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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Popular German Personality Posts Personal Croatia Vacation Video That Becomes A Hit


I just came across this and thought it was pretty cool. A popular German personality and showbiz star by the name of Marcus Prinz von Anhalt, (and even pals with Bill Clinton, but then again who doesn't) who has more than 2.5 million people on Facebook, posted a personal video back in October of 2014 of his personal 20 day vacation with 3 friends in Croatia. Since then it has become hugely popular on his social network sites, garnering over 400,000 visitors to his website since posting the video.

Not a big deal posting a vacation video. However this five-minute video turned out to look like something produced by a national tourist organization, a top notch professional tourist spot, but it's not. It's just various vacation footage of them spending 20 days along the Croatian coast. (I repeat, this is not a Croatian tourism commercial or post about tourism. It's a personally made vacation video, neither I or the Croatian tourism people have absolutely no say in the images or music included in the vacation video)

The video was filmed on the island of Dugi otok, Hvar, Vis, Jabuka, Korčula, Biševa, Lopud as well as at Omiš, Pagu, Dubrovnik, Ston, Garmenjak, Mljet, Lastovo and Pelješc over the 20 day adventure. He wrote that half the time they slept in a tent, and the rest of the time in a boat and also rooms a few times. It comes across more like a Red Bull spot or an extreme athletic sportswear company commercial. (Even more exciting than the updated bingo pics I added at this post)

Like I said, this is not a tourism post or video, although it may look like one. Most of the video footage is of them on the coast doing all sorts of activities, cliff diving, boating, hiking, water sports, jet skiing, skydiving, cliff diving, snorkeling etc, they don't even go to the cities or towns and you mainly see just the local natural scenery. I personally would have like to have done some of the stuff during my last couple times in Croatia, especially the skydiving,  but I was on a schedule and didn't have the time, the people I was meeting didn't have time to take off a full day either, I'll add it onto my list next time. Unlike David's Been Here videos, which are informative and entertaining as he travels all across the country, (He gives good tips about restaurants, food options and historical points of interest), but in this one there is absolutely no clubbing, restaurants, tour guides, hotel rooms, bellhops, maids or even any city scenes. Just an overall cool vacation video...

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