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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

First Croatian 'Craft Beer' Festival Taking Place In Zagreb - April 18-19.....& Paddle Surfing In Croatia?...Yep

For someone who doesn't drink all that much these days, I sure have done a fair amount of beer related posts I noticed. I did the craft beer post new-top-10-rated-zmajska-beer-option-in-croatia in January and just a few weeks ago and-most-popular-beer-in-croatia-is. I guess it's because I still enjoy a good cold beer now and then and always will. I guess it's also good to know that beer and Croatian beers are not going away any time soon either, that's very good to know actually. (After all, beer has been our divine and god-given right and a part of Croatian culture for many centuries) This craft beer/microbrewery option is less well known but definitely worth taking into consideration. My last few times in Croatia I made sure to try out as many Croatian beers that I could, some of them are quite good and have cool labels/names and are actually very inexpensive also.

The very basics of modern-day beers and beer brewing hasn't changed much in many centuries, not since German monks introduced hops as a vitally important main ingredient, codified and recorded their recipes and started brewing beer in their monasteries during medieval times, water was unsanitary many times, equipment was not always hygienically clean and without hops the ales would spoil very quickly (historically "ale" being a type of beer brewed without hops). Interestingly, beer was actually the most consumed beverage already and an important source of nutrition in the medieval world, it was drank by children, nursing mothers, the old and the sick and everyone in between. A pretty cool Croatian site these days devoted to all sorts of beer news topics, articles, new and retro images/posters and the interesting history of beer in Croatia up to today, as well as in Europe and elsewhere around the world is

During these crazy times of society falling apart in various parts of this spinning piece of a dirt ball in space that we eat and drink on, (aka 'the world','planet', 'society', biggest round shaped mutant filled mall in space and various other terms) and the related pointless crap coming out of peoples mouths, then it's good to know that in Croatia there's no shortage of craftbeer/microbrewery options. Well, that's about it. This is not bar or drunk fest, but If you are a beer drinker/connoisseur and are in the area, then this is definitely the place to be this weekend to try out the various harder to find Croatian microbrewery/craft beers and importantly all at one place. I added the website links to these recent Croatian craft beers in the list and at the bottom my previous beer posts will definitely be of interest also.

I came back and updated with this pic from early Saturday. (It's not a party or a drunk fest remember) I really like this concept and have yet to see something like this around here, where you can sample various harder to find microbrewery/craft beers and all at one place, in between shopping for shoes or getting a trim. It's like you can sample and then say "Dang, these are some good suds, gimme a case for the road because the games on tv tonight" like they say down there in Arkansas. Yep, I like this concept and theme very much. I also found out they do a similar wine fest and even other kinds of fests throughout the year at this mall. Image:

A couple more photos, enjoying some beer and free outdoor musical entertainment. More images from throughout the weekend at

(Oh, I should quickly mention however, even though Ožujsko and Karlovačko are the 2 most well known and popular beers in Croatia, surprising probably to many they are not the oldest. This may be a shocking epiphany and possibly even disturbing to some beer connoisseurs and aficionados, but Croatia's oldest beer brewery and beer brand is actually......(drumroll)..... Osječko Beer, which is brewed in the city of Osijek and has a history going back to the 1600's. (It's actually even older than the oldest British beer and brewery Shepherd Neame) That's your other Croatian beer fact of the day. See my previous post days-of-first-croatian-beer-osjecko or for more about that. Also, even if you don't drink beer, don't forget boys and girls that there are numerous other beneficial reason to brew beer, from beer shampoo, to beer sauces to beer batter and everything in between. See the other interesting uses for beer)


Very First Croatian Craft Beer Festival In Zagreb Taking Place


The first ever Croatian Craft Beer Fest is set to held in the capital Zagreb this weekend…

Craft beer brewers are starting to make their mark on the beer scene in Croatia, with one of the world’s most well-known craft beer websites, RateBeer, ranking Croatian craft beer brewers Zmajska pivovara in its Top 10 New Brewers in the World list recently. If you are in Zagreb this weekend then you are invited to go down to Garden Mall on the 18th and 19th of April and taste some of the finest local craft beers on offer.

Tastings, beer and food matching, competitions and concerts will entertain visitors over the two days.

List of some of the microbreweries taking part;

Zmajska pivovara:
Pivnica Medvedgrad:
Hold’em Brewery:
Daruvarska pivovara:
Vukovarsko pivo:
Nova Runda:
San Servolo:

Abba seen back in the day drinking beers, see related post croatians-high-among-worlds-drinkers-but-lowest-murders for more amazing beer facts.

Previous related posts: karlovac-dane-piva-listed-among-europes-festivals











Now as for this addition, I'm throwing this 2nd part in just for the hell of it. This is not a tourism post at all even though it may look like it. I came across this article a while ago on this side of the pond, but it is an interesting video with some cool scenery and shows an interesting option that I never put much thought into before. I've previously touched upon windsurfing, kitesurfing, rappelling, kayaking, whitewater rafting, boating, mountain climbing, skiing, skating, tobogganing and other stuff you can do, but I must say I never really thought at all about paddle surfing in Croatia.

Paddle surfing...hmmm? It's such a crazy idea that it just may work. Well, the video sure makes it seem interesting and sort of relaxing, almost like yoga or something like that. You have to have the right body of water to paddle surf in though, obviously you couldn't paddle surf with large splashing waves all around you. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to bring some of the aforementioned beers too, but of course not get drunk and then paddle, that's a bad idea sort of like drinking and boating. Then of course you can't just decide last minute to go paddle surfing either, like deciding to go just swimming. Of course you also will probably have to bring along things to eat because it will most likely take up a big chunk of the day, which means it will probably involve bringing a portable barbecue of some sort, then steaks, sausages, salads, breads, condiments and all that. (There most likely won't be a corner convenience store behind the bushes or in the forest, you could also bring just sandwiches or leftover pizza I guess, better make sure the propane tank is full anyway)...

...then of course blankets, maybe a big umbrella, more snacks and probably some kind of long-lasting spearmint chewing gum for while paddling, sunscreen so you don't get burned, probably some bandages and hydrogen peroxide or first aid kit just in case, sunglasses are a must, you want some kind of music too probably, mosquito repellent, a radio or at least portable speakers for your music player, some kind of flip-flops and probably a hat of some sort. (I also wouldn't paddle surf at night either if I were you, we have vampires, werewolves and various witches, warlocks and spirits inhabiting the forests and lakes, and the ghouls usually like to lurk around the shallows even during the day) Yep, it sure seems like an option I must say and I'll have to keep it mind for down the road. Anyway, below is what it looks like to paddle surf in Croatia in case you didn't know....


We hear a lot about Croatia. The pristine natural scenery, bountiful paddling opportunities among the islands and inlets of the Adriatic Sea, and we need not mention the beautiful women. But more rare is a glimpse inland, to the mountains and lakes of the region. And who knew it—there’s outstanding paddling to be had there as well.

Here’s a feel-good video if there ever was one, profiling Croatia’s Baćina Lakes (there are seven of them) with a look at the land, water, and yes, beautiful women, that you’ll never get through the windows of a car, or from any road, for that matter. It’s enough to make you want to drop everything you’ve got going, grab your paddleboard and move to Croatia. And actually, we’d recommend that.

More insight into paddling opportunities in Croatia available here.

Going to Croatia? Set up your tour of Baćina Lakes with Paddle Surf Baćina Lakes

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