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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Goran Visnjic Filming 3rd Season Of "Crossing Lines" In Croatia (Photos + Video)

Goran Visnjic during filming of the NBC television series "Crossing Lines" in Croatia for season 3. The series is filming at locations across Europe and will also include Rijeka, Opatija and Rovinj. Image:

Well, something light and the opposite of Sunday televangelist programming going on right about now, I read about this a while ago, so now is as good a time as any. For those not in the know, the Croatian-American actor is currently wrapping up filming the 3rd upcoming season of 'Crossing Lines'' and some of the filming took place at Croatian locations recently. In the series he will be portraying Marco Corazza,  the sometimes unshaven and martini drinking Marxist-battling and kidnapping expert who will be part of a special unit, an elite team of the International Criminal Court (ICC) that investigates serial crimes across European borders and then hunts them down to bring them to justice.

Now, personally, I've never watched this series because I don't watch much tv to begin with, but I checked out some trailers and it looks pretty good and seems interesting. (You'll have to check your local listings). Goran Visnjic started to become more well known on this side of the pond after playing the part of Luka Kovac in the very popular series ER. (I didn't watch that though because I'm personally not into hospitals and hospital drama, besides real nurses never look or act like tv nurses, not even close). From there he moved onto various other projects and films. (See HERE for more on that)

It's funny though, I finally just a few months ago, finally watched the whole film 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' from beginning to end after seeing parts of it quite a few times, and Goran also played the character of Dragan Armansky in that one. I liked the soundtrack and storyline of that one, it got sort of weird near the end but overall a very good thriller/suspense flick and flowing storyline. (Did you know that the actress Rooney Mara who played the girl really wasn't Swedish? Yep, it's true, the tattoos and especially her accent was all an act, It's true. I'm telling you, she speaks perfect English and doesn't even know Swedish at all. Incredible)

Anyway, as for this recent project of his, this is a great choice I think, and filming parts of it in Croatia is a bonus. The worst thing that can happen is to be typecast as a doctor or other character, it's been the death of many thespians. (Go look up typecasted actors, if you've been typecasted most of the time it's the last nail in the coffin, you might as well start trying to be a television celebrity commentator or interviewer, you've already had your 7 minutes of fame but perhaps through osmosis you'll get a part in a movie playing a janitor, a bus stop woman or the door man. The only exceptions I think are maybe Bruce Willis and Jennifer Aniston, (and maybe a few others), because they are always, and I mean always, every single time the exact same character in every movie and every character they ever portray...ever, the same acting and same lines and even the same clothes many times for whatever role they take on, be it comedy, drama, horror, romance, action or whatever. (I liked the movies in Grindhouse, and Bruce Willis played some military guy in the beginning of Planet Terror, I didn't believe it for a second though, it's just the same guy from Die Hard, the same lines, acting, same squinting and smirk, all the same everything all over again, pffff as if he's a military guy now). I've always liked those action/drama/suspense/intrigue type films set in non-hospital surroundings. This 3rd season seems like it will be worth a look as they will be on the trail of low-life criminals in various European locations and backdrops, maybe even explosions or gun fights in castles or museums. My post from the other day about the Esplanade Hotel would be a good location for some gun fights, falling crystal chandeliers and secret clandestine meetings and espionage I think.

On the Jimmy Kimmel Show in 2013 (His surname is actually pronounced Vish-nyich in Croatian btw). You can watch this and other interview videos at

While doing this post I also found out that Carrie-Anne Moss was in season 2 of this "Crossing Lines" series. She's also looking pretty good since the Matrix days also, and she's even older than me. I read somewhere though that she moved to Switzerland and was neighbours with Shania Twain or something. It's good to know she hasn't turned into a crack or crystal meth-whore since battling various sentinels and machines. I'm not going to go in-depth into the cast and plot of this series because frankly I don't know that much about it, this is just mainly about Goran Visnjic and the Croatian location filming, but the series does also have Donald Sutherland in it. (Remember that part with him at the end of Invasion of the Body Snatchers boys and girls?, ooouuu, that was scary, you sure don't want to watch that movie at home alone late at night in the dark with lots of plants or shrubs around you, that's for sure). Basically I guess you could say the 3rd season of the series will be like an X-Files in Europe but without the reptilians and aliens and using different badges. I don't know what the filming plans are for when they are in Rijeka, but since I've been there a few times and even spent 2 whole summers there as a kid, I would recommend an episode finishing at Trsat Castle overlooking Rijeka. I can just see it now, chasing the evil cartel kidnappers up the stone stairs, shooting back and forth, the bad guy falls over the ledge eventually, and then the final moments of the episode pans and zooms to the blood splattered Dragons of Trsat, wow what a finale that would be.

Anyway, there's a lot worse things to be a part of than filming a popular television series I say, and having even having a Croatian descent actor in it is a plus, way better than lots of news going on these days. Season 3 of the television series is being filmed in various locations all across Europe, they finished doing filming in Prague and now the Croatian filming portion will also include the city of Rijeka and Rovinj as well. He of course also spent some time visiting relatives in his hometown of Šibenik just down the coast. (Šibenik is also called "Krešimirov grad" (Krešimir's city). It was mentioned for the first time under its present name when it was the royal seat of the Croatian King Petar Krešimir IV for a time in the middle ages, your extemporaneous Croatian history fact of the day). I'm glad they chose different locations besides Dubrovnik, the 'Game of Thrones' people have that one covered. This stretch of cities, towns and locations along the coast where they will be filming is sort of like the Croatian riviera, and is actually called at times the riviera of eastern Europe, but less expensive than the French riviera. Below are some sneak peek behind the scenes pics of recent filming in the coastal town of Opatija over the past couple of days and a trailer for season 3.

(Supplementary information: Did you know that Eric Bana, the guy who played Bruce Banner in the 2003 film Hulk, is Croatian background also? His non-Hollywood real name is Eric Banadinović. Also, Goran Visnjic doesn't have your typical actor background either btw, probably unknown to many, just like Cro Cop, Elvis and me, he has a military background also. He was defending his hometown of Šibenik from ethnic cleansing and raping Serb paramilitaries, chetniks and Yugo-Serb chetnik attacks and shelling, (see also Battle of Šibenik)... so he was actually battling real life extremists, war criminals and scumbags long before he started just acting the parts for Hollywood films, definitely not your average latte sipping and young actors Hollywood soiree background. In October he will be back in Croatia to start filming a movie about the Croatian General and war hero Ante Gotovina, during the defence of Croatian independence in the early 1990's. There I feel so much better now, spending a few minutes doing this post and not seeing or hearing about Peter Poppof's miraculous miracle tap water or Benny Hinn's bacon dance).


Third Season of Crossing Lines Being Filmed In Croatia

Parts of the third season of well-known television series Crossing Lines will be filmed in Croatia from 22 – 25 April…

Crossing Lines, which premiered in the United States on NBC in 2013, is an action crime drama which stars Donald Sutherland, Richard Flood and former Croatian E.R actor Goran Višnjić. The German, American and French co production will film next week in Opatija, Rijeka and Rovinj.

New series leads Goran Visnjic (ER) and Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost) join Donald Sutherland (The Hunger Games) and Tom Wlaschiha (Game of Thrones). Frank Spotnitz (The X-Files) and Rola Bauer (Spotless) are Executive Producers. Opposite Goran Višnjić and the regular cast, the serial stars other Croatian actors in supporting roles, such as Duško Valentić, Dado Čosić, Slavko Juraga and Karlo Mrkša.


CROSSING LINES Season Three begins six months after the heart-stopping conclusion of Season Two. In Season Three’s first episode one of Dorn’s (Donald Sutherland) top prosecutors has vanished and he must reactivate the ICC team to find her. Kidnapping expert Marco (Goran Višnjić) and Carine (Elizabeth Mitchell), a skilled investigator, are new team members joining Sebastian (Tom Wlaschiha) and Arabela (Lara Rossi).

CROSSING LINES – THE TIME IS NOW promises to be its most ambitious, with a new emphasis on contemporary cross-border crime, gut-wrenching character drama, and a reunited team.

Elizabeth Mitchell, Goran Visnjic Join Crossing Lines Season 3



Crossing Lines‘ new leads have a rather impressive TV-drama pedigree: Lost‘s Elizabeth Mitchell and ER‘s Goran Visnjic will take over as series leads in the crime drama’s Season 3, our sister site Deadline reports.

In addition, Frank Spotnitz (The X-Files) has signed on as an executive producer of the drama, which follows European law-enforcement officers as they deal with international crime in the European Union.

Mitchell and Visnjic will play new team members Carine Strand and Marco Corazza, respectively. They join returning cast members Donald Sutherland, Lara Rossi and Tom Wlaschiha; Stuart Martin (Babylon) and Naomi Battrick (Waterloo Road) also will make their debut as series regulars in the new season.

But will the latest installments of the series — which films in Europe and is financed, in part, by European producers — be available to American audiences? That one’s a little tougher to answer.

In the United States, NBC aired Crossing Lines‘ first season but chose not to continue with the series — then led by William Fichtner (Invasion) — past that. Netflix then streamed the drama’s second season in the United States; a rep for Netflix could not confirm that Season 3 of the drama will be available in the U.S.

Crossing Lines‘ third season takes place six months after the events of the Season 2 finale, with Sutherland’s character bringing together the team after a top prosecutor vanishes.

"Crossing Lines" season 3 official trailer. Goran Visnjic will join forces with other cast members in a unique global/crime series that taps into the charter of the International Criminal Court (ICC), to mandate a special crime unit functioning as a European-based FBI, to investigate serialized crimes that cross over European borders, from murderous extremists, the subversive muslim-rap cartel, various strange named cults and dictators to even the taboo and disturbing phenomena of documented true to life fashion crimes, they will hunt them down and bring the criminals to justice. (check your local listings)


Actor Goran Visnjic filming a stunt scene on the roof of the Imperial Hotel in Opatija for the 3rd season of the NBC television series "Crossing Lines."

For those super inquiring gotta know minds and fans of the series, more behind the scenes pics at and with Donald Sutherland HERE and HERE.

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