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Friday, 20 February 2015

Photo Of The Day: First Woman Croatian President Officially Starts First Term

This will be my final post regarding this topic, or at least for quite some time anyway. I already touched upon the Croatian Presidential elections and the inauguration with some commentary so this will tidily end this chapter. I'm not going to get into any fashion commentary here like I did elsewhere either, basically red is a tricky colour, you either look great in it or you don't. I wrote before how at the end of the day you looked good in it and you can take it to the dry cleaners or cut it up to use as a bullfighting cape. You can decide for yourselves and make up your own analogy/commentary.

(Well, actually I'll just quickly add that the suit with her in the first pic, going non-snotrag in the front pocket is a good decision. I have a black suit also, and there's really no need to have a snotrag in the font pocket to show everyone that you have snotrag, no need to look like a televangelist and all that, put a comb, gum or tic-tacs in it instead)

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović is the first woman Croatian President and Head of the Croatian State since the middle ages (Back then they called them Queens, I'm not saying Kolinda is a Queen, not at all, that's just the facts), and the 4th President since independence in the modern era.

I will add though, this reminds me of the time I was part of a Presidential honour guard during my days in the military, for the arrival of Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe. It was not a high point in my life, it was actually a stupid and ridiculously embarrassing low point moment that I hoped I had forgotten about forever. I would have sooner preferred to have been chosen for the honour guard of the Kool Aid Man or Captain Cupcake. (Not enough people volunteered for that particular honour guard because they felt the same, so we were just arbitrarily picked, so that sort of makes me feel better)

If I remember correctly, when we got back to the base we had an early weekend, and some of us headed to non-commissioned officers club for beers that night, that was the night I met this Navy private chick who was French from Quebec. I'm not going to get into it here, but trust me it's a very good happy ending story and made up for the earlier honour guard fiasco. Anyway, this topic has officially come to a conclusion, I'll be back with my usual stuff...



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