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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Zagreb's "Kino Europa" Theatre Set To Celebrate 90th Birthday (Photos+Video)

Kino Europa during Animafest. Image: Animafest.

This is sort of cool, there a number of people celebrating the vernal equinox and lunar/full moon based holidays shortly and that makes it a perfect time to relax and watch movies. Now, there are plenty of modern movie theatres and mall theatres in Croatia, but luckily quite a number of the old ones are still up and running and even looking like the day they did when they first opened, (and hopefully these gems will be showing movies in another 90 years), complete with original art, motifs and interior architecture. This is a perfect example and it's something one doesn't come across very often these days. Kino Europa is one of those iconic movie theatres that can still be found in Croatia, as well as in Europe, even these days. It's even a protected cultural heritage and national treasure of Croatia.

Well, next week the theatre will celebrate its' 90th birthday. Kino Europa will be treating the public to free screenings all day. Screenings of the documentary ’90 years of Kino Europa’, then the Italian classic ‘Cinema paradiso’ will be shown, then a host of new productions will be shown all day. Entry to all the screenings and activities on April 8th will be absolutely free.

Since first opening it's doors 90 years ago, Kino Europa has become one of the most beautiful, important and modern movie theatres in Europe. (In May of 1995 Kino Europa just narrowly missed being hit by rockets fired by Serbs) The last few times I was in Zagreb I walked by Kino Europa but we didn't go watch a movie there, I had a long list of stuff to do and didn't have the time. I posted some film festival posts previously where some of the events took place at this Kino Europa, the annual Fantastic Zagreb Film Marathon and Zagreb Film Festival are a few of the popular events that take place there, most of those are all free admission too. Those links are at the bottom. Much more information at the theatres official website at

The historic Kino Europa theater is also the main venue for KinoKino - International Film Festival for Children, Animafest Zagreb, Days of Croatian Film, Subversive Film Festival, Human Rights Film Festival, Vox Feminae Festival, One Take Film Festival, Venice In Zagreb, Children's Rights Film Festival, Croatian Animation Festival, Subtitled Tuesdays - films screened with English subtitles along with Croatian subtitles, Fantastic Zagreb, PSSST! Silent Film Festival, Israeli Film Week, Contemporary Polish Film Week, Czech Film Week, Kinolektra, Cinematographers Retrospective, FLaF - Festival of Lomography and Analogue Photography Festival and other films related events.

(We used to have one around here downtown named the the Tivoli threatre that was similar and I actually saw some good movies in that theatre when I was a kid. Now it looks like this, it's all very quaint and nice and all that, but it's just really not the same to me. (Although I heard through the grapevine it's a good late night place to take a pee, a quick drug deal, a good place to hide after a stabbing or shooting, some good deals on diapers at wholesale prices and of course a quickie with one of the local late night toothless grannies and "tavern females"or just a good place to chuck your Wranglers, used mom jeans or shorts, shoes etc). Interestingly, I lived on the 17th floor of an apartment building just a short stroll away for a few years years, years ago, and there was this bar not far far either. The one night I had to call the cops because there was a shooting there after midnight, from my balcony I could see there was lots of cars taking off and screaming and yelling, it was during some Brazilian/Carribean hip hop night dance event. It seems this guy got pissed off because some other guy looked at or talked to his girl, so he went away then came back and shot the other guy. (It's getting to be like Toronto down the road with various rival ethnic gangs, turf, etc) The strange thing though is I was in that place a few times (I was bored out of my skull)... and there were either no women in there or a few women types that you really wouldn't want to know or talk to or maybe even put into the that category, which made the whole shooting over a girl thing very odd, mostly the bars along that whole stretch are good just basically to get a disease or really cheap warm draft beer, or both. This was before I went out west for a few years and found out there were no cowboys and especially cowgirls out there either, but lots of other stuff. You can throw all that make-believe 30 year old Bob and Doug McKenzie bullshit garbage in the trash too. I saw a women around the bar one time, she was walking around yelling and laughing.."He's sick, hahaha! he's sick, he's sick" hahaha! and smearing what looked to be her own freshly scooped poop from inside her track pants then over her hands and face, it was really wierd. I'm by far not the only person who is aware of these things either, that's why I don't go downtown because there's lots of things lots of people don't need or want. Anyway, this is all the more reason that if you ever go to Croatia or another European city that still has these old original classic cinemas watch a movie in, if you get the chance you'll probably really enjoy it)

I found a snapshot from a few years ago before heading out west to non-cowboy/cowgirl land,  just down the street from the former cinema and bar I was talking about. (I know what you're thinking about the white pants, you'll have to flip a coin for the answer) You can rest assured most people around here have never heard of Zagreb and especially Kino Europa.( (and I can almost guarantee the terms "art deco" or "art nouveau" either)


90th Birthday of Zagreb's iconic Kino Europa

A few images of the iconic Kino Europa located in downtown Zagreb. More photogallieries at

I thought I took a quick snapshot when walking by my last time in Zagreb, so here's my personal pic of the outside of the theatre. Some good images of the interior of the actual seated theatre HERE.

A scene during the popular Zagreb Film Festival that takes place every April. Image:

A cool place to just chill and hang out even when there's no movies playing. Image:

I lucked out and found some video footage, this one from a photography exhibition that took place at Kino Europa.

...and this one featuring a live Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra performance while showing the classic 1922 film "Nosferatu." (this most definitely would have been a good one to get a big tub of popcorn to eat while watching)

Another live Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra performance during the showing of a Charlie Chaplin film.

Photo: Tomislav Rosandić

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