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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Cro A Porter & Croatian Airlines Hold Fashion Event At...A Zagreb Airport Hanger?...Yep.(Photos+Video)

I'm tired of having to always remind readers, but I should mention again that I am not a fashion guru, a fashionista or know or care much about different technical fashion terms, proper blends of polyester to cotton and blah blah blah, stitch patterns, swatches, all the different materials or any of that fashion industry stuff. It's just that I have no problem browsing around some pics when I come across them especially after coming back from a Walmart, some of the guy stuff is interesting sometimes too. It gives me some ideas about different hairstyles and hair products to use, sometimes even which suntanning lotion to use to get that perfect summer tan or what the latest jeans and shoes are. I also like to see the different styles of suit breast pocket handkerchiefs being designed these days, the frilly and shiny satin ones look pretty cool especially. (Just joking, I don't like showing of my snot rags in my suit pockets, that's where I personally draw the line, but that's just me). So if I come across something interesting then I'll throw it in here. (When you think about it, it's very suitable for young people because it also promotes fitness, good hygiene habits and how to smell good)

This Croatian fashion and design show, which was also sponsored by the German haircare brand Schwarzkopf and has become an annual event,  took place last October in 2014 in a Croatian Airlines hanger. Not a venue most would associate with a fashion show, but it was sort of a promotional event that also coincided with the 25th anniversary of Croatian Airlines. It turned out to be a pretty cool idea I think. I just threw in a few pics from their Facebook page, the video shows much more of what was going on. This one obviously took place in Croatia, but like I've mentioned a few times at my posts before, I don't have to like every design or piece of clothing, but many Croatian designers are really making a name for themselves not only in Croatia, but having shows in Italy, Germany, France, all over Europe and even on this side of the pond and to Australia. Johnny Depp and his crowd have had some good words to say about Croatian fashion designs. There's a lot worse things to be part of these days. (The Croatian fashion house Elfs is another one that has become well known)

I also decided to throw in a video about the official 25th anniversary flight, since these pics took place at their Zagreb Pleso Airport hanger after all. Actually, I think even if you didn't go inside or weren't part of the event and festivities, the airport probably wouldn't have been a bad place to hang around that night, plenty to see and do. I'll bet just hanging around the airport cafe or restaurant would have been really interesting. I also put a few of my previous Croatian fashion post links at the bottom.....(Some of them even took place in a medieval fortress/castle. What can I say? I like looking at the pics)

(I'll just quickly add here some updated related news, since on the topic of airlines. Another Croatian based airline just recently officially started, and this one is a nifty seaplane service that will even take you straight to the coast and even the islands, avoid the whole ferries thing. European Costal Airlines will now officially be doing mainly closer regional flights, but this means you can have breakfast in Croatia after a swim or kicking the soccer ball around and then practically have a late lunch in Prague, Rome or Budapest on the cheap, or vice versa. That's pretty cool and good to know if you're already in the area)



I came back after originally doing this post and thought I'd take a pic and throw in some related information. I actually went and got a trim a few days before doing this post, the hairstylist recommended one of those styles you see lots of celebs and soccer players and other athletes have lately, you know like from the 20's and 30's...buzzed on the sides, longer on top and slicked back or to the side with a dab of pomade etc. (Especially Beckham, Pitt and a bunch of alternative type music artists too, sort of a classic and modified/edgier Steve McQueen look is a good description). I said ok, go ahead, it's gonna be hot soon anyway, cut away. (Funny thing though, I had this exact same now trendy hair style for a time back in the 90's, just before I joined the military, and then had to buzz even that all off anyway. I was ahead of my time). Anyway, it just happens to be this exact same hair product brand Schwarzkopf that sponsors these events and coincidentally the product which I've used for years now and then. I'm telling you, if you get the same hair style or require something to style your hair with, this is the stuff. I'm not just saying that because of this post, a hairstylist once recommended it to me years ago and I haven't used anything else since. You dab a tiny bit and spread away and style to the sides or straight back and it stays all day but looks natural, no flaking, no crusting etc. Feel like changing it up after after lunch or for the pub after work or school? no problem, wet your hands a bit and just restyle with your hands or a brush or comb to just the way you want, it will last all frikin' day it's true. You want a edgy punkish mo effect hairstyle for the concert or art gallery show? then this is the stuff. I was hooked like a crack addict and got rid of all the gels and other products I had and won't even consider trying anything else, it's like magic for your hair basically and a tube lasts practically forever. (I have no plans or interest to start a hairstyling or fashion blog now btw, this is just good to know related information solely for the benefit of the reader.)

Actually, considering it took place in a Zagreb Airport airplane hanger, it turned out not too shabby. (But then again, we're also the crazy ones who pulled off an outdoor professional hockey game in a 2000 year old Roman the month of September!) 

I've mentioned previously how I don't have to like every design I come across at every show, however quite a few of the ladies outfits here I liked, some pretty edgy and creative stuff. (I've seen some pretty ridiculous and absurd looking outfits being shown at many international fashion shows over the years). I also gotta get myself one of those Croatian Airlines captain hats too even if just for Hallowe'en or special occasions. (Warning: graphic images of knees and thighs, viewer discretion)

Since the event took place in a Croatian Airlines hanger, here's some footage from their official 25th anniversary flight from Zagreb.

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