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Friday, 1 May 2015

Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović: A 7 Day Retrospective (Photos + Video)

I was originally going to post just the couple of photos of the current Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović recently inspecting the Croatian Navy honor guard in the city of Split. (I have some military background so once in a while do something military related) The reason was because seeing a Croatian army or airforce honour guard is much more common, and even when I throw in some navy related pics it's usually of them in their camouflage fatigues or the common white navy dress suits. (Example) You simply don't see them very often in the traditional sailor type dress as part of an honor guard.

Then I thought, fuck it and to hell with it.  I'm going to throw in a few more pics, and even a recent NATO article from just yesterday. I thought it would be cool and interesting to show what a typical week for the newly elected Croatian President is all about, some images from just the last week. (She only took office on February 19th and it's a 5 year gig) So, the pics below from only the last week show that it's definitely not just sitting around sipping tea or showing up to cut ribbons of newly built stores or malls, or pose with a silver shovel pretending to break ground for something.

For those not in the know, the newly elected Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović was previously the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Croatia, and later became the first woman to serve as Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy at NATO from 2011 to 2014. So this post is actually also about women's rights too. Actually, come to think of it, it's wouldn't be incorrect to say it's about how Croatian women are trailblazing and being the catalyst for the defence of not only Croatian sovereignty and civilization, but also European civilization as a whole also. (See also women-of-croatian-armed-forces to show what I mean)

So it's technically about how a Croatian woman is helping protect Croatia and all of Europe from various kinds of extremists, philistines, terrorists, illegal this and thats,  other armed fundamental thugs and various other military threats that threaten our civilizational heritage, traditions, peace, freedom and progress on this spinning piece of dirt in space that is filled with various flotsam and jetsam and intellectual miscreants intent on destroying those cherished things. Why, just like Croatia was for centuries defending against the Ottoman Islamic jihads, it seems Croatia is once again at the forefront of protecting peace, freedom and progress from those who would like to destroy it. Why, when you see someone where a Croatia related sports jersey or tattoo, it takes on a whole new meaning, it's not just a tat or a sports jersey, it's about promoting and representing freedom, peace, security, civilization and progress, it's about  defending from the various "bad guys" and groups and protection from those with subversive intents and strange weird customs and even otherworldly fashions.

It's actually directly related to all the things I post about about here, why without a progressive, free and strong Croatia, then there would be no Croatian concerts, Croatian ski, hockey and winter events, art and arts events, sports, food, summer beach activities, medieval times reennactment events, fashion shows or film festivals and much more. It would instead almost be like one big European favela, a wasteland  of roaming armed gangs and street battles, it would instead be awful and full of strange people and weird music and customs, probably not any good beers or wines either.

(I should also add, that not one Croatian has traveled to join any of the foreign extremist and terrorist groups or ISIS, ISIL or IS-whaever the fuck they call themselves. Also, not even one Croatian male or female soldier has come back from a tour in Afghanistan and then committed suicide. That's firkin' amazing, because 160 Canadian soldiers have come back from tours in Afghanistan since 2004 crying like cry-babies and committing suicide all over the place, (probably weren't weaned off their moms tits long enough before becoming G.I. Joes, their cake holes probably still had cake crumbs around their mouths even while getting on the bus to the airport for basic training) and the cases of Canadians going to join and fight for foreign extremist and terrorist armies, ISIS, ISIL and IS-whatevers has been steadily increasing also, especially the phenomena of homegrown terrorism, that's some interesting facts at the end of the day when you think about it. Which reminds me, not that long ago I bumped into a Croatian background guy who was working at the local Walmart, he was around my age when I joined and he told me he joined the military and was going to basic training in a few months. Thats'a when I told him I have a military past, and then I told him to give his head a shake and cancel the venture. I said the military and country is not like it was in the 90's when I was in, I said "don't be a dum-dum, just get the fuck out, going to the desert shitholes in the middle of nowhere and not even knowing who the strange people with the strange customs who also don't even know what the fuck they're doing themselves or want or hope for, is not worth a drop of your blood or even a drop of sweat, let alone your life." I said "Buddy, they're killing each other dropping like flies and switching sides back and forth constantly, they're all schitzo and self-destructing on a daily basis and you won't even know who not to shoot at from one day to the next." I said, "What? Coming back in a pretty casket and a glorious shiny hero medal on top for your parents to salute on holidays is what you want? That will mean something? To who else? Fuck that, let the fries and gravy mall rats, bozos and fuckos who hang around downtown go instead, lots of them need the exercise anyway and most will never leave the comfort of the 5 square blocks where they live if they don't. You want some obese stooge yelling at you inches from your face and he can't even pronounce your name correctly or even do a just measly 60 proper push-ups himself? Give your head a shake and cancel the pointless and meaningless desert deathtrap plans buddy, some of the people you'll be shooting at are Canadians and some will even be coming back to Canada and go to school or open up a coffee shop while your six feet under being worm food, you'll be a quickly forgotten statistic with a stupid haircut for all eternity, you might as well get a tattoo on your forehead spelling the sentence... "Duh THINK?".  I said, "Look at all the news and entertainment shows for even just one week, really listen to the crap coming out of their mouths, just listen to the crap they're shovelling down peoples ears and what's really important. You don't need to go get killed for the Canadas and Americas on tv-land. You're basically going to put your life on the line not for your country, but for company presidents and their bonuses, for 3rd quarter profit margins, for the TSE closing numbers and trading volumes, unit trusts, derivatives, pooled investment products and bonds. capital gains, takeover bids and mergers, political scandals, for the holiday shopping season and consumerism, television ratings, not for any people or particular nation or ways." I said "Look sporto, Did you know that in 2007 the "Canadian" telecommunications firm Rogers Communications paid $78 million to host seven Buffalo Bills games in Toronto over five seasons instead of a deal with the CFL, do you know what means?...Do you know the meaning? It means drop the glorified boyscout gig plans that's what". I said "Did you know that more Canadian soldiers have come back from Afghanistan and committed suicide than who died died in combat? 138 died in combat and 160 committed suicide after already coming back, that's fucking bizarro world man. I'm not making that up. If they're willing to let thousands of 10 year olds slave 16 hours a day to sew sneakers and clothes in sweatshops and living in unhygienic cramped rooms, you think they won't just use you too? You know for a fact there are plenty of people you need to shoot here, heads to pump full of hot lead, and not in some dusty far-off camel land universe, besides the ones you just injure or miss completely over there will all be become Canadians in a few years anyway, so it's like putting your life on the line for absolutely nothing, worse than nothing, truthfully it's actually more like putting your life on the line for your enemies." I said "Look around, the fat cat politicians are on their ranches and at golf tournaments and soirees stabbing you in the back, most of them have never been in a mall food court in years, they're detatched from reality and don't have a clue what is really going on in the country ad they don't care,  they're all lackeys of special interest groups and companies, they are helping fund organizations and people that are funding who you are going to fight against, they are working towards making you into a nameless and generic automaton, getting sand up your nostrils and avoiding bullets so that they can work on their next campaign fundraising speech to get more of the consumer, commodity traders, dividends, capital gains and special interest votes." I said "All the Canadian pro sports teams get paid in American dollars buddy boy, will you get paid in American dollars in the Canadian army? Not fucking bloody likely, but you can be sure that there's lots of American dollars being exchanged when the politicians do their handshaking too." I said "Buddy, the politicians are not for Canada or for any principles whatsoever, never at any time, it's all strictly just about the voters and getting the votes, you have to stop falling for their same ol' speeches and slogans and see that everything they say is always strictly just about getting the votes, do you want to go die is some shitfuck desert or come back and kill yourself all over just votes? Die just for election votes and the Ipsos poll results ? I'm really surprised nobody has shot the Prime Minister yet, or some other M.P's, and I won't be surprised when it does happen, because they're basically supporting anarchy and bullshitting between their teeth for votes, you will be just a pointless lackey in camo helping them to destroy this country. It'll be just like that original Carrie movie, all the people will point at your family afterwards laughing wherever they go for letting you go and then even having the audacity to mention the fact afterwards like it's some heroic deed or a proud brave accomplishment. Look around and listen to the crap going on around you man, and on television, Trust me, joining the military in 2015 is probably the stupidest and most absurd thing someone can do these days. Just get the fuck out man, you'll thank me later while polishing off your beer and watching entertainment and sports highlight or blooper shows instead of becoming a nameless quickly forgotten anonymous statistic that doesn't even have a Twitter account, completely worthless.")

Yep, that just about sums it up as a matter of fact. So this is not really just a military themed post, (although as President she is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Croatian Armed Forces), but it turned into a post about a week in the shoes of the progressive new woman Croatian President who is defending and ensuring peace, freedom and progress in various ways. (Since I used to be in NATO also, the last time I spoke to her and some other acquaintances in Bruxelles, I also reminded her of a thing or two from a few of my previous NATO assignments. things I am not at liberty to divulge to the reader however) Basically, and something to the effect that.."Sada nije vrijeme za sranje, sada je vrijeme da zajebemo govno svuda, dragi ljudi."  (Translated from Croatian it roughly means that now is not the time to pick our noses, scratch our balls and fart into the wind, now is the time to get our hands dirty and do things right), something like that. The free world should thank their lucky stars that a free Croatia in the heart of Europe is doing it's part once again in saving Europe and even this very planet from it's own scheming miscreants and tarantulas intent to undermine and infect other countries with the poison of -theisms, agendas and fashion statements. Anyway, I'll be back with my usual stuff, below is a sneak peek of just some of the things that went on during the past week.......




NATO Secretary General praises Croatia for contributions to shared security

Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović during recent talks with the Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg in Bruxelles. Besides the usual common topics and goals of member states, recently the problem of various traveling extremists intent to destabilize and overthrow European nations under the guise of migrant travellers subterfuge has become a major issue and safety concern.

Image and text:

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg welcomed Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović to NATO headquarters on Wednesday (29 April 2015) for talks on the security environment and NATO’s (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) continued adaptation. Calling Croatia a “staunch Ally”, Mr. Stoltenberg thanked the President personally for her “deep strength and dedication to this Alliance for many years.”

The Secretary General thanked Croatia for its contributions to NATO’s operations in Afghanistan and Kosovo. He further welcomed Croatia’s support for NATO Smart Defence projects. Mr. Stoltenberg also expressed gratitude for Croatia’s leadership in Southeastern Europe. “Your experiences and your leadership is important for many of your neighbours,” he said.

Kolinda now joins the ranks of other first female presidents in Europe. Margaret Thatcher of Britain, Angela Merkel of Germany, and Helle Thornsing Schmidt of Denmark. She is also the first female head of state chosen by voters since Kosovo's Atifete Jahjaga was elected by parliament in 2011. 

The two leaders agreed that Russia continues to destabilise Ukraine, and that respect for the ceasefire and the Minsk agreement remain the best prospect for a peaceful solution to the conflict.

Mr. Stoltenberg underlined that the Ukraine crisis and spreading turmoil in the Middle East and North Africa are a new challenge, and that NATO is responding by making its forces more prepared. The Secretary General noted that the Alliance is more than doubling the size of the NATO Response Force to 30,000, and creating a new quick reaction Spearhead Force, with lead elements able to move within 48 hours.

The Secretary General welcomed the fact that Croatia has stopped reductions to its defence spending. Mr. Stoltenberg stressed that adhering to Allies’ pledge to spend 2% of GDP on defence within a decade will help to keep NATO strong.

Not all that much new regarding the goals and purpose of NATO and the various European regional reaction forces that Croatia is a part of, (It's nothing like all the Bruce Jenner cutting his dick off and related Bruce Jenner penis soup talk all over the news around here lately), however the Croatian President's English has gotten much better since taking a crash course English class last summer. (5 minute mark)

Croatian President: A Week Long Behind The Scenes Retrospective.

At the International Fair of Military Industry 'ASDA 2015' in the city of Split. The aim of this fair  is quality, investment in development and innovation, knowledge and experience of Croatian companies in the defense industry with a real entrepreneurial approach to success. Croatia has become well known over the years for producing high quality personal weaponry and related military supplies exported around the world. 

A quick stop in the town of Križevci to open the 2015 Youth Games and attend the annual "Day of Križevci" festivities.

Arriving to the city of Split for 'ASDA 2015' and inspecting the Croatian Navy honour guard. (NATO and the EU depend on the Croatian Navy to be a catalyst in the battle against maritime military threats, pirates, illegal smugglers and other extremist migrant infiltrations that would undermine and destabilize Croatia and the rest of Europe...and so the free world. The Croatian Navy ensures incident free Croatian soccer games, beach activities and fishing all along our coast as well) During the NATO countries bombing of the remains of Yugoslavia-Serbia in 1999, the Croatian Navy patrolled the Adriatic Sea ensuring safe travel for civilians, ships as well as various beach events. Probably also surprising to many, the history of the Croatian Navy extends back to the 7th century, soon after arriving from the northern called Great and White Croatia and is not just a recent endeavour. More at History of the Croatian Navy.

At the International Fair of Military Industry 'ASDA 2015' inspecting Croatian designed and produced personal weapons and products in the city of Split. 

President of Italy at the Presidential Palace in Zagreb for talks. (The Italian President is very concerned with statements made by various extremist religious and ethnic groups that they will use any means necessary, including migrant operatives and other subterfuge to crush and overthrow the Italian government, conquer Italy and their women just like during Emirate of Bari and Muslim conquest days."We will eat and suffocate you with the meat and rope which you will freely give us"is their most recent mantra) Muslim militant groups and ISIS chetniks have been trying to infiltrate their operatives into Italy and Europe under the guise of so-called "migrant refugees."

In the townships of Gunja, Strošin and Račinov to discuss effects and progress after major flooding last year as well as unemployment and affordable housing issues. 

 The complete recovery of flooded areas will still take some time, assisting at a local soup kitchen in Gunja. (Unfortunately not everyone can be a fashion model or soccer player)

A visit to the town of Vukovar.

A recent meeting with the Presidents of Austria and Slovenia to discuss future EU projects, common security and strategies topics and other common issues. (Both Slovenia and Croatia held their first free democratic elections in 1990 and both simultaneously declared independence on June 25th of 1991, choosing to instead continue their civilizational history and remain in Europe and abandon communism, marxism and foreign dictator regimes and their fascist policies)

In the town of Križevci and the opening of a new wing to the local library.

A meeting in Zagreb with the German Minister of Foreign Affairs. (He enjoyed the Croatian pastries very much)

During talks with Jean-Claude Juncker the President of the European Commission in Bruxelles. 

In the town of Križevci to open the 2015 Youth Games.

Holding talks with Donald Franciszek Tusk, the former Prime Minister of Poland and current President of the European Council in Bruxelles. 

A pic from today during annual ceremonies commemorating "Operation Flash" (Operacija Bljesak) in the town of Okučani.

Lastly, more talks discussing regional safety and security issues and the immediate and long term threats of various illegal smugglers. A busy week and then it's the start of another new week in the stuggle for freedom, civilization and progress.

If you're one of those types with an interest about the goings on regarding the Croatian Armed Forces, you may want to check out the previous posts below.

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women-of-croatian-armed-forces _Croatia


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