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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Croatian Baked Foods Chain "Mlinar" Opening More Stores Across Europe

The Mlinar store that opened recently in the German city of Munich has been getting excellent reviews from locals. (8 out of 10 Munich residents agree and preferred a Croatian bakery opening up over a terrorist organization or a Peter Popoff miracle jacuzzi-a-thon crusade and other things)

I don't particularly have any kind of obsession or thing for bakeries, breads, baked products or cafes etc, not in the least, but since this is an educational blog I thought this is some cool information to pass on and know, being the messenger especially for any Croatian background people in the countries mentioned in the article. Also, it's good publicity of Croatia and Croatian food I think, or more precisely Croatian baked goods/snacks in this case anyway. After all, I think there's a lot worse things to be opening up shop in your neighbourhood or on the corner these days.

I've actually had some of the products at a Mlinar store my last few times in Croatia. (The Croatian word "Mlinar" translated to English literally means "miller", as in a flour mill, and it's also a Croatian surname, that's your other Croatian fact of the day). Good stuff, but it's much more than just breads though, they have some extremely good tasting pastries, various other baked goods, burek which are meat and/or cheese filled flaky crusted pies that are very filling, tasty and cheap, some very creative pizza slice choices which are huge, various sandwiches, other rich and creamy deserts, so creamy, rich and decadent you will probably go to hell after one fork full. (I should add in passing though that there are a number of similar independent and larger bakery/food shop chains like this in Croatia, PAN-PEK being another well known Croatian baked goods chain with similar good eats and where I actually bought some things a few times also, they're competition in the same industry of course but it's my blog and also good to know)

Some of these Mlinar locations that are opening up have also an attached cafe and seating area, like the one that just opened in Munich recently. Not important or as exciting as some other things going, on, but very good exposure for some Croatian foods and I guess for this particular Croatian company. (If you ask me "Ohhhh Croatian, like that baked goods cafe on the corner" sounds a lot better than " that religious cult building on the corner where the crystal meth-whore hangs out at night with the mutants and gives lousy blowjobs for french fries money"). I by chance also came across this Hungarian blogger who had nothing but praise for their Budapest location, so they must be doing something right.

This reminds me of how years ago I lived for a time downtown near what the locals call Little Portugal, I went to one of their cafes there one time, well first of all she didn't know what a strudel was, and I was shocked, then she looked at me weird when I asked for a napkin after deciding on a cookie. I knew right away there was going to be no chance of getting a kremšnita, krafne or other kolače there in the future either. (I think that maybe she thought I was German or Swedish or other background trying to be a wise guy or something, because I got mistaken for being German and a few other backgrounds quite a few times in that area for some reason, but we have them in Croatia also and they're called savijača od jabuka or štrudla od jabuka or just štrudle. What kind of a pastries cafe doesn't have or know what a strudel is? Were they possibly trying to hint that they don't want strudel eating people or to be known as a strudel/strudel-ish looking pastries establishment? Funny thing, a week later while ordering some burritos at some new Mexican eatery that opened up just a block away, I asked the actual Mexican waitress (she really was from Mexico because she said so), if she knew what a strudel was, she said "Oh, like an apple strudel?", I said "Exactly", I rest my case). That's when some guy opens the door and yells to some other guy inside that "Hey, I got that Brazil gay horse fuck video you wanted, just come over later." Long story short, the one guy explained that "Hey, this cafe is for everyone, we're all welcome here," This cafe coincidentally is just 3 stores over from that bar with the shootings, ghetto gang turf stuff and other stuff I was talking about at my Kino Europa post a while back. Well, I thought right then and there it's not the cafe for me, I know some Serbs that like to go there, but not me, I'm a different breed with different tastes and preferences and interests, and pastry choices, I'm what you call the esoteric eccentric eclectic creative type, I like things to be a little different. Also, besides Portuguese music and sports on the tv there was all these little photos on the fridge and wall behind the counter, painted photos of some kind of emaciated and creepy looking Jesus or some skinny bloodied crackhead character staring at the sky, with like all these arrows stuck in him like some kind of voodoo doll, or like in that movie "Carrie", it was really creepy and I didn't even feel like it was a cafe anymore or feel like a cookie, and then horse dick up the guy's ass video guy on top of that? There was just too much stuff and information going on that really didn't make it feel like a cafe at that point but more like a voodoo snacks emporium. As an analogy, I guess you could say it was a mouth full of everything, like eating liver, ice-cream, tabasco sauce, apple pie, curried rice with pork, liquorice, peanuts and pez candy all at the same time. Needless to say, I didn't stick around and I didn't even eat the cookie when I got home and opted for an apple. I've got some other good stories from that time, but they're not really cafe/baked goods themed or actual "good stories" either actually.

Just last year, Mlinar began to export to 12 countries and the increase in exports in the last two years is about 200%. Some of the Mlinar partners are not just in the regional area (Germany Slovenia, Montenegro, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland...) but also far abroad like in Australia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman.

Anyway, these days you can get various goods and products from Croatia, but opening a new chain of stores gives even a better presence for a company and the country, one of those fresh burek meat pies would actually go good right about now. More information about the company, their products and what they're about at

(I'll be back soon with more of my usual and regular porn, celeb selfies, and celebrity porn sports news posts as well as the latest Bruce Jenner cutting off his sausage updates, updates you won't find on the mainstream news)

Browsing around the information and at some of the pics on their website at I liked what I saw. I'm gonna sound like a nerdy restaurant critic guy now, but looking at the different products and different store layouts, the first words that came to mind were..."tidy, ambiance, variety, tasty, healthy, aroma, comfy, clean washrooms, chandeliers." Those are actually good adjectives to pop into mind when walking into one of their stores I think. The above image is from their Ilica Street location in Zagreb. 

Croatian Bakery Giants Plans To Open Stores in Spain & Slovakia In Future


Croatia’s leading bakery chain Mlinar, which has over 170 shops in Croatia, plans to conquer two more markets in Europe after opening its first store in Germany on the prestigious Marienplatz in Munich last week…

Mlinar, who also already operate in Hungary and Slovenia, says that it plans to open a further 150 stores in Germany in the next five years, as well as opening in two new countries – Spain and Slovakia.

A Mlinar combination bakery/cafe in Zagreb. Mlinar has begun to export to 12 countries and the increase in exports in the last two years is about 200%. Mlinar partners are not just in the regional Central Europe area (Germany, Slovenia, Hungary, Montenegro, Slovakia, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland...) but also further abroad like in Ireland, Australia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman. Image:

“The first reaction from customers in Munich has been excellent. I can not say that is surprising as we have planned this for a long time, researching local habits and expectations. Burek is the most sold item so far in Germany,” Mlinar executive Marin Picukarić told Index, adding that Croatia’s entry into the EU has simplified things for the business abroad.

A recently opened Mlinar shop even within the centuries old town historic section of Dubrovnik.

“Burek’s from Mlinar can be purchased in Australia, Kuwait, Dubai, Sweden and in a number of other European countries,” said Picukarić, who also announced that Mlinar are planning to open franchises in Slovakia and Spain.

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