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Monday, 13 April 2015

Mirko 'Cro Cop' Filipovic Victorious in Poland For UFC Fight Night 64

Mirko 'Cro Cop' just keeps on proving the naysayers wrong.

Well, I was originally going to post about the recent scandal news that is all over the airwaves and media around here. First we had the Toronto mayor Rob Ford scandals not that long ago, and now even senator and former host of his own national television program, Mike Duffy, is embroiled in bribery/expense scandals, including even rumours about double-dipping jar doo chicken wings at a Chinese restaurant. It's shocking and the whole country is aghast and shocked beyond belief, the regular everyday boring stabbings and shootings have had to step aside for this doozy. And this just after we just finished weeks of live television coverage and Parliamentary discussion, arguments, motions and back and forth verbal accusations concerning the muslim woman who refused to take off her hijab for her Canadian citizenship photo, (one woman MP even pointed her finger and vehemently accused the government of being a totalitarian regime for the audacity to ask her to uncover her god-given face for the photo, "what next? forced to wear GPS ankle monitors?" something like that)...and then to make matters worse, the rise in the cost of those jumbo pretzels and nachos at the Blue Jays games scandal broke out also. It's pandemonium and scandals all over the place, nothing but scandal talk in all the coffee shops, bars and food courts. So I decided I better post about something less scandalous and do a sports post.

Anyway, I'm not going to add much here because this topic is already 2 days old and extensively covered by martial arts/fighting websites and media. The only thing I'm going to add about this latest victory by Cro Cop is that it just goes to show you that perseverance and commitment to your goals pays off. Right around the time of his retirement fight in March of 2012 in Zagreb, (see previous post below), some people were saying how he's too old to still be fighting, that he's too fat now and out of shape and that he should hang up the gloves and all that, various comments about his woman-like punches and that he's a has been yellow bellied this and that etc. Even ringside taunts of "Get out of the ring and learn to speak English you fucking foreigner!" Put on some real clothes you lardass bum!", and perhaps the most stinging insult of them all "Your mom wears socks and sandals and smells like a goat!", stuff like that.

Mirko Cro Cop also made some history during his recent matches. Image:

However, since that 2012 final retirement fight and return to the ring he's actually gone on to a record of 11 wins and only 2 losses. (Currently on a combined 6 fight victory streak with 3 victories in each category of mixed martial arts and kickboxing) Now that's really something, and it just goes to show that taking your vitamins, eating balanced meals, exercising and various stretching goes a long way in shedding off all that excessive weight and being able to punch, kick and elbow like a man again. From an old timer has-been to a champion again in no time at all practically. It's also a great example for all the boys and girls out there who also are maybe thinking about giving up on their dreams and throwing in the towel, hanging up their gloves etc, as well as proving that old people really can still be useful and even accomplish things once in a while. I couldn't find any good images from this UFC Fight Night 64 in Krakow though (not to be confused with UFC 64 in Las Vegas) so I just took a photo from the Facebook page, the video footage is not the best either but good enough.

There's not a lot of pics of the actual fight floating around the internet, but I did find a before and after photo which seemed interesting. It just goes to show you that taking your vitamins in your old age is well worth it.

UFC official medical authorities have issued a 6 month ban from fighting as a precaution, which will probably mean spending some time in the lucrative Brazil gay horse fuck film industry for a while. (Brazil is also the world-wide leader in the gay horse fuck film industry as well as the gay scat film industry)

I'm not all just posting about Croatia stuff, some words of encouragement for next time from a local celeb.

(Note - I also found out in case most people don't know, if Mirko loses a match because of a beforehand sore shoulder, knee, ankle, hip, stubbed toe or headache and indigestion etc, new rules established by the MMA governing bodies stipulate that he is then allowed to shoot his opponent because of his previous military background credentials, now that's pretty cool. I will also keep you up to date regarding the rumours of Cro Cop possibly changing his entrance theme song in the near future, word has it that it might be music from the video game Street Fighter, because Guiles theme goes with everything, [and I mean everything and anything] stay tuned for more on that down the road)


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This highlight footage will have to do for now or just google around. 

In the Croatian speaking part he's thanking all the Croatian fans that travelled to Krakow to watch.

Talking with the press after the fight.

Some old footage from Croatian television for those not in the know. Besides being a former Croatian soldier, his nickname 'Cro Cop' comes from his membership in Croatia's elite Police Special Forces tactical unit, spending 6 years in the Lučko Anti-Terrorist Unit. (They're the ones who are protecting Croatia from terrorists, extremists, various fundamentals, wackos and your everyday pointless mutants. Also for the boys and girls out there, pay particular attention at the 1 minute 45 second mark, that's the proper location to pop caps at, not the knees, back or ass etc. Remember that boys and girls)

Lastly, a recent Croatian commercial featuring Cro Cop that I came across and found amusing. Below that a couple of other funny ones he did in Japan in the past. 

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