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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Photos Of The Day: Inauguration Of First Woman Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović

The Croatian Presidential oath of office swearing in and ceremonies were held in the old medieval sections of Gradec and Kaptol in the capital city of Zagreb.

I'm not going to add too much here, just throwing some images and video footage because it's basically self-explanatory. Today was an historic Croatian Presidential inauguration though, because Kolinda is the first woman Croatian President of the new era. (and the first woman Head of the Croatian Head of State since the middle ages, known as Queens back then) This officially starts a new era and she will be moving into the Croatian Presidential Palace within the next few days. Then the hard work and nitty-gritty starts. Important issues and decisions.

Heads of State, representatives and Parliamentary members from various countries also attended the inauguration of the former NATO Assistant General Secretary. Coincidentally Capricia Penavic Marshall was one of the US governments official representatives in attendance and one of Canada's official government representatives was Lynne Yelich. (Both of them just also happen to have Croatian backgrounds also) I've already added my own thoughts and comments at the related previous posts so I'm just throwing in these pics. I'll back to my usual non-political stuff later. The images below are in no particular order...

Higlights of the todays Presidential Inauguration. (Long version)

...Shorter highlight version

Images and more media:

The Serb Prime Minister was also among the various world Heads of State in attendance. Fortunately he remembered where his seat was coming back from the washroom. He didn't look like his usual cocky lying self though talking about fictitious "Serb Lands" from Alba Bulgarica to the Moon. He couldn't even remember last year whether he was in Croatia before or not while on a speeching tour in the 90's. (Hopefully he'll remember whether there are Serbs in Ukraine or where he put his airline ticket going back. Check out this closeup of his face)

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