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Monday, 23 March 2015

And The Most Popular Beer In Croatia Is.....

After a recent study of the most popular beer brands in every country in the world, Ožujsko beer, (which recently has also become available in Korea I found out), is Croatia's most popular beer brand. 

If you've ever wondered what the most popular beer in Croatia is, according to this recently announced information now you know…

The portal Vinepair published a beer map a few weeks ago which shows the most popular beers in over 100 countries based on research and corporate reports.

There are quite a few beer brands, and now smaller specialty microbreweries in the Croatian market, (example), but I knew right away that it would be a close call between either Ožujsko or Karlovačko. (pronounced 'Oh-zhooy-sko' and Kar-lo-vach-ko'). Those are the two most popular and well known Croatian beers, sort of like Molson Canadian and Labatt Blue here in Canada. (Their commercials are also amusing, creative and entertaining, especially come major soccer and sports competitions time. example).

My last few times in Croatia I made a point of trying out as many Croatian beers as I could, and it was a wise decision, and some of the other ones are quite good also. I don't drink all that much these days, but I did a few interesting Croatian beer posts previously, those links are below.

The very basics of modern-day beers and beer brewing hasn't changed much in many centuries, not since German monks introduced hops as a vitally important main ingredient, codified and recorded their recipes and started brewing beer in their monasteries during medieval times, water was unsanitary many times, equipment was not always hygienically clean and without hops the ales would spoil very quickly, (historically "ale" being a type of beer brewed without hops). Interestingly, beer was actually the most consumed beverage already and an important source of nutrition in the medieval world, it was drank by children, nursing mothers, the old and the sick and everyone in between. A pretty cool Croatian site these days devoted to all sorts of beer news topics, articles, new and retro images/posters and the interesting history of beer in Croatia up to today, as well as in Europe and elsewhere around the world is

(I should quickly mention however, even though Ožujsko and Karlovačko are the 2 most well known and popular beers in Croatia, surprising probably to many they are not the oldest beer brand. This may be a shocking epiphany and possibly even creepy disturbing to some beer connoisseurs and aficionados, but Croatia's oldest beer brewery and beer brand is actually......(drumroll)..... Osječko Beer (Osječko Pivo), which is brewed in the northeastern city of Osijek and has an official history going back to the early 1600's. (It's actually even older than the oldest British beer and brewery Shepherd Neame). That's your other Croatian beer fact of the day. See my previous post days-of-first-croatian-beer-osjecko or for more about that).

I also by chance came across this pic while doing this post, from an Ožujsko beer launch in Australia in 2013, so it's probably not too crappy of a beer. Image:



After publishing our guide to America’s most popular beers, many people asked us to take a look at the rest of the world. Our curiosity piqued, we set out to find every country in the world’s most popular beer. 

The map below brings together dozens of sources, from research reports to corporate filings, to reveal the most popular beers in over 100 countries. As you can see, the beer brands of the world are as diverse as our planet itself — though a handful of massive multinational brewers own a staggering number of these brands, which we’ll be exploring in the future.

Note: Click HERE to open it in a new tab at full-size.

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