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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Photos Of The Day...Dinner In Croatia At 180 Feet (+Video)

Dinner at 180 ft above the city of Split. Image:

I came across this website and the related dinner in the sky news quite some time ago, then came across it again just now. The footage made it interesting enough to throw in here. A pretty cool concept and according to the website not all that expensive either. I would definitely try this out if given the option. The people behind this do the same dinner in the sky events in other European cities and some other locations around the world, so here's some footage from their stop in Zagreb and Split.

The only thing I would change though, is I would like to have the option of jumping off wearing a parachute after the dinner, (maybe holding and sipping on a martini with extra olives, then you could yell at the people below..."Jebote, pa makni se smrdljivi budalo majmune, drzim martini u ruci!", just like in a movie), or perhaps better yet, bungee jump instead of being lowered down, now that would be a memorable finish after dinner. Last year was their first stop in Croatia and they'll be back again this year. More images & information at their website:


You have a choice of the brunch, lunch or dinner in the sky, here they're having brunch above the city of Split.

Evening dinner in the city of Split, the last 5 seconds are the best.

Dinner in the Sky above Zagreb. Image:

Ready for lift-off in Zagreb.

The Dinner in the Sky in Zagreb, footage starts at the 1:40 minute mark.

Don't drop your phone or drinks, it's the rules.

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