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Saturday, 28 March 2015

New Croatian Made 'Katina' Super-Yacht Officially Launched To Sea

I already did an Easter themed post a few days ago, but I figure I'll do another one anyway. (How so Easter?...well, lots of people eat fish around Easter and colouring eggs and you could easily spend a week out in the water on these yachts catching lots of fish and making easter eggs, as well as lots of couches to eat Easter chocolate bunnies on, it's self-explanatory actually.) Anyway, I originally posted about this Croatian made super-yacht "Katina" story previously HERE. I thought it was interesting and pretty cool, then just yesterday I came across some pics of it after being completed and during it's christening, so I might as well conclude this story.

I'm not going to get into all the specs and numbers again here, but like I wrote before, there's a lot worse things to be known for or a part of, if one comes across all the crap and bullshit pointlessness in the news these days especially, all the crap, b.s. blood, guts, snot, screaming, whining, protesting, more b.s-ing, scandals, allegations and fraudsters, dropped balls, is it a blue dress or a gold dress crisis, pointless polls and more allegations, high cholesterol, obesity and heart disease, phobic this, phobic that, longer line ups, intolerant phobics of the other phobics and their tolerant phobicocities, extremists and kooks yelling or complaining about one thing or another, Twatter and Instaglam actiess photos.....list goes on and on. Yep, knowing that Croatia is also a part of the super-yacht building scene now is pretty cool, and another thing to add to Croatian made trains, cars, trams, computers other large ships and a bunch of other stuff I've posted about. It's a higher clientele type niche and not for the average person, but still. I wonder if they have more contracts lined up down the road, maybe for even larger and more impressive super-yachts, maybe one with an on the premises ice-cream parlour,  a real Swiss Chalet restaurant or an on board bingo hall. "Wow, that's a nifty yacht George, is that made in France, California, Italy, Japan?...nope Fred.. it's made in that them there Croatia."

Actually, while getting the pics from the Croatian website I even discovered that this is not the first super-yacht built by the company. Brodosplit already launched a similar floating hotel yacht in 2012, so I put a pic of that one and some video footage of it near the bottom.

Now, of course I don't have any plans to rent this swanky yacht (or floating mansion actually) any time soon, (Although, if you can rent one of these types of super-yachts for $400,000 for a week, then you got a pretty good deal, but it includes the fuel, docking permits, cooks, pilots, tv remote controls, complimentary suntanning lotions, shampoos and conditioners, potpourri, electric can opener, ice-cube making machine etc), but this is interesting news nonetheless.

Brodosplit has already for years been building super-large container ships, ferries, passenger ships, oil tankers, Croatian navy warships/police boats, but this shows that Croatian shipyards can make top notch quality luxury yachts also. It's a whole new different niche and clientele, afterall, the Croatian coast is many times called the French Riveria of eastern Europe, but a lot cheaper. So if the niche is there, then you might as well fill it. Like I mentioned at a previous police boat post HERE.

I still say some surface-to-surface or surface-to-air missile systems (SSM"s or SAM's) or some ultra-rapid fire mounted guns would be a good idea to have on the yacht. Police boats are on the lookout for pirates and various terrorists/extremists/bootleg Rick Astley and other shitty music cd importers and illegal/ridiculous looking whatevers, but for just in case one slips through the cracks to spoil the vacation and yachting fun. Just hunch, but I think Gilligan and the Skipper would probably have liked this yacht and then most likely they would never have gotten shipwrecked in the first place. 



The 60 metre superyacht Katina launched today


The 60 metre superyacht Katina has been launched today. Built by the Croatian shipyard Brodosplit, she accommodates up to 12 guests in total over a luxurious master suite, three double cabins and two twin cabins, all of which come with en suite facilities. A crew of eight are also accommodated for on board.

Designed as a charter yacht, she boasts a wide range of water toys, as well as a 5 metre tender. Water toys include; fishing equipment, water skis, SUP paddle boards, a Waverunner and an underwater camera. Powered by twin CAT C32 1,900 hp engines, she has a top speed of approximately 14 knots.

Katina will be offered for charter with Exmar Yachting throughout the Mediterranean.

Launch of Hull 524 – ‘KATINA’


Many building partners attended the launching ceremony, and Katina Debeljak, ship’s godmother, after whom the ship was named, cut the rope and symbolically launched the ship to sea.

60 meters long yacht is able to accomodate 12 passengers in six VIP cabins on four decks. There will be 10 crew members, and the ship is intended for cruising in the Mediterranean and ocean navigation in accordance with certificates of Croatian Registry of Shipping and code LY2.

Interior view of the tv and lounge area of the Katina, perfect for kicking back and watching episodes of Coronation Street. More pics at previous post HERE.

It is built on 'mini-cruiser' platform, hull and superstructure are made of steel, and wheelhouse is of alluminium alloy. Two engines with power of 1000 kW enable navigation at speed higher than 14 knots. Propulsion management is executed by remote control from the wheelhouse, as well as with additional portable 'plug&play' console.

Two pairs of top quality 'zero speed' stabilisers are ensure comfortable travelling and reduction of rolling while the yacht is moored, while fuel and water reservoirs, and storage space enable autonomy of 4000 NM.

Katina Debeljak, the ship’s godmother, after whom the ship was named, cut the rope and symbolically launched the ship to sea. (Katrina Debeljak is Croatian, but many people don't know that she is also 3rd in line to the royal throne of Drasuvania, that's amazing). Image:

Spatious galley makes it possible to prepare three warm dishes a day. Six luxury fitted VIP cabins is located at upper deck, and spatious salon and meeting room is able to accommodate up to 35 persons at the same time for business meetings, presentations or parties.

The whole yacht is covered by audio-visual entertainment system, iPod connections and Internet. All four decks are connected with elevator, and there is special elevator for delivery of food from galley to salon. During night special mood is created by underwater lights and lighted name of the yacht. The yacht is fitted with sauna, jacuzzi, hospital, gym, equipment for diving, kayaking, surfboarding and many other fun equipment.

An image of the 2012 launched "Caspian Star" mega-yacht.

Similar to the "Katina", some footage of "Caspian Star" which was also built at Brodosplit and delivered in 2012, this one's not too shabby either.

Just to keep it fresh, here's a pic of Croatia's current newly elected President at today's Euro2016 qualifying match that took place in Zagreb today. I'm not going to post about the match, I'll just say that they won so you'll have to go elsewhere for highlights and stats. However, I will say it's good to see that she took the time and showed up and even wore her jersey. That's good, because if she didn't I was going to really let her have it, and she would have had a lot of explaining to do.

Image source:

On second thought I was going to add highlight footage of the soccer game, then decided instead to put this recent local downtown ghetto cab mugging footage. Check it out at the 25 second mark, she has a hammer. Classy. It's like the pimp probably said "I'm hungry bitchez, go get some quick cash for Big Macs before they closed, and extra ice in my coke. (Sort of weird though, why not go for an axe instead, or at least a hatchet or claw hammer? pruning knives are very popular too these days, you have to look cool for the camera and ball-peen hammers are simply not cool these days. Actually, and this is from my military and other experience...a pen can be much more lethal even causing instantaneous death. (If you've been trained how to use a pen, or even a pencil if need be, efficiently and accurately, a simple inexpensive ballpoint pen when used correctly can and will do much more permanent damage, pain and cause more extreme anguish and excruciating suffering than just a knife or even a hatchet. It's true, depending on your preference you can cause either instant blindness, brain damage, larnyx/trachea permanent damage with the added bonus of circulatory shock, or just instant death. Then look really cool and heroic in front of your woman when being mugged, you'll get the royal treatment later that night for sure because you saved the day). I think the one on the right just may have sat in the seat ahead of me during one of my college classes last year. 

What the heck, another downtown ghetto cab mugging but less exciting, there's always next time though. I'm pretty sure this guy was in my typography class last year. (I thinks these vids explain why so many tailbans and fundamentals keep coming to Canada every year to go to university. What if the relatives or acquaintances of the cab drivers find them and then chop their head off with an axe? Stuff like that happens sometimes) 

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