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Friday, 6 March 2015

Croatianicity Readership Content Guidelines Update:

I have some time so I'm going to quickly let the readership, past and future, know exactly what's up with mine and other Blogger blogs regarding content guidelines, mainly the issue of nudity. This will probably be useful information to know for future Blogger bloggers.

Last week a new notice showed up regarding Blogger blogs and new adult content policy. That's the 1st screenshot. Then just a few days ago another Blogger adult content policy showed up which basically reversed the first notice, making the adult content policy as it was previously. That's the 2nd screenshot. The 3rd screenshot is as things stand right now, I highlighted the adult content text.

So this means that this blog will continue as it is now, from now on the reader will have to decide if they are an adult or not before proceeding. After the first notice I thought that maybe the taliban or televangelists had taken over Blogger, I started deleting images with any nudity so as to make it nudity free and accessible for everyone to read. (I also deleted a few posts here and there that I thought were boring and which were just spur of the moment type posts to pass some time anyway)

I read plenty of stuff from various European sites, not just Croatian, and I forget sometimes that downtown of my city is not downtown of whatever European city. I keep forgetting how in Croatia, Italy, Germany, Greece and plenty of other places, nudity is commonplace regarding statues, art and architecture of buildings, fountains etc. (Let alone even news sites, art galleries and especially beaches)

This brings to mind how a while ago I was taking a course at a downtown so-called private college, (right in the middle of downtown, on a street called by many local denizens "sicko street" or "mutant alley" which I won't get into right now)...and during a coffee break I decided to surf some topics on the school computer. This time the article was on a world known German news and information site. As soon as the link opened up a large warning popped up on the computer taking up the whole screen, something to the effect "Warning, the website you have attempted to open is categorized as a porn site, school policy forbids visiting porn sites on school computers. Please see school administer to unlock" Something like that. I was shocked and flabbergasted, like "Waaaa? A porn site? What the heck is all this crazy nonsense about?, someone's confused." It was just a German news and information site, actually a very popular one and very well known outside of Germany also, then I had to go ask the front desk admin woman, who was always munching on muffins or cookies and complaining that it was too chilly or that there wasn't enough cream or sugar in her triple-triple, to unlock the computer for me because of the supposed "porn site."  I had to ask like a common off the street vagrant asking for keys to the washroom, all just because I wanted to read the news and check out some sports scores during the coffee break. It was really weird and it made you feel like a criminal, like one of the drug dealers or petty thieves hanging around on the street just outside the building front doors. But then I forgot that lots of European news sites have "girl of the day" sections, model stuff and many of them are partially or completely nude in the entertainment/gossip/arts or contest sections, it's just art. (They're definitely not like browsing the Globe and Mail, New York Times or the local Coffee News editions)

Now I don't put much nudity here to begin with. Once in a blue moon I will add an image with some kind of nudity, but If I do it's always relevant to the topic being posted and explains a presented point better or is directly related to the text and never just superfluously added for unnecessary shock value. Usually it has something to do with art, beaches or fashion mainly. For instance the nudity in this 67th Anniversary Of The Bikini post will now stay as is. As for this Croatian Snow Swimming, Norwegian Kickalicious post, I replaced the informative and related film footage with images instead. For this Croatian Soldiers & 1920's Bastille Day Films I got rid of the film footage altogether and the rest stayed, so now it doesn't make as much sense, but whatever. I deleted a few photos from my Brazil President Lulu post which illustrated graphically some presented facts in the text and which really proved some points, but even though they were real actual photos, they weren't very appealing or something to aspire to. I also deleted a few other older spur of the moment passé posts I did that were unimportant and sort of pointless and boring or that most people would have no interest in, and I'll probably delete a few more down the road. Streamlining like they say in the aviation industry.

Although I must say, I find it strange how I've come across plenty of times on Blogger various blog posts promoting extremist talibanism, sharia stoning, rap lyrics about popping people, promoting other things that basically were promoting and trying to legitimize killing people for whatever reason, or to become an abnormal and obtuse specimen,  just like some of the places down the street or on tv. I guess that's ok then. Anyway, it's up to the reader now to decide whether they are an adult or not or maybe even what an adult is in the first place, it's almost like a short philosophical test question, so you might have to take some and really think things over before you click. The below information is for the benefit of the reader and will also probably be useful for those who are considering doing a blog of their own in the future sometime......

Notice to future bloggers: As just one example...if you add an image such as this scene in Barcelona Spain, you will have to turn on your adult content setting. (Same goes for most of THESE similar images)

Another example in front of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. (It doesn't matter if the post is about hairstyles, lawn weed removal, architecture or trees/shrubs. Nudity is nudity.) Image:

Nudity can be a very complex and multifaceted subject. This below scene of good ol' righteous Noah and his boat door is a biblical scene, however it still nevertheless includes undressed whining and splashing bare-assed persons trying to get on a boat illegally. This is not acceptable, you'll have to turn on the warning for adult content. Image: (There's more images of righteous Noah and his big boat there)

Another spur of the moment example: The logo of Karlovačko beer as well as the city of Karlovac coat of arms contains nudity/topless mermaids. This is a faux pas and will definitely require a Blogger warning of adult content, plus you'll probably go to hell just for looking at it. Enjoy your beer.

I don't think I have to warn readers and future bloggers about the blatant and plain to see nudes and genitalia that have been uncovered in many Disney movies by some people. (I came across some Youtube preachers and a guy name Roydel or something like that in the past, who assured people that the name of Disney's film "The Little Mermaid" was actually originally named "Disney's Magical Castle of Penises") Please remember to put on your adult content setting if adding this or similar images to your post. Blatant penis imagery is just really disturbing and gross. (and that nose on the character holding the trident looks suspiciously like a penis now come to think of it)

The video excerpts below from former Croatian celeb/pop singer with a Bosnian Croat (aka "the Hidden Severina Cumbucket Flick") is another prime example of having to turn on the Blogger adult content warning, just barely though. Her celeb status has grown since her role in the later blockbuster film "Sally Does Mehmed in Sanjak Smederevo" and "Severina and Selelj Go Behind The Barn" but that would also require an adult content warning probably.

If you add a similar image as this even as just a visual aid to elaborate on your text in a history/archeology/science/religion or documentary related post, it doesn't matter, it still falls in the category of nudity. Although the Dinka tribe and the similar tribes are actual real tribes with various documented real customs, they would still require a nudity content warning for your blog. 

This tattoo pic is acceptable, but just a few more inches of skin and it would be time to put on the adult content warning. Image: 

Whatever you do, do not add this statue into your future post if you do decide to blog. There's no nudity whatsoever in this downtown Calgary statue landmark, but I know the truths and hideous symbology behind this popular downtown landmark. It promotes all kinds of weird fondling, bonding, lemon parties and creepy hellishly awful smelly things as well as eating large amounts of mainly fried larded foods which destroys brain molecules. (Which helps explain why the city is the home grown terrorism capital of the country, it's true you can look that up). You can add this popular downtown landmark statue into your blog post but I don't know why the heck anyone would want to.

Well, that's about it. The above image of Serb Yugo-Chetniks killing Non-Serbs n the 90's is also something you probably wouldn't want to add, unless of course you're posting about something historical or documentizing. It's really not really that cool of a pose anyway and any Non-Serb normal person wouldn't want to be associated with it in any way or their religious whatever beliefs/customs. (Which coincidentally is precisely what happened) I could go on and on and on with more informative and even entertaining image examples, (some were actually going to even be quite funny also) but I think this topic has been pretty well explained. Enjoy your blogging....

Updated Blogger Adult Content Policies: 

1st Adult Content Policy notice from last week.

2nd Adult Content Policy notice and reversal from a few days ago.

Current Adult Content Policy for Blogger bloggers. 

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