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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Photo Of The Day: "Klopa S Klupa" Turns Zagreb Dolac Market Into A One Day Food Fair

I came across these interesting pics from last year's "Klopa s klupa"(Eating with a bench) food fair event and decided to throw them in here. (Nothing particularly exciting, but more interesting than all the endless Muslim world imploding on itself and the world TV news, or -phobic fucking this and -phobic fucking and you're -phobic of the phobic Spocks this and gay horse fuck that got traded to Vulcan salary cap Instagram ears pussy-phobics crack show mall shooting and bla bla bla -phobic fucks etc, etc, etc) Basically, this food event started up just last September in Zagreb, and it was so successful and popular that it is now an annual event and will take place every September. It's where various chefs and restaurants/eateries set up shop at the Dolac outdoor farmers market in the older section of the city and transformed it into a one day foodfest. The aim is to highlight the various gastronomical offerings available in the city besides the usual fast food/street food or fast fried foods. There were over 50 booths and more than 5,0000 people came to event last year, so more are expected this year. There's already plenty of these types of food fairs that take place in Croatia, and in Zagreb, but this one was different because they totally took over the downtown farmers market for the day to do it.

It's all about a chance for people to try out various creative and savoury dishes, healthier actual meals and  made with local ingredients and then finally creatively presented at very cheap prices. It was not all just Croatian food either, as there are also Chinese and Japanese and other restaurants in Zagreb as well, as well as of course coastal Croatia seafood dishes. From more simple soups, stews and sandwiches to pastas, meat entrées, desserts and samples of main courses that you might otherwise just find in the restaurants. (Oh and the beers, you mustn't forget the many selections of local Croatian and other European beers to choose from) Overall a pretty cool idea to transform a downtown outdoor market into a one day food extravaganza.

Zagreb's outdoor Dolac farmer's market has a long tradition and is usually filled with various stands where customers can pick up fresh vegetables, fruits, cheeses, flowers, souvenirs etc, a place where you can even haggle with the seller over prices to get the best deal, a daily ritual for many who live or work nearby, a tradition going back to 1800's Zagreb. It's located in the historical center of the Upper Town (Gornji Grad) and is open every day, so this food fair was a pretty cool temporary interruption.

My last stay in Zagreb was actually not far from this location at all, and I bought some things from Dolac market, (especially the cheeses) and the nearby meat market. I still would grab the usual fast food street food now and then, but I also liked picking up stuff that you usually don't find here, or even just browsing and chatting up the šunka girl. (I had to stick around for a couple days, I had an important meeting with a Croatian friend coming down from Ulvsunda, near Stockholm) Btw, some of the fast food/street food outlets you will come across in Zagreb are actually home style cooking, complete with chairs and tables etc, I'm talking stuffed peppers, stuffed cabbage, chicken, mlince, strukli, the various meat/cheese pies, perogies, sausages that make you want to feed hot dogs only to your dog or cat when you get back etc. (It's not always just pizza/burger/wraps fast food etc) That about sums it up, the video and images that I took from the website pretty well explains. The events official website is


"Klopa s Klupa" highlights from 2014. The event's website is

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