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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Did You Know That A Hajduk Split Plaque Hangs In U Fleků Pub In Prague & Why?.....

Since 2001 a plaque hangs at the exact same table in U Fleku pub in Prague where in 1911 the Hajduk Split football club was founded. Image:

I came across these pics and pub footage while doing my Most popular beers of the world and in Croatia post the other day, the pics are from the U Fleků pub in the city of Prague, Czech Republic. I thought it was interesting so I updated a previous post and then decided what the hell, this topic deserves a whole post of it's own.

Most of you have probably already heard of and know about centuries U Fleků pub in the former Bohemian and now Czech capital city Prague, (Czech: Praha) but probably many of you don't know that the Croatian football club HNK Hajduk Split has an important history connected to it also, a history reaching back to the clubs very existence. (This is not a soccer or sports post btw, this is strictly a history post for the benefit of the reader)

The club was founded by a group of 4 students visiting from Split (Fabijan Kaliterna, Lucijan Stella, Ivan Šakić and Vjekoslav Ivanišević). They went to the pub right after watching a match between Sparta Prague and Slavia Prague and decided that since the sport was very popular in Split also, that they their city should have a team as well. (At the time the Croatian and Czech lands were still a part of the Austro-Hungarian empire for those not in the know)

It was on February 13, 1911 that they formally established approval from the Imperial Governor's Club in Zadar, and with the help of Vladimir Šore, and Professor Joseph Barač who introduced the idea of naming the new the club Hajduk along with it's official team logo, the historic process was begun. The team logo with the checkered field was forbidden throughout both failed Yugolavia's and was replaced with the bolshevik communist star for a time, as any connection of the team with it's Croatian origins and identity was vehemntly discouraged by the central regime. However, the team proudly carries the original team name and logo again today. The teams official name was and still is HNK Hajduk Split. (Croatian: Hrvatski Nogometni Klub/ie: Croatian Football Club Hajduk Split) The teams's home uniforms have alway been predominantly white with blue so their nicknames are the local dialect "Bili" (The Whites) and "Majstori s mora" (The Masters from the Sea)

The rest is history and since 2001 the commemorative plaque seen above still hangs at the same spot in U Fleků pub to mark this historic occasion. Well, in case the reader wasn't aware of this interesting fact before, that pretty well sums it up and now you know. Much more information at my previous post link below....

Image sources:


Another nearby Hajduk Split commemorative plaque.

A team signed ball and pendants on the premises commemorating the first international Hajduk Split football match which was played against Slavia Praha.

HNK Hajduk Split fans at U Fleků in Prague, Czech Republic in 2011 celebrating the 100th anniversary of the football clubs founding. (The festivities actually went on to last throughout the whole year)

A more recent team photo showing the traditional team uniform colors that have even a mainstay since the clubs inception. (Historically symbolizing the blue of the sea and white of a ship's sails)

The day before on Febrary 12th a commemorative 100th anniversary soccer match took place between Hajduk Split and Slavia Prague at Poljud Stadium.

Scene after the 100th anniversary soccer match, the next day was the official milestone of February 13th and then the festivities really started.

Some other scenes that took place later that night and next day in the city of Split. (Flares are popular and like I said, the festivities went on for the whole year) More information at my post its-official-hajduk-split-celebrate-100.

These few pics I came across at the Hajduk Split website so I decided to throw them in here. The Croatian National Theatre Split is now the latest ambassadors of the team and these are some of the promotional pics. (I actually watched that Natalie Portman film Black Swan not that long ago, so I might as well add these too. It wasn't really that scary of a horror movie either I should note, it was more like a psychological thriller)

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