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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Photos Of The Day: A Croatian Children's Nature Project - Cleaning, Painting & Planting In Rijeka

I found this series of photos interesting to do. There's more popular, trendy, glamorous and important news/sports stuff going on, but I think  this is important too because nobody hardly ever mentions it or shows photos of what goes on behind the scenes, unless you're part of their Facebook page that is. It's sort of an opposite post from my previous post. And it also sort of reminded me of around here, because around my area they just started erecting those community mailboxes in neighbourhoods. (and lots and lots of people are not too thrilled about that I'll tell you, not happy about it at all and quite irate about it, protests, petitions and even legal proceedings against the federal government about the influx of the mailboxes. It's all over the local news right after the Bruce Jenner cutting off his sausage updates and the upcoming de-sausaging documentaries. I wonder if all the rumours are true about K.K. getting a sex change now, then her doing Bruce ass to mouth except he would be done up to look like Chelsea Clinton, and then Kanye dressed up as Little Bo Peep in a threesome with a giant pink dildo thrown into the mix, now that would sure be an interesting selfie and celeb news that's for sure). Anyway, on the way to the store I've walked by a few that were erected and have been up and running for a few weeks now, and then noticed that the graffiti thing has already started on them too. It didn't take long.

It's usually the local Canadian "Crips vs. Bloods" and big city fast food street culture territory thing, you know, coming from the downtowns they gotta show who's the boss, who's turf it is, they gotta let each other know that it's their turf or else, or they'll get a gun upside their head from behind to make instant beefaroni splattered on the sidewalks, or spaghetti-o's on the nike-o's just like ketchups on the fries, stuff like that. Sort of like "This is our turf muthafucka, go get yer own turf and go back home where ye came from, we're sellin' the crack, weed n' bennies roun' here punk bitchez, not you." Come to think of it, this is sort of a good intro to this post actually.

Anyway, this group and particular project was called "Gredica cvijeća - manje smeća" (beds of flowers - less garbage) and was about decorating forgotten public spaces or sprucing up places that are being neglected, the initiative was also supported by the Tourist Board of the City of Rijeka, as well as the nearby "Nature and Society Smoothie and Juice Bar" (Priroda i Društvo).

Signs were also erected by the children during the project such as "Beware and do not crush!" and "We love our city when it's green, Please do not crush the plants!" etc. The main goal of the project is to make local pedestrians in the Rijeka ghettos pay more attention to the natural greenery and plants instead of the usual drugged out prostitutes, stabbings and gang wars prevalent in the downtown districts. The city of Rijeka, which has a higher murder rate than Kingston Jamaica, is also known as the "Rio of the Adriatic" and has many favelas and shanty towns, so nature projects like this give these children the opportunity to make a difference from the usual stabbings, gang violence and daily murder news. "People and visitors should smell flowers and see plants, not used condoms and pools of blood, shit, snot, cum and piss, that would be a disgrace." said one of the children participants.

This particular project is part of the larger Šarolija non-profit group, a local association of parents and children who go around picking up litter at various places, painting, decorating and planting etc. Yesterday they finally got around to do some planting because twice it was cancelled due to rain. The overall goal of the association is to make people aware that littering and garbage doesn't make the city beautiful, but more flowers and plants do. So now the people drinking their smoothies and juices at the nearby tables will also get some nice shade and nature to look at, as well as the people walking by. Another similar project is planned later this summer in another part of downtown Rijeka, and the organizers have already come up with a new slogan for signs. Paraphrasing Sepp Blatter's recently used popular motto of "Let's Go FIFA Let's Go FIFA!", the signs will instead read in Croatian "Ajmo Rijeka! Ajmo Rijeka!" ("Let's Go Rijeka! Let's Go Rijeka!). Bless their little hearts and green thumbs.

These pics bring back great memories actually, I spent some 2 whole summers mostly in and around Rijeka as a kid, except I was a little older, about 11 years old the first time. It was great, I remember going to the beach almost everyday, Croatian food all the time, cool castles, forts, historical things and tons of other things, so much so that I didn't even want to come back to Canada. (I even got to ride a moped all by myself, that was pretty cool too). These below pics are just from this one small project in the city of Rijeka, there's many other similar groups across Croatia who also do the same things in their communities, more news, information and tips from those local groups in Croatia at the website



Images are in no particular order.

Friday, 29 May 2015

Croatian Arts Festival In Dubrovnik To Stage Michel Houellebecq Play After All

This is just a quick partial repost. I updated the original post from a few days ago but I might as well add it here. I'm not going to add the original story, you can read the original post HERE with plenty of personal commentary and thoughts. If you don't who Michel Houellebecq or what the Dubrovnik Summer Festival is, just hit the links.....

Previous post: should-croatia-have-cancelled-houellebecq play



Dubrovnik Summer Festival Decide To Stage French Authors Play, But With Added Security...

Krisztian Nyari, director of the Hungarian publishing house Magveto, presents a poster of the Hungarian edition of Michel Houellebecq’s novel “Soumission” with the Hungarian title “Behodolas” in the headquarters of Magveto in Budapest, Hungary, on April 14, 2015. The Mona Lisa dons a face veil on the cover of the upcoming Hungarian edition of Michel Houellebecq’s novel “Soumission”, the latest translation of the controversial author’s tale of Islamic rule in France. Hungarian publisher Magveto hopes the cover — depicting the Mona Lisa painting in a niqab veil — will bring attention to “Soumission” (“Behodolas” in Hungarian), before its release on April 22, 2015. AFP PHOTO / ATTILA KISBENEDEK

Festival spokeswoman Karla Labas, said the play, due to open in July, would be performed under police security.

May 28, 2015

The Dubrovnik Summer Festival announced earlier this month it would have to cancel Houellebecq’s drama “The Elementary Particles” (“Les Particules elementaires”) after the Croatian interior ministry deemed it a possible “security risk”.

But at a meeting held at the culture ministry on Wednesday, the festival’s organising council voted in favour of sticking with the original programme, which includes Michel Houellebecq's controversial play.

The “security aspect will be discussed at the council’s next session,” state-run HINA news agency quoted a ministry spokeswoman as saying. The earlier decision to pull the play from the line-up had caused a furore, with Croatian artists slamming the move as censorship. Full article:

Some highlights from the 63rd Dubrovnik Summer Festival in 2012.

Highlights from the 2013 Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

I like this Time-lapse night time video of Dubrovnik so I'm throwing it in here. 

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Should Croatia Have Cancelled Michel Houellebecq Play At Dubrovnik Summer Festival? (With Reversal Update Included)

Opening ceremonies of the 2013 Dubrovnik Summer Festival. Images:

I'm not going to add too much here, it's actually an article that came out 2 weeks ago, but I decided what the hell. I'm going to throw in just a few points as an introductory commentary. Well, should they have or should they have not cancelled this particular play for this summers Dubrovnik Summer Festival? that is the question.

I can understand the reasoning behind it, at first glance it makes perfect sense. Then after coming across some more articles regarding this, and reading some comments, I got to thinking about the other point of view. Then it seemed almost like a "dammed if you, dammed if you don't" type of thing. This decision by the festival organizers and security officials in Dubrovnik was based on a risk assessment by the Croatian Interior Ministry who decided that the play could possibly provoke/attract some extremist types to commit some kind of violent act or acts, which is very understandable considering that such things have been happening quite often, and even as I'm writing this.

Then a few commentators stated that the decision to cancel this play and replace it was caving in to the extremists. Sort of like freedom of speech and artistic freedom is subservient and takes a back seat to extremists or even the threat of extremists, so the extremists win. These are good and valid points worth considering. I wouldn't exactly of go so far as to say that the extremists win though, they don't actually win anything.

However if they did let the play go on as scheduled, and there was a chance of one or more extremists coming to the Dubrovnik Summer Festival to commit some kind of violent act or acts, what kind of precautions could have been taken?

Pat down and inspect every single person thoroughly? Every bag, purse, pocket, every box or container, every backpack? Every car, every passenger on trains, boats and ships as well? That's a pretty large and complicated task. Put if this way, from January 1st to December 31st, 2013, Dubrovnik had  718,268 foreign tourists arrive. Being that the busiest part of the year is predominantly from May to September, that would roughly be rounded off to about 144,000 people a month, and being that the Dubrovnik Summer Festival runs from July to throughout August, the largest chunk of the tourists will overwhelmingly be arriving during this peak summer season because of the festival.

Dubrovnik has a population of about 45,000 so every month there are well over 3 times tourists in Dubrovnik vis-a-vis permanent citizens during the tourist season. They can't very well call in the Croatian Army to do pat down duties, because it's just an entertainment event security issue, not an invasion. The only feasible way they could properly and efficiently accomplish this security situation, (because of my military background and various top secret information that I am privy too among other top secret information from other briefings etc),...would be to have me in charge of security during the whole Dubrovnik Film Festival, but I'm kind of busy and tied up right now with other things. (Besides, I was going to go to Croatia last year and this year, but a few weeks of normality really isn't gonna do it for me) Without giving away all the particulars, all I can say is 3 magic words that would take care of the complicated security technical difficulties and related scenarios......

...firstly..."snipers".....then strategically placed and very easy to read warning "signs" for any possible extremists, placed at pre-determined high traffic locations and even written with very large letters and in crayon is permissible.....and then just more "snipers." It's that simple. (Another "signs" option is just one big flashing billboard sign erected on a high roof somewhere or on Srđ Mountain overlooking the city of Dubrovnik, or signs reading "If you approve of ISIS and death to evil western authors and plays, please ring bell") The RT-20 would be sufficient and these tips would have come in very handy during the Boston Marathon. You have to let the possible terrorists and extremists know right from the start that you're not handing out tickets or fines for showing up as a terrorist, attempting a terrorist act or for being a vagrant, litterbug etc.

From opening ceremonies of the 2013 Dubrovnik Summer Festival. Dubrovnik authorities just recently foiled shipments of Brazil gay horse fuck and scat videos coming across the border from Serbia, however now the main concern is other extremists coming into Dubrovnik. Images:

So you can see the predicament, cancel and replace the play or perform a whole summer long extreme and thorough security mission. The worlds largest pat down and inspection security mission in the history of the world and mankind. It would make a gangsta rap concert security job look like guarding and providing security for a lemonade stand or a gumball machine line-up by comparison.

Why, there could have even been a chance of Canadians coming to commit terrorist acts during this Dubrovnik Summer Festival, believe it or not. Many people don't know this, but Calgary is the homegrown terrorism capital of Canada. This news article 6 young Canadians from Montreal leave to join ISIS from not long ago and this more recent Canadian police arrest 10 at airport on suspicion of leaving to join ISIS article shows that there's just going to be more of this happening, so it's really not surprising. Montreal is becoming a sort eastern hub for departing extremists. (One Quebec Federal Member of Parliament was recently overheard in Ottawa saying that when in Montreal sometimes they're not sure whether it's really Tripoli, Damascus or Mogadishu)

(Not that long ago Mohamud Mohamed Mohamud was another Canadian who took off to join ISIS even from my current city) The same thing with Americans from the muslim-rap cartel going overseas to commit similar terrorist acts or to join extremist groups and armies. Like I said, believe it or not but it happens all the time. People don't call this the blog of truth for nothing.

British protesters in London protesting a Mohamud cartoon in 2006.

You know, this story presents quite a conundrum when you think about it, as there are many similar situations going on all the time. What are we going to do now?, meaning how are we going to define things like "artistic freedom", "freedom of speech, "hate speech", maybe one persons hate speech is another persons freedom of artistic expression", perhaps words written to inform and make people ask questions or learn something is not incitng anything, but rather teaching something to the reader, to give them something to think about while on the toilet.....

.....What is a terrorist? What is extremist? What is a Canadian or an American? Are you a terrorist? Are you inciting hate? How do people know you're not a terrorist? Are you insulting any people or ideas out there? Are cartoonists inciting hate so also a form of being an extremist/terrorist? Who will decide what is freedom, artistic expression or extremist? Why are these Islamists so against human rights and freedom? or actually only for their rights and freedoms to chop off your head?

A Canadian consumer in an American consumer Hijab. This former Muslim woman has different ideas now about all this and she outta know.

Define terrorist and extremist and then who the hell gave you the right to define it anyway? Why so many definitions anyway, can't a book just be a book and not a medium to subliminally attack someones deranged mental state or irrational ideas/ideals?, it's just a book after all, books don't kill people do they? (television does though)

Dutch protestors with signs.

Who will decide that perhaps a cartoon is just a cartoon, and not any kind of artistic expression or religious-political visual propaganda? (lots of children draw up all kinds of cartoons all the time, are they inciting?) Is protesting a cartoon, book or movie hate toward those who like the cartoon, book or movie? Who will decide what an American or Canadian terrorist is or what their cartoons ultimately mean? Canadians watch American television, eat at American fast food restaurants, listen to American music, shop for American clothes at American stores and wear Amercan sport jerseys, watch American television programs, sports, movies and even their cartoons, they cheer on their wars at all times wherever they may be and always do what America tells them to do. Both use the exact same official language, alphabet and script at all times down to a T, both use the exact same currency terms of dollar, buck, penny, cent, nickel, dime and quarter at all times down to a T. Both mainly shop at Walmart and almost everything bought by both is made in China, India or Japan. It's called North America. All the tabloid gossip and celeb news is about Americans, about which American did what to another American or rumours of another American who might do something in America somewhere. Canada's only baseball team is overwhelmingly mainly Americans, all the televangelists on Canadian television are American. Doesn't this mean that Canadian cartoons are just really American cartoons? So then aren't Canadian extremists then really just American extremists? Someone will have to look into this and write a book.

Who and how will someone define that a book is hate, inciting anything or maybe just a book of or about ideas or facts or analogies based on empirical information? Are written stories using the concept of suspension of disbelief in various situations trying to lie to you skillfully like a literary Munchausen syndrome or are they just muddying truths to only make it seem improbable to the unaware (even adding elements of a Fregoli delusion), all just for the sake of suspense, entertaining drama and shock value?

French women in Paris holding signs.

Aren't those kinds of books then based on a Munchausen syndrome by proxy and an egregious attempt to just install/program into your mind someone else's Déjà senti that really has fuck all and nothing to do with you whatsoever and never has, causing even a feeling of Jamais vu every time you come home from wherever it is you came from, books like that will just make you feel like a stranger in your own backyard, but it's your backyard, you mow the fucking lawn and bbq your steaks there for cripes sake. (This will just cause you to walk around constantly pixel-counting on your smart phone, and not actually texting or doing anything, or wondering why that stranger across the table at the mall food court keeps talking to you as if you know them or care about what they are saying, or you notice they want your opinion about something or to tell you something that's important to them, but it interests you about as much as eating larva french fries or camel testicles)

Look, there are various different kinds of books, books are like going to the store to buy tomatoes, you think they're all the same, but they're different and no 2 of them are exactly the same. From far away even an apple can look like a tomato. The pyramid of tomatoes is made up of different tomatoes, different sizes and different shapes, so they're like books.

Canadian, (or perhaps American) Mohamud Mohamed Mohamud left to become a member of ISIS in 2014. The number of Canadians traveling to fight overseas for extremists has been increasing annually. Image:

The Cult of Dusty guy would probably agree, he would agree that books and cartoons that make a person think is not the same as throwing rocks at peoples heads or chopping them off just because someone told you to because they say some guy supposedly said so many hundreds of years ago in a place far away, usually a cave or in the dessert. If a book told you to jump off a cliff and smash yourself on the rocks below, would you do it? Even if it said so right there in the pages of the book right in front of you? There are actually books like that from those times based on written words by guys who had visions and heard voices and they were commanded by the voices and visions to write down what they heard, yet I don't see anybody jumping off cliffs onto rocks these days, so that's weird. Why not?

Italians protesting in Rome. 

Will all books written and sitting on the shelves in the library be accorded the same scrutiny and guidelines? Is choosing or preferring an apple or peach hate towards the bananas and pears?  It very well could be when you think about it, but it could also be simple rights to fruit and vegetable freedom of expression. Who will be and how are we to decide who will be the censor and definer? These are all questions that will have to wait to be answered until someone tells us the answer, someone who knows and who will then write a book about it.

Personally, I think the Croatian police, security personnel and the Dubrovnik Summer Festival organizers did an analysis and the Croatian Interior Ministry made a valid decision, when everything is taken into consideration. Is it the correct decision? well that's what you will have to decide, I'm just the messenger, but the decision was valid with the safety of the audience and spectators being foremost.

Another book someone wrote.

Like I said, terrorist attacks are going on all over the place all the time. Also, what if they had let the play proceed and there was some sort of terrorist attack. Then everyone would be pointing fingers at the organizers and Croatian Interior Ministry, security and police for allowing the play to be put on, knowing that there was a risk of terrorist activity or attacks. (Let me get this straight, you people let a play be performed knowing beforehand that there was a risk of bla bla bla and that it could provoke a terrorist attack?)

Dutch protestors.

This article doesn't really tell the whole story though, it's not just about this one play and should it or should it not have been performed. Taking into account some of my previous points, it's seems to be more about what is art and should art and the arts have to pay for the possible acts and creeds of disturbed individuals and their foreign creeds. The play wasn't being performed in Bagdad or Afghanistan after all, they aren't forcing people there to watch it and clap and throw roses.

Since all the Muslim terrorist groups and extremists use the Koran to back them up, then just what exactly is in the Koran anyway? From where is it that they're getting all of their ideas exactly? Today there are numerous historians, archaeologists and scholars who readily admit that the Koran and even Mohamud are invented fiction. Even Abu Isa al-Warraq and Ibn al-Rawandi, just to name a few, believed Islam to be a very erroneous and concocted fiction already in the 9th century.

However, none of that even matters anyway, these extremist nut job types don't even get revenge at the exact time or place of something perceived by them as a provocation, usually not even the same place. It's usually some time later and many times not even remotely related to the any anti-Islamic anything, like shooting at or blowing up schools, civilians or residential buildings not even having anything to do with anything. Just shooting unknown pedestrians walking around is ok.

Was the Boston Marathon somehow anti-Islamic, full of runners and pedestrians holding provocative signs or posters? If anything they will probably blow something up during a parade in France or walk into FIFA headquarters and just start spraying bullets, maybe blow up an ice-cream shop or shoot a Wyoming security guard, probably blow up a television studio somewhere, there are already rumours that they intend to shoot the Canadian Prime Minister, that's just the way these things go so you might as well get used to it.


I think this whole story and the questions it makes us ask about art, the arts, freedom of expression, civilization and about imposing standards on others or they will pay with their lives, is mostly about Youtube...

...Why Youtube? Because Youtube these days has the answers about lots of things, everyone knows that, there are videos about practically every subject you could think of, from how to debox a fan or vacuum cleaner, to how to fry an egg or how to make a fried baloney sandwich and everything in between.....

...even how to make homemade hair conditioner using beer and eggs, tips on how to photograph a better selfie, on how to stretch a hat and even how to tie your shoelaces in only 1 second so you can spend more quality time flipping channels or frying baloney...

 ...It seems then that Youtube will probably have the answers to all these questions and many other questions, it always has all the answers and I'm sure someone will upload a video with answers to these and other important questions.

But then again, when you really think about it, does it all really even matter anyway? It's just one play and one author after all.  9 out of 10 people probably never even heard of him or his stupid IMPAC Dublin Literary Award anyway. He's probably nowhere near the top of the list for Twitter followers, I've never seen any of his selfies, have you? Does he even have a line of anything, jeans, pens, t-shirts, keychains...anything at all? Even just a music video?

According to various sources, tens of thousands of well fed able-bodied muslim migrants arriving to Italy in boats are actually future muslim terrorists and extremist migrants intent to initiate culture clash jihads all across Europe wherever they find themselves. A plague of future jihadist armies fooling the oblivious and ignorant consumers and suit and tied explainers. NATO, Europol and a number of EU countries' government intelligence agencies have proven that many of the so-called "migrants"are also spies. (Basically, Muslim life in muslim countries has become so unattractive that they prefer to be jihad operatives in the evil heathen Non-Muslim infidel countries. (aka the "sucker countries")

Maybe he should just quit complaining and thinking and just stick to his writing, or become a televison sports guru, celeb commentator guy or weather person, people need to know who kicked the scores and balls, who's got the selfie points and those fancy dance moves and if it's raining or cold outside after all.

He's an author anyway, not a politician, so any ideas in a book really don't mean anything and amount to just words written on paper. Anyone can write words on paper, all you have to do is put some words together to form a sentence, even 8 year olds can do that. Why do you think so many celebrities write books? Why do you think televangelists write a new book practically every other week? (Astonishing must read for you and your friends, for your seed faith gift of...) Because it's difficult to write a book? Because it's hard to form sentences? (Just about any person these days that can do a few sit-ups, put on running shoes and throw some grass, carrots or celery into a blender is a health guru and writing a book, wear some different sneakers and throw some yogurt into the blender then write a new health cook book)

Is it because the Lord talked to you and gave a new secret? Is it because some amazing and astonishing new information floated into their head in a dream that nobody else knew before, only you now have the knowledge so you must write a book? (I once came across a book written by some guy who wrote down various proofs that Elvis didn't die but actually moved to a small town somewhere in Argentina, some other author wrote a book that Jesus, Muhammad and Abraham were really aliens, different aliens but essentially all 3 were on the same team with even the same supporting actors and same lines)

Why even put on a play that doesn't have any comic book superheroes or robots featured in it anyway? Who would want to watch such a play? (I just Googled and found out that not even one of his books have any superheroes, robots, a laser gun duel or an Afghani hermaphodite lesbian history teacher in them, not even a measly mystery thriller plot about finding those diabolical Luciferian alien and reptilian bloodline Merovingians and their Illuminati lackeys, which is all the rage these days and what's really important. (The Merovingians are behind all the ufo reptilian Antichrist bigfoot abductions and FIFA, the Merovingians are causing the world economic crisis, the Merovingians are most likely behind ISIS, Taliban, the muslim-rap cartel and Disney cartoons) Books and plays without superheroes, laser gun duels or any robots are for morons and the donut shop crowd, come to think of it, who the hell does he think he is anyway? All this deciding to write books about various stuff and situations or scenarios that aren't even remotely real and with no flying spaceships either is preposterous.

Anyway, that's the way I see it and I always tell it and show it like it is, whether you agree or not it doesn't really matter because it's my blog, the blog of truth and facts and the way it really is. I refuse to type from a teleprompter and I am this blogs dictator, security coordinator, editor and official censor all for the benefit of the reader. (You can rest assured nobody pats my face with powder to get rid of shininess or sprays hairspray on me either before I write a blog post, just truth, facts and no fancy-shmancy fake orchestra intro music either) If you don't know anything about this Dubrovnik Summer Festival or the author Michel Houellebecq just hit the links.......


Previous post: 63rd-dubrovnik-summer-festival

Croatia festival cancels Houellebecq play on security concerns

A recent photo of Michel Houellebecq stating that he is sorry that he was born and writes books about thingsAfter an assessment by the Croatian Interior Ministry it was deemed the play could provoke a terrorist act. Photograph: Fred Dufour/AFP/Getty Images.

Journalist comment: "Does not the cancellation of Michel Houellebecq’s play in Dubrovnik embody the repression of our own problems concerning Islam, immigration, integration and the continuing clash of cultures? We may have to resort to build modern day "Walls of Dubrovnik" to protect our own personal and precious civilizations and children from today's various modern sieges coming from abroad, and in some cases even festering from within, perhaps we must now with cannons even lay siege to their high places "


Zagreb -May 14, 2015.

The Dubrovnik Summer Festival has cancelled a planned premiere of a play by French author Michel Houellebecq, known for stirring controversy with his views of Islam, after police said it would present a security concern.

The play, based on his novel Atomised, (or The Elementary Particles) was to open in Dubrovnik in July but the Dubrovnik county prefect had asked the intelligence service and police for a security assesment.

A police statement said the service concluded the show would represent a security risk.

"They did not use the word 'terrorism' but that's what it is," the Festival spokeswoman Karla Labas said on Thursday.

"The assesment is confidential and we'll never see it but I think it was the combination of the author's latest novel, the Charlie Hebdo attack and the proximity of Bosniyaks." Labas said.

Houellebecq caused an outcry in France with his latest novel Soumission (Submission), which tells an imaginary tale of a France run by a Muslim president in 2022, whose victory throws the country in turmoil.

The same day it hit the bookstores on Jan.7, Islamist militants claiming to be avenging the Prophet killed 12 people when they attacked the Paris offices of satirical weekly news magazine Charlie Hebdo.

"This play has nothing to do with Islam, but obviously it didn't matter. We are now scrambling to find a replacement play. It is actually good the assesment was published now, rather than on the opening day, which would have cause an even bigger scandal," Labas said.


Croatia arts festival to stage Houellebecq play after all...

Krisztian Nyari, director of the Hungarian publishing house Magveto, presents a poster of the Hungarian edition of Michel Houellebecq’s novel “Soumission” with the Hungarian title “Behodolas” in the headquarters of Magveto in Budapest, Hungary, on April 14, 2015. The Mona Lisa dons a face veil on the cover of the upcoming Hungarian edition of Michel Houellebecq’s novel “Soumission”, the latest translation of the controversial author’s tale of Islamic rule in France. Hungarian publisher Magveto hopes the cover — depicting the Mona Lisa painting in a niqab veil — will bring attention to “Soumission” (“Behodolas” in Hungarian), before its release on April 22, 2015. AFP PHOTO / ATTILA KISBENEDEK

May 28, 2015

The Dubrovnik Summer Festival announced earlier this month it would have to cancel Houellebecq’s drama “The Elementary Particles” (“Les Particules elementaires”) after the interior ministry deemed it a “security risk”.

But at a meeting held at the culture ministry on Wednesday, the festival’s organising council voted in favour of sticking with the original programme, which includes Houellebecq’s controversial play.

The “security aspect will be discussed at the council’s next session,” state-run HINA news agency quoted a ministry spokeswoman as saying. The earlier decision to pull the play from the line-up had caused a furore, with Croatian artists slamming the move as censorship. Full article:

Some highlights from the 63rd Dubrovnik Summer Festival in 2012.

Highlights from the 2013 Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

I like this Time-lapse night time video of Dubrovnik so I'm throwing it in here. 

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