let it grow and see how it turns out, a side hobby. These days I usually have some facial hair on the edges, but a mustache and facial hair is another thing altogether. It's a really big step, much bigger than just deciding about long or short sideburns, v-neck or round collar etc. I'm really not into those Mario Bros. or Tom Selleck moustaches though, those aren't my style at all and wouldn't suit me. It seems mustaches are very personal preferences according to Youtube, almost like a religion actually, and so many styles, it's ike deciding on a salad dressing, wallpaper or a name for your pet. If I lived in the late 1800's I'd maybe go for a Daniel Day-Lewis mustache from Gangs of New York. (That moustache practically made the movie and it should have won an Oscar if you ask me, without it the movie would have been a flop), but Instead I'm going for something similar to a Johnny Depp mustache, or sort of like an Orlando Bloom moustache. (and some other similar ones I've seen when the local clean cut entertainment program suit and ties excitedly spit and describe tinseltown fashion gossip and sex and drugs scandals in front of the blue screen that makes them look like they're somewhere fancy) Maybe something that will make me look and feel like a medieval aristocrat, prince or duke, wanting to beckon to the servants to fetch my horse when I leave the house, something where I can say "You there scurrilous fellow, I must say you are obtuse and addle minded, go fetch my horse and bring me some fresh frothy mead" and not seem out of place. Something mysterious with character, basically a moustache that is more than just a moustache. I'll maybe update this topic down the road)

Karla at her desk with the winning drawing. You never know, candy or toy box packing you see down the road just might be designed by her. Photo: Boris Kovačev / CROPIX






11-year-old Karla Reljic from Zagreb is an official IKEA designer now. Her drawing was one of 10 selected among tens of thousands of drawings sent in from around the world as part of Ikea's drawing campaign 'Soft Toys For Education' competition. Children from all countries where there are IKEA stores were eligible to participate in the campaign, which has existed since 2003. Her submission was went through the Zagreb IKEA.

Last year the campaign raised over 10 million Euros, and the foundation has helped over 11 million children from 46 countries. 11-year-old Karla likes to practice basketball, drawing, making rubber bracelets but still isn't sure what she wants to be when she grows up. Her plush toy drawing entry below...

An updated image of the now available plush toy from the Ikea Croatia website:

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