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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Photo Of The Day: Croatian Tykes Visit Air Force Training Base During Museum Night

These interesting images I had to quickly throw in here, just too cute to pass up. Little Croatian tykes visiting the Zemunik Pilot Training Base during the annual "Croatian Museum Night" that took place January 30th. That's a night when all the museums in Croatia are open late and admission is free. 350,000 people took advantage of the free admission to more than 200 museums and galleries in Croatia this time around, the 10th straight year that it has taken place. (I touched upon the "Museum Night" topic at a previous post HERE, some links below also)

This annual event "Long Night of Museums" is not solely a Croatian thing either, but takes place in other European countries also...Poland, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland and other European Union countries. The first event of this kind took place in Berlin in 2007 and since then over 120 cities in Europe also take part.

Below are just images from the 93rd Air Force Base Zemunik which is also a Croatian Airforce pilot training squadron, located at the Zadar Airport in the coastal town of Zadar. (The main 91st Air Force Base is located near the capital city at Pleso Airport Zagreb)

Anyway, this recent promotional venture of the Croatian Armed Forces was also a part of the overall Croatian "Museum Night." (Noć Muzeja). A chance to give the young kids a look and feel about what goes on, to see the planes and controls up close, even sit in the planes. Perhaps some of them may even want to become a pilot when they grow up. A pretty nifty idea and project. Who knows, some of the kids might catch the "pilot bug" and decide to become a future Croatian Air Force or other type of pilots down the road. Interesting pics anyway...


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I spur of the moment decided what the heck and threw in this pic of me from quite some time ago, because I'm about the same age as some of the kids seen above. I was going to throw in the pic I have of me from around the same time where I'm all dressed in green and holding a plastic but real looking machine gun. (However, that pic is somewhere in a box tucked away along with other boxes right now) Trust me though, I have a pic of me holding a machine gun and pretending to be in the army, and I actually did join the military for a time when I grew up, so there's a good chance of one of the kids in the photos becoming a pilot. I'll update this when I come across that pic. (Note; In this pic I was in the middle of performing the long version of Robby Krieger's "Light My Fire" guitar solo, also it was summer in the 70's, so that explains the ridiculous looking shirt, hairstyle and sandals)

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women-of-croatian-armed-forces _Croatia



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