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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Croatian City Of Osijek Holds A Downtown Easter Egg Hunt & Biker Parade (Photos+Video)

Downtown Osijek was turned into a giant egg filled nest today.

In case you didn't know tomorrow is Croatian Easter according to the vernal equinox and first full moon rules, so I thought I would do a quick fun and amusing post. (Especially more amusing and fun than my Serbs burning flags yippee post the other day). What can be more fun than rolling around in a large straw nest, breaking apart Easter eggs and eating lots of chocolates and treats, even hanging around a giant fuzzy bunny etc? Not much I'll tell you, much better than the blood, guts, crazies and crazy talk mutants crap on the news in the background as I'm writing this, that's for sure. Well, this is just some Croatian Easter scene footage that went on today in the eastern Croatian city of Osijek.

Listening to the music in the video, doesn't it sort of make you want to just jump in there and roll around in the straw?  run around with ribbons and balloons trying to find that sneaky bunny who's got the basket of the good stuff and then bash giant Easter eggs to smithereens with a hammer or axe?

There was also a sort of mini parade in the downtown featuring a local motorcyclists procession, the main thing though is that the kids had fun and various treats. You may want to check out the related Pisanica/Croatian Easter egg post link from a few days ago also.

(Note - Osijek is also the location of Croatia's oldest brewery and beer, see days-of-first-croatian-beer-osijecko)


Video source:


Previous posts: giant-croatian-easter-egg-pisanica-hungary


Most of the children looked as excited as as a Pentecostal preacher being able to crack open giant Easter eggs for the treats.

Tip: Never go Easter Egg hunting on an empty stomach. Later there was an entertaining biker procession through the streets for spectators.

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