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Monday, 23 March 2015

Croatian Karate Teams Win Gold & 5 Medals At 2015 European Karate Championships

The Croatian Women's Karate team won gold at the 2015 European Karate Championships in Istanbul over the weekend.





This was interesting and worth mentioning, I'm not a huge karate expert but I can totally appreciate the discipline and the how in shape you have to be to succeed in this sport. It's actually not even just a sport, it's more like a philosophy, almost like a religion practically. Long hours of hard training 365 days a year. I think even if you don't do well in this sport, you still win, especially if you're young and still growing. You'll be in great shape, very flexible and healthy with good balance and coordination, know how to meditate, have healthy eating habits, good hygiene habits, you get to wear cool outfits and jackets with your name on it, and you'll be able to kick pop cans off your friends heads at social gatherings without any problem whatsoever. A great conversation starter sure.

Besides, all the local news stabbings and shootings are getting boring, I'd rather read about cans being kicked off of peoples heads, or crushed trachea's, nasal fractures, spitting out mouthfuls of teeth and jaws being broken, to me that's more interesting, (and probably all the boys and girls out there will agree)  If it's a girl doing the bashing, chopping and kicking, similar to the video below, then it would actually be sort of funny and an interesting story on the news. You know, the guy can't be bothered because he's go more important things to do so he just gets his sister to beat the fuck out him. Also, you don't need to go and buy all kinds of pads and tights and helmets and tape and special equipment, it's pretty no-frills in the special equipment department.

Surprisingly probably to many, we've been doing actually very well in Karate, Taekwondo and other martial arts competitions over the years, not something one would immediately suppose or know. (There's much more to Croatian martial arts than just Cro-Cop. A few previous posts at the links above help explain)

Overall, Croatia left Turkey with five medals. The women's team included Azra Saleš, Ivona Tubić, Ana Lenard and Ana-Marija Bujas Čelan coached by Dragutin Galina, and Maša Martinović won gold in her category of over 68 kilograms. Silver was won by Ana Lenard in the under -61 kg category and bronze by Danil Domdjoni  in the under -67 kg category for the the men's team kata. The women's team also made history by not losing a single point throughout the whole competition.

495 athletes took part in the European Karate Championships this year from 47 countries, Croatian results actually puts them among the top 5 strongest teams in Europe. Not too shabby.

Some women's team warmup footage.

Maša Martinović during her gold medal match.

Croatian Men's Kata team win bronze at the 2015 European Karate Championships

Round up of the 2015 European Karate Championships.

Croatian Men's team warming up before their bronze medal kata competition.

Bunkai Kata Croatian Men's Team bronze medal match. (For all the boys and girls out there, if you ever grow up then one day you'll also be able to kick cans off of peoples heads)

Croatian National Football Team Has Open Practice In Zagreb Ahead Of Norway Match. 

I decided to just quickly throw in this footage from today of the Croatian National Football team practicing in front of fans. There's still plenty of games to go, but their next Euro 2016 qualifying match takes place in Zagreb this Saturday against Norway. They currently are tied in first place ahead of Italy by goal differential, but Norway is just 1 point behind so it's not going to be easy and should be interesting. 

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