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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Photos Of The Day: 10th Annual Croatian "Museum Night" (Rijeka Edition)

The 10th annual "Croatian Museum Night" took place recently on January 30th. It's a night when all the museums and many art galleries in Croatia are open late and the admission is free. This time around 350,000 people took advantage of the free admission to more than 200 museums and galleries in Croatia. (I touched upon this "Museum Night" topic at a previous post HERE, and a related post a couple days ago HERE, more links below)

There's too many cool images from the various towns and cities I came across, so I'm picking just one, the coastal city of Rijeka. I actually took some time and went to a few of the museums/art galleries my last couple times in Rijeka, they were on my way from downtown to where I was staying so I figured why not , there's some very cool and interesting things to see actually, things you definitely won't see around here. (I even spent 2 whole summers as a kid in Rijeka so I was already familiar with some things from a young age) I threw in a few of my personal pics from that trip at the bottom.

Anyway, this annual event "Long Night of Museums" is not solely a Croatian thing either, but takes place in other European countries also...Poland, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland and other European Union countries. The first event of this kind took place in Berlin in 2007 and since then over 120 cities in Europe also take part. This Croatian edition (Noć Muzeja/Night of Museums) has been up and running since 2005. Just a really cool concept overall, an event for everyone and all ages to enjoy during the less summery month of January. The official website of this annual museum night is

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A short information video about this Rijeka "Museum Night 2015"

The following personal pics are from summer 2011, I took a quick trek into the Maritime and History Museum of the Hrvatsko Primrje region and Rijeka on my way home from the beach, admission was cheap, it was empty on this hot Friday afternoon so I took a bunch of cool photos. I of course checked out the various displays pertaining to Croatian medieval history...swords, arrows, jewelry, pots, utensils and clothing. The first six photos are part of this Vinodol tour, it also includes an interesting video to watch about the history of the nearby Vinodol area, which is a part of the same municipality as Rijeka. The Vinodol tour explores the lives and times of the first Slavic speaking Croatian tribes who lived there in the early middle ages. Evidences which represent an unbreakable link from before and during the Croatian Kingdom of the past and to the present of today. It was kind of cool seeing those pieces of potter, jewelry and such that I only saw before as images on websites. Items being worn centuries before you were shitting in you diapers or sucking you moms tit. (I'm into that medieval stuff sometimes)

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