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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Croatia To Host World Biggest Vespa Rider Event Yet In 2015

More than 5,000 Vespa riders will descend on the coastal town of Biograd na Moru in June for "Vespa World Days 2015."

This seemed interesting enough to post about here. Vespas? Hmmm? Well, Vespas aren't particularly all that well known or seen being ridden on this side of the pond, not very often at all. Hardly ever around here anyway, but in various parts of Europe they certainly are much more common. Although over the years there have been a number of similar types of scooters popping up and there on the market, and you've probably seen them in some movie at one time or another. They're sort of like the epitome of summer time Euro-Trash avante-gard culture mixed in with that bohemian artist don't give a fuck fashion mentality and aficionado of beers, wines, sunglasses and book/music on wheels, something like that, as well as economical and easy to ride down pretty well any road, street, path or narrow alley.

I saw a number of them my last few times in Croatia, particularly along the coast. They're perfect for zipping around from place to place on short notice, no line ups for trains, buses or cabs to have to wait for, perfect for zipping through those older parts of the city and cobbled roads especially. Great on gas, economical and you can park them practically anywhere. Vespas have been around a while and were very popular in the 50's, 60's and 70\'s, but personally I've never ridden one, I've had a motorcycle in the past, I've ridden similar smaller type motorcycles before, but I actually never rode on an official Vespa. I must seem like a bloody philistine oaf for not having ridden one, but like I said, it's very, very rare to see them here, but not uncommon in Europe at all. For some reason women riding Vespas is still very much in vogue and has been for quite some time. (See women+riding+vespas+in+europe to see what I mean). However, anyone can own and ride one, to me they sort of fall into that same niche category as those 1970's Volkswagon vans. (Those were some kickass cool vans too). Of course these days other all-electric green scooters and bikes are gaining popularity, (Even Mate Rimac the man behind the Rimac Concept line of all-electric hypercars has come out with the impressive Rimac's Greyp G12 high performance electric bike project), however those aren't technically Vespas...

Vespas have been popular in Hollywood for years, even sort of trendy. A few examples; Gwyneth Paltrow scooting away from paparazzi...

...Rachel Welch with her Vespa.

Anne Hathaway...

Petra Nemcova on a Vespa.

..Plenty of guys riding Vespas examples also, here is none other than the "Wolverine" Hugh Jackman, as just one example;

I actually came across tons and tons of really interesting and unique Vespa images while doing this part, just a few more examples. (This almost requires a whole post of it's own like my women and accordions post)

Anyway, I definitely think a Vespa or Vespa-esque motorcycle would be good for zipping around from the beach and then to the older medieval and other older sections of towns or cities where the cool cafes, pubs and bars are, heck, even to a concert, museum or fashion show later. It's not just for men remember. One will come across people riding Vespas in some movies now and then, usually European films, which is part of the reason why Vespas aren't as popular here. You see, it's all about fitting into the overall ambiance of your surroundings also, you can't just ride up in a Vespa to some bar 'n' grill in...ohhhh, say Calgary for instance. They would look at you as if you were some kind of foreigner freak or just landed from Mars, or worse...Montreal or Vancouver. Even if a guy or woman did do that it would basically amount to looking for a fight. (Hey Jake/Jill, check it out, he's/she's not eating his/her fries with extra gravy and extra cheese and he/she rides one of those fancy-shmancy girly Euro Vasper doo-hickies. 'Hey Eurotrash, there ain't no deli's or those foreign imported beers around here, we only drink Bearbutt and Elk's Beaver beer 'roun here!"). You see, when riding a Vespa in European locations you blend in to the surrounding ambiance, the architecture, the mentality, the styles, history and motifs, you blend into the art deco and art nouveau surroundings and even blend into the names of lots of the beers and wines. That's why you see lots of movies made in Germany, France, Italy and other locations featuring Vespa riders sometimes, it's just not the same as pulling up to the Walmart or a 7-11 in a Vespa. (see women+riding+vespas+in+europe again)

This particular Vespa event will be taking place in the same town that held Croatia Harley Days in 2011 and then again in 2014, so I guess word got around, as those motorcycle events were both a total success and popular events. (It's a different kind of motorcycle, but that event was also about the scenery and ambiance as well as fun, see previous post links at bottom). On that note, this upcoming "Vespa World Days" event taking place in the Croatian coastal towns of Biograd na Moru and Zadar will probably be of interest mainly to Vespa riders. It looks like it's going to be an eventful and fun time for 4 days in June, but tickets are going fast. This is just a brief intro about what will be going on, hit the official links for more info, maybe a synopsis post down the road to see how it all turned out.

Croatia to Host World’s Biggest Vespa Gathering


More than 5,000 Vespa riders will attend Vespa World Days 2015, to make it the largest meeting of Vespas in history. Vespa World Days 2015 will be held in Biograd na Moru from 11 – 14 June 2015. A 32 km ride from the Vespa Village in Biograd na Moru up the Dalmatian Coast to Zadar will be the feature on the Saturday.

There are 10 Vespa clubs in Croatia (Dubrovnik, Umag, Rovinj, Zagreb, Rijeka, Zadar, Split, Metković, Šibenik and Varaždin) with around 500 members. Vespa World Days has been held around the world since 1954, with the host city changing every year. Biograd na Moru now joins cities such as Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Vienna, Madrid, Munich, Bruxelles, San Marino, Hamburg, Lucerne, Torino and London to have hosted the event.

For more information visit the Vespa World Days 2015 website at

(photos / Vespa Club Croatia)


Vespa Village: Biograd n/M, Obala kralja Petra Kresimira IV and Setaliste Drazice.

Entry and registration point: Trg hrvatskih velikana (bus station), Biograd n/M.

Saturday ride: From Vespa Village to Zadar, Obala kralja Petra Kresimira IV (same name but different location) - total 32 km.

Gala dinner and Gala party will be held at Sports center Visnjik, Splitska 3, Zadar.

Registered participants (FULL & LIGHT Entry) will be allowed to drive into Vespa Village on Vespa only! There is no official parking for other types of vehicles.

This year's biggest Vespa World Rally will take place in Croatia, in Biograd na Moru, on the second weekend in June, from 11 to 14 June.

– The organizer of “Vespa  World Days 2015” is the Croatia Vespa Club, host Zadar Vespa Club and the sponsors are the cities of Biograd na Moru and Zadar. It will be a spectacular and genuine event in the ambience of the 50's and 60's of the past century. For a complete rundown of the programs for all 4 days, visit

From a previous Zadar Vespa Klub gathering. Images:

The numbers from the ”Vespa  World Days 2014” rally in Mantova, north Italy, speak for themselves with more than 10,000 Vespas from over 30 countries participated.

Vespa is the synonym for style, elegance and freedom which is best known by the owners and fans of this timeless vehicle.  All are joined by the same passion that has no limits and has spread throughout the world with about 20 million Vespas sold on all continents.

The biggest Vespa party in the world  will be held in Biograd and Zadar from Thursday to Sunday, 11-14 June. On the first day, Thursday, the opening of the world rally will be held in Biograd as well as the closing on the last day, Sunday.

Friday is excursion day and Saturday is for exhibiting Vespas from Biograd to Zadar waterfronts.

All events will take place on the Biograd waterfront, from entertainment to sales and exhibition, as well as the opening and closing of the manifestation.

A poster I came across from an Italian Vespa club advertising the Vespa World Days 2015. Image:

To make this one the most memorable Vespa World Days ever, there are no professionals involved with this project. It is done by vespisti for vespisti/e, from our hearts. We will do our best that you have the greatest Vespa party ever! Thank you for trusting us and welcome to our home...VWD2015 Team...

The historic coastal town of Biograd na Moru (At times it was even the capital and residence of Croatian Kings during the middle ages) will be the official headquarters for "Vespa World Days 2015."

For the first time ever, Light Entry participants will also party with Vespa friends from all over the world on Saturday night. Music and longest ever VWD bar at Krešimir Ćosić Hall (Zadar Višnjik  Arena) in the town of Zadar. Main court - the location for the Gala Party.

The nearby city of Zadar will be the location of the Saturday Ride, Gala Dinner and Party.

An image from a Croatian Vespa clubs gathering.

A Croatian Vespa riders club approaching Dubrovnik last year.

Vespa Village headquarters in Biograd na Moru will include 1.6 km of the city centre, promenades and of course the beaches. Self-explanatory, there will be plenty of opportunity for relaxing and water-frolicking between various events.

There's no actual official trailers or video for this event yet, so these related vids will have to do for now.

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