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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Red Bull Air Race Come To Rovinj Croatia Again In 2015

I'm not going to add much here, I already covered the Red Bull Air Race that also took place in Rovinj last year. (links near the bottom) I'll just add that the air race gods have spoken and the town of Rovinj lucked out again to host this prestigious world class racing event. I was Googling around and there are actually plenty of cities all across the world that have been trying to host this event.

Last year around 80,000 people showed up for the races and festivities and it was a total success, receiving many accolades for the overall atmosphere and organization,  I guess that's why Rovinj was chosen again. This time it should be even better though as it will be warmer weather, almost June compared to mid-April last year. I watched this event last year live and it really was pretty cool actually, it went down to the wire and only .08/100ths of a second was the difference between the winner and 2nd place. (I looked into the various rules and specifics and the rules of the races are very strict, for instance every engine of every plane is exactly the same in h.p. and every other way, no plane has an advantage and there are speed limits, so it's pretty well all about skill and precision. I've said this before, but you can't go wrong with a Red Bull sponsored event taking place in your town or city (The extra bonus Croatian-related piece to this news is that Dietrich Mateschitz, the guy behind the founding of Red Bull, is of Croatian descent) The videos explain more...


A scene from the Red Bull Air Race Rovinj 2014


Croatia has been added to the calendar of the 2015 Red Bull Air Race World Championship, officials of the world's fastest motorsport series announced today in Salzburg

The third race of this year's World Championship will be staged in Rovinj, Croatia, on 30-31 May. The stop in Rovinj will replace Sochi, Russia, which unfortunately cannot be conducted due to financial and organisational challenges.

A scene from the Red Bull Air Race Rovinj 2014. More images at a post HERE.

  On the bright side, Serbs won't be coming to Rovinj because they're in Ukraine.

"It would have been great to host the first Red Bull Air Race in Russia this year, but due to the current situation with the international capital markets, our partners in Russia are facing extremely high exchange rates. This makes it impossible to set up an infrastructure fulfilling our high standards and also to provide our fans with tickets at affordable prices," said Erich Wolf, General Manager, Red Bull Air Race. "To secure a well-organised eight-race season, we have been forced to make a decision at this stage and believe this change was necessary. However, this gives us the chance to return to Croatia, where we had a spectacular race last year. Nevertheless we still hope to stage a race in Sochi in the future."

The eight-stop 2015 Red Bull Air Race World Championship began in Abu Dhabi in February and is now preparing for the first ever stop in Chiba, Japan. After Rovinj, Croatia the remaining races will be held in Budapest, Hungary, (4-5 July), Ascot, United Kingdom (15-16 August), Spielberg, Austria (5-6 September), Fort Worth, Texas, USA (26-27 September), and Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (17-18 October).

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A round up of the qualifying round in Rovinj in 2014, it's almost like watching a stampede race except it's in the sky and they're using planes instead of horses.

Introductory promo from last year 

The complete 2014 Red Bull Air Race that was held in Rovinj. (Croatian television broadcast version)

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